The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



Love the artwork! Especially Swift!


… That’s why. :yum:


Oh wow! Massive thanks to all you guys for offering to help. Will send you all the link right now. :grin:


I completely agree, and to be honest, it’s intentional. The game is supposed to be difficult, hence why I included two save points, because I don’t actually expect the player to succeed on their first play-through.

I do find that, with the majority of COGs, I do complete the game on the first play-through and TBH, I’ve never really liked that aspect of the games. It kind of makes the choices feel unimportant. I mean, things like whether you’re good or evil or who you’re romantically interested in are important regardless, but when it comes to stats, it seems that games are often designed so that you’ll always have enough points in at least one stat so that you’re pretty much guaranteed success, just so long as you pick the right option. This just makes the game seem too easy for me, and I wanted to make a game that was a bit more difficult to complete. :blush:


… Oh… My… God! Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God! This is amazing!!! I love it, I love it, I love it so much! I’ts perfect! (And now that Swift has the freckles, he looks even more perfect too!)

I especially love the details in Hotshot’s arm and hair. It looks even better than I pictured it. Pretty please can I share this pic on facebook/twitter too? :heart_eyes:


Yes, but right before that, you have the option to buy books that with give you +10 in each of your stats. Granted, you may have to choose between buying the book and going on a fair-ground ride with one of your buddies, but then the choices are supposed to be tough. :yum:


Whoops. Lots of coding errors with that chapter. I’ll fix that. (Also, would be great if you can PM me any more errors you find instead of posting them on the forum, just for the sake of avoiding any spoilers.) :blush:


I would like to beta test.


Has someone done a drawing of Viper?


I would also like to beta test I really love your this 3 wip😀


If your still taking beta testers, I would really like to be one. This WIP is amazing so far


Is beta testing still a possibility I enjoyed what I read of the demo so far and would like to add any critical feedback if wanted.


I would also like to beta test. The story is pretty good.


It took me around 2 hours just to draw Hotshot’s arm, I always needed to redo something. I’m glad you like it!
And sure, go ahead :blush:


I’d like to beta test too, I just can’t get enough of those steampunk vibes.


So many people volunteering for beta testing… let’s be real, how many of your are actually going to provide any important feedback, as is requested for these sort of things, and how many of you are just looking to get their hands on the latest release? Be honest now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do let me know about beta testing.

And I’ve given feedback for every game I’ve tested, thankyouverymuch. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I wouldn’t know until and if I have my hands on the beta in the first place😉. After all, how many are going to contribute depends on how many bugs are there and all.


Not yet, that I know of, but I am planning of drawing some concept art of all the characters once the game is complete. :blush:


Wow, where are all these beta-testers coming from? :astonished:

Thanks so much for the help guys, will send you all links now. :blush: