The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



Indeed, they are, though all you have to do is ask to be in the beta an you’ll be allowed in.


I would like to sign up for the beta as well. I will find any typos, grammatical errors, and errors etc.


I would love to help with the beta if you would have me.


Could I participate in the beta test please?


I believe the rest are in the private beta test. :slight_smile:


I would like to beta test please and thank you. VERy interesting story thus far.


It’s very easy to not fail. Look at the stats page and pick options that go with your stats.

There are ways to boost the stats you want over the course of the chapters. At one point later on outside of the demo you can even buy some things to boost your stats.


not even though I’ve had scenes where none of my stats are high enough to pass


The highest stat check I’ve seen is 20 and I’ve played the private beta.

I think you’re just picking a bunch of contradictory options.


Regardless, from what I’ve seen, it’s possible to end up in situations where none of your stats are high enough, and I believe that’s potentially problematic


This is a fault of the player and not the author though.

Don’t boost your charisma all game and try to be a prize winning boxer :stuck_out_tongue:


To date you need to focus on at least three stats, not just the one. For my (former slave mc) they are silver-tongue (charisma), tinkerer (intelligence) and artful-dodger (athletics/agility) with maybe a very little knuckle buster (strength) on the side.
The other poster is right that this is not a game you can win by having your character be a savant in one of the stats and a total klutz in all of the others, you need to develop your mc into a well-rounded (enough) person to get good outcomes in this game, which isn’t too unrealistic, imho.


Better than having to min-max my choices just so I pass the stat check rolls… makes RP easier.


On the other hand not everybody can be rainman in the real-world either and while some people may be exceptionally talented or skilled in one area that will not always help them in all situations.
A world-class hacker might still be stymied by a purely analog lock, for example.

You can also have your friends, colleagues or team-mates cover for some of your weaknesses, just not all of them. I think that’s realistic enough most people cannot just get by on one exceptional talent and this doesn’t seem to be a game about the very few who can.


Lol, so I finished beta and it’s overall great wip. Stats are easy to build - at the end of demo I had everything 15+ except tinkerer (5)
Best ro for me is definitely shift (seriously). About story I think that celeste might be the leache, she is the only one with magic ability and can track any child. After ouer friend die, she tell mc that “It was her favourite” and blame boss… Something is wrong with her. And how old is she? Maybe boss wasn’t her first “friend” and she’s is trying to find someone younger…


I would love to help with the beta . I really like demo


So, after recovering my back and arm, taking care of 7 sick cats and other stuff, I finally finished Hotshot :yum: Decided to change the soft lineart I did on Swift because a blurry style for Hotshot didn’t look right so I made it harder.

I usually draw soft-looking and skinny boys so it was a challenge to draw him. I think I did it well tho xD and omg this is the best neck I’ve ever made

I noticed that somehow I forgot to draw Swift’s nose freckles :confused: I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW, I’M A SUCKER FOR FRECKLES, HOW COULD IIIIII
So I did them now :smiley:

Swift with lovely freckles


I agree. At one point you need 3 of your skills to be at least 15 or you get killed. I had to restart the whole game because I was too high in silver tongue at the first save point. It was a little annoying. But I guess it makes sense.


I would like to beta test, if that’s still an option. I have some time to give feedback this and the next couple weeks.


after Hotshot dies I chose the conning people gambling option and it says "Hotshot passes you"also Hotshot’s approval decreases if you kill Valeria.