The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



How do i beta test, as in not the demo, but the rest of the current build


The author doesn’t seem to have been around lately. Just be patient. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ooh demo looked good. I’d like to beta test if you’re still accepting


Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth, (was very busy over the Christmas period.) But I’m back with a brand new chapter, over 15,000 words long and with a lot of important twists and turns going on, so hopefully you’ll all enjoy. :blush:

Really have to buckle-down now, because I still have 3 more chapters and 6 epilogues to write, and the deadline for the CYS comp is at the end of the month! :scream: (Luckily I have a couple of weeks booked off work, so hopefully I can get it finished before then.


Oh wow! I’ve been away WAY too long! Massive thanks to all of you and yes, you can all beta-test. I’ll send you guys a link to the full game. :blush:


Sorry, @Stan_McSmiggy. No more smash for you. :yum:


Um, can you try to send it to me again?


The game does have a save feature, but there are only two save-points, at the end of chapter 5 and the end of chapter 10.


Yay your back, I would really love to beta test if any spaces haven’t been filled yet.


Uh oh! Did I not send it. Yikes! Sorry, I’ll do that now. :persevere:

Thank you! (And there’s no limit to how many beta-testers I need. The more, the better!) :blush:


Loving this game! Love Swift!


Awh thank you! (Swift’s my personal favorite.) :grin:


Why can’t I play past chapter 3?


I wouldn’t mind helping to beta test myself now! I’ve not had much to do for a few weeks.


I would like to beta test


I’d love to beta test as well😁


I would like to beta test


I’m free this entire week, if need any one else. It’s fine if you have too many.


my biggest complaint feels like, if you don’t have the right stats, you fail, and there’s no other way to get past. As a result I’ve had more than a couple scenes where failure was the only option.


Only 3 chapters? Are the rest in the private beta test?