The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



Thanks @Kiogu1! I’ll send you the link. :blush:


I’d be really happy for you to join. Like I said to @Nael, I don’t expect all my beta testers to play through the game hundreds of times, or even finish the game. You could just read through part of it and still be a beta tester. All you have to do is point out mistakes you see along the way. If you don’t find any mistakes, that’s a good thing, because it hopefully means that there aren’t any. :yum:


well, i’ll consider to join your betatester later, coz atm im not confident enough about my time :cry: i dont want to dissapoint you with my absence :sweat_smile:


Care for another betatester? :smile:


Hi! I would love to join the beta test for this if I still can! After finishing the demo, I’m craving more!


Well, if that’s the case then I want to beta test it too, pretty please :blush: thank you


Okey dokey! Well, let me know if you change your mind late. The deadline isn’t until the end of January, and I probably won’t be submitting it until very close to the finish date, since I want to be able to check for bugs and spelling mistakes right up until the very end. :blush:


Awesome! Thank you all for the offer, I really appreciate it. :blush:


Would you mind if I asked to beta test as well? Other than being able to point out errors and spelling mistakes, I don’t really know how helpful I’ll be.


@Avery_Moore I see you fixed the carnival strength bug :frowning: I’m gonna miss having hulk like strength lmfao. And chapter 10 was really cool with all the teamwork! Can’t wait for more!


Okay, now that I finally have found some of that elusive thing called free time, could I join the beta tester party? :grin:

Edit: Is anyone here? Helloooooooooooo?


would like to jump on the beta tester bandwagon if at all possible


??? Its not my game.


I would really love to beta test your game


I would love to beta test this game if you’re still looking for testers :grin:


How can i beta test.


hello? can i beta test


Please wait until tomorrow or so.




I really love this demo and game idea! The only real critique I have is that I wish you had implemented the save game feature so I can reload my character in between updates.