The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



She’s in her early 30s, and even if she’s older I kinda have a thing for, ahem, mature women. I love playing as the ruthless, manipulative villain. She’s what I aspire to be… we’d make a great team! :imp:


If you still need more beta testers let me know


@Avery_Moore Thanks for the invite to the beta testing, question, do we report the errors in here or in the invite you sent??


If we report them here this is what I found and also I’ve noticed that Swift always says what instead of that, don’t know if this is intended or just a mistake.

"You know what kid, I can’t tell if admire your balls…

There should be a I in between if and admire.

"Well I am certainly grateful for the day “the” Hotshot brought you to us.

“the” should be that,

this here cave is ‘ome ta some of the most dangerous people in Rhapsodia

Not to sure about this but I think 'ome ta isn’t suppose to be there. and since this is Swift speaking
I think here should be 'ere, and perhaps the sentence should be like this “this 'ere cave has some of the most dangerous people in Rhapsodia.”

It seems to be some kind" "arm-wrestling contest

Inbetween " " should be of

Only a family what’s not related

What’s should be that’s

Taking a quick look inside inside,

Ya mean that deadbeat what keeps borrowin’ sprockets

What should be that.

Gadget. I mean yer probably the smartest person what “I” ever met

What should be that. “I” should be I’ve

Honey makes friends with all the right people who would beat the crap outta anyone “what gave” ‘er trouble.

“What gave” should be “that gives”

It were one o’ the men what did it

What should be that

. Celeste is the only one what knows

What should be that


I said “probably not” … That means possibly yes! … But still, probably not. :yum:


Nothing wrong with a nice cougar. :yum:


Yes, yes and yes. :blush:


By message would be better, only because it avoids sharing spoilers. :yum:


That’s intended. I was going for Cockney. :yum:


It is. “'ome ta” means “home to”. So, “This here cave is home to some of the most dangerous people in Rhopsodia” is what it’d translate as. :yum:

I might change the here to 'ere though.


Thanks @Kaiser for all the mistakes you pointed out. I’ll go fix them now. :blush:


Could I beta test please?


I played through it many items and I just wanted to say I can’t wait for more @Avery_Moore! I messaged you some bugs I found but I’ll keep looking!


So why not? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so jazzed for this project :slight_smile:


Will we ever have the chance to break off from the gang in the future and create our own group of misfits?


Omg long time no see, could i perhaps also beta test? :wink:


Yes! Thank you both for offering. :blush:


Thanks so much for finding all those bugs Stan. The first draft of chapter 10 is done, so I should hopefully be updating within the next couple of days. :blush:


Sorry, I don’t know what message this question was in response to. :yum: