The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)




Will the MC get to have kids?


if possible I like to beta test


The game is fantastic!


Yep, or choice of rebels! Played the game alsmost over 20 times. Can remember some scenes and all. Still boughed it! An aurthor that spends their all on a game to create the best, is something that can not be cherished enough!!


Yes I prefer the open testing process, it allows me to see which games I want to buy on release (or closest point I have available funds to buy). I currently have XoR and Heart of the House waiting on available funds to pick up.

I’m not liking these “limited number of chapters” or “limited private beta” threads popping up lately - sure there’ll be a demo on the HG/CoG page but it’ll likely be the same cut-off point as the “limited” beta in the forum.


Yes! You all can. :blush:

I do get your point, but all those people up there, :point_up::point_up::point_up:, that’s why I don’t really feel the need for an open beta. Essentially, it kind of is an open beta, since anybody who wants to beta-test the game will be allowed to. They just need to ask. :blush:


Um… Sort of? :yum:


Awh! Thank you! :heart:


Well… lemme beta test!!! :laughing:


I think that’s what the majority of writer’s do. In fact I’m usually surprised when they don’t, since they always describe the links to their game as a “demo”. If the link takes you to the full game, then it’s not really a demo. :yum:


No! … Okay then. :yum:


Hello, I don’t know if someone already ask this(because i didn’t have the time to read the whole topic), but would it be possible to flee the guild and live or to get revange against the boss or celeste?
I mean, even if mc is wise enough to accept to work for them (so they don’t die in horrific suffering) doesn’t mean they won’t try to escape or to kill the boss and celeste…


What do you mean sort of?


Maybe adopted???


I’ve been seeing a slow shift to more and more restricted (even going so far as to be totally private with cherry picked testers). Given that for games released under the Hosted Games brand, authors aren’t necessarily going to have the funds for a professional edit pass or two this is a trend towards poor games.

If the game is going to the HG brand closed testing should not be a thing unless the author has English as first language so that we don’t add to the list of disasters that landed on that brand.


Why add a barrier to entry if you’re just going to let everyone test? Just publish the dashingdon link and get more feedback?


Could I beta test? I have no experience beta testing but uh… I’m decent-ish at finding typos? :sweat_smile:


Can I still beta test?


May I beta-test as well?


Can i still beta test ?