The Lawless Ones (Previously "Villains") Completed! (Beta Closed)



Of course people offer to Beta Test! This story is interesting! Though I can understand why you’d want to refrain from some kind of Open Beta, it makes sense! I look forward to reading more than what you have publicly available eventually!

Keep up the progress! :black_heart:


Just created a poll where people can vote on what they think would be the best title for the WIP I’m working on. Here’s the link, if any of you want to vote: Poll


is betatesting still open ? i just finished helping with Fallen hero betatest and i dont think i can any further with that one.
So im avalible with a lot time on my hands


Yeah, it’s open, I’ll send you the link. :blush:


If you still want me you’ve convinced me too.
By the way is this game the first of a series covering only the mc’s childhood or will they actually grow up during this game?


Awesome!!! :blush:

And the child does grow up through the game. I’m working on chapter 9 now, at which point the MC is 20.


Would I be able to beta test?


Sure! I could always use more people :blush:


Is it possible to beta test this game I love the story and would love to help out any way I can


If there still spot, I would also like to beta test :slightly_smiling_face:


There is an endless supply of spots. Thank you both for offering! :blush:


Can I join beta testing? I really like your game and I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:


Um, can I as well?:confused::joy:


You must love to beta test.


Me as well, please :relaxed::grin:


Just a quick note on a week-old discussion: in XoR’s case, on day two of sales we’ve now definitely got a strong example of an open testing process not costing us a significant amount of paying customers. There’s no performance gap between XoR and the majority of other CoG games that weren’t developed through open testing. Of course it’s a big game in a popular genre, so that has to be taken into account.

Still, I’d guess that the open testing process was a net positive – that it won loyal players who came prepared to recommend it to their friends from day one.


The games that I beta test, Choice of Rebels in this instance, I only play through 1 path (like the noble path instead of the helot) so when the game is released I have no worries about buying the game.


I’m probably too late, but since a lot of people are offering I figured I could give it a shot. I’m available for beta testing if you still need another person.


Chiming in for some beta testing… I want to feel special.


@Avery_Moore Can I also join beta testing please ?