The Last Monster Master -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED

There a significant continuity issues in the game, because it is very complicated. Therefore, I’m going to do this in batches of five people. So if I don’t respond to you immediately with access information, chill out. I’ll get to you eventually.

When you submit feedback, send it to ben AT dashjump DOT com, and CC me on it.

If you encounter a continuity error, please EXPLAIN the error. Also, it is strongly recommended that, for debugging purposes, you use the FIRST name offered for each of the monsters (Lemvin, Ashbarre, Raig, Trawce); it will help us to figure out what/where the problems are. If you supply your own names for them, we’ll have a much harder time figuring out where the problem is (because we won’t know which monster you’re talking about!).

Additionally, you shouldn’t play through the game a dozen times at once. Instead, play through a couple of times, send in feedback, and then wait for me to say that a new version is up, play through again, send in feedback, repeat.

I’d like to beta test the game

@RockyBalboa E-mail him at jason AT choiceofgames

Email Sent!

I remember when I alpha tested for this one, it kept switching which name was for which monster and it was very confusing… hopefully it has been fixed by now as my report was quite lengthy… haha

Can I beta test the game please?

@wired uh, no, that’s why we need people to test it a bunch of times and in waves.

Ok, a new version is posted. If you have access, and you have time, please replay.

We’re looking primarily for continuity errors at this point: misapplied genders, names screwed up, people returning from the dead, etc.

(besides the usual typos and things.)

Ah, I was just about to send in the screens of the errors I found in my playthrough a few hours ago. That was probably the old version. I’m guessing you don’t need those? :stuck_out_tongue:

no, send them in anyway!

Sounds interesting. I’m up to give it a whirl. Email sent.

Ok, new draft up!

New draft up. If you have access, please give it another playthrough!

New draft up.

If you’ve requested access and haven’t sent in feedback, I’d strongly suggest that you do so now.

New draft up!

New draft up!

So who to email about spelling errors? :-?

@Mar_rikuz049 Says in first post you e-mail ben.

Is testing still open can I have a go?


Since the title of the thread doesn’t say anything about “closed”, it should be open? So how about you send an e-mail to apply for beta? I did so for the other game. I don’t think that I have time to beta test both and send some good feedbacks. So i focus on one.