The Last Heir and Seven Bullets are best stories I've ever read


I noticed these two games came out side by side. I always talked about the choices you make in a game. How different outcomes would be better because of the number of times you can re-do the story. These choice games.

Just in seven bullets are

280k words470+ unique choices80+ endings.

I also like the lair heir for its detail and how long it is. It also has different endings. Based on your choices. What do you think


I was very disappointed in Seven Bullet’s storytelling. Very, VERY disappointed. Playing to a SINGLE “Good” ending was a slog.

No cohesive story, and I found that really disappointing.


I’ve played through both games quite a few times. My thoughts on The Lost Heir:

I was disappointed with this game. Which is probably just because my expectations from it were way too high since it is from one of my favourite authors. In my first playthough I played as a bard, and I was just constantly getting my ass kicked, I think I won maybe one fight on that play though. Well, I thought to myself, I’ll try playing as more of a knight type of character, but I was still losing a lot of fights. I think the skill checks are really hard to hit. But, I still enjoyed the characters and the plot, so, I give it a 3/5.

My thoughts on Seven Bullets:

I actually just bought this a few hours ago, and I’m loving it. Even though each of my playthrough’s were quite short I still enjoyed them greatly. The writing is good and really funny. Each of my playthrough’s were astronomically different. It would’ve been cool if the author allowed us to choose our name and gender, but, since it never comes up, it doesn’t really matter. One problem for me is that some of the areas/people in the game needed better descriptions. I didn’t really mind though since this game is extremely fun to play. My favourite part was the abundance of choices and the dialogue. 4/5.


Yeah, pretty much. I liked The Fall of Daria, but the skillchecks were insanely difficult and basically forced you to play a character you may not necessarily want to play, unless of course you want to lose every fight miserably.

My feedback for SB is like exactly the same as yours. xD


@Samuel_H_Young Yeah, I think if the skillchecks were brought down a bit I’d be able to enjoy the game a little more…

Great minds think alike. :wink:


I’m playing through Lost Heir right now. And the skill checks seem to be taking away the fun of it all… The story seems very good. It’s just me getting decimated by enemies isn’t very fun.


Should I feel bad that I laughed hysterically at this?

(Keep in mind, I’m paraphrasing.)

"But what about them? They're going to die!" Wilson says.

You shrug, saying, "I'm sure their funerals will be very sad."



I did notice on Heir. It has great detail and choices. It does seem like for example if you want defend yourself with a sword you need an unreasonable amount of that sword experience stat saved up. If that thing was tweaked lower. It would be even better. It’s hard to save up on a certain stat. On the good side of it. I like how in the game if you pick certain people. The others are almost killed right away.


I love (well technically I’m not the best critique- I ‘love’ almost every text based game) both games, however found the Lost Heir forcing you to abandon some carrers and change your character into someone else, despite the fact you may not want to change. (An example being trying to become a proficient Demon Summoner then realising that you will never be able to summon strong Demons well) That being said, making your enemies uncomfortable through cold and wind is always a great asset in fights! I also like Seven Bullets.


I didn’t notice that till my second play through. On the requirements of winning a sword fight or casting a spell was unreasonably high. The story was great in itself. Even when not gaining all requirements for a fight. The way it was written. I like how it was shown.

I wish he’d lower the requirements. That way you can see different ending with the different stats. This is the first time in recent memory two very well written books came out side by side next to each other. Seven Bullets. I haven’t finished yet. I noticed the ending they said 45 different endings etc. I hope this would encourage others to choice games.