The Last Blood (WiP) - 4/14 Update

Hey guys, started working on this story for a while and finally decided to share it!
Been working on this story in my spare time and sometimes I may be slow in updating…Sorry. :sweat:

The game’s name has been changed from “The Lost Bloodline” to “The Last Blood.”

The Story
Set in a fantasy world of magic and mythical creatures, you are the Prince/Princess of a Kingdom. You live life as carefree as any royalty would until one day your Kingdom is plunged into war. Certain circumstances forces you to ascend to the throne, however, with your inexperience the Kingdom falls.

You find out you’re the only one alive in the end and the last of your family. You will find out what exactly happened to your kingdom, family and friends and hone your skills while you’re at it. You also will have to ask yourself if you will take revenge or live your life without it.

Future things to add
Different magic + weapons
RO Character Relationships
More Character Relationships
Moral Alignment Path (Good v. Evil)
Other things I don’t know yet to add

Looking for
Any errors, corrections or things that can help enhance the story.


Added eye color, hair and fixed some errors + mistakes. Nothing new yet, just fixes and small expansions on relationships + stats.

Huge update, redid a lot of things and went back to correct things and coding errors/problems. Finished Chapter 1 and added in relationships, weapons, magic and other things. Changed some things in the game to match the new title.


Can you give examples of what kinds of weapons, magic and bloodlines we can use? What do bloodlines do? Otherwise it seems like an interesting story.

Well, I like the game but I was wondering if you could put an option for the son to be like the mother and for the daughter to be like the father as well while keeping the other options?


It was a decent prologue, except the last scene kept calling me a boy despite choosing female.


How will our MC react to Abel and Renia because it seems as if our lovers gave us no chance to counter or survive the future war. Did their families or personal ambitions have to do with this? In addition, will we be able to lean on them for support when avenging ourselves or can we meet and possibly reignite the flames of passion with them?
Also, are there special bloodlines for every royal house or just the Mc’s? And do all nations use mages heavily, since they seem to be a large part of the invading army and the MC’s army?


I’m enjoying the game, but I’m curious why you decided to have the story written in italics. I mean it’s not really a problem, it’s just unusual. :blush:

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The italics indicate the scene is in the past. That usage is quite common in fantasy/sci-fi writing in my experience. ymmv.


@spike nice wip your making here , i like it :wink:

do you know how many words counts do you plan for your game? will this be a full game or series of books?

Nice work in progress so far. I’m liking it. :smiley:

I liked it as well. I’m interested in seeing what else you have planned in your story and how the MC will get through this.

I also think it’s nice that you added a bit of a difference depending on if you play as the prince or princess.

Super awesome story so far

@Mxm124 So, I’m still debating this atm but the few I got atm are the common tropes such as swords and fire magic. Considering other weapons and magic that don’t appear much or rare (like maybe a unique kind of fire or something and lesser known weapons like maybe…a club? Idk.). Bloodlines will be related to a mythical beast such as the Norse mythology Fenrir. (I will be using mythical creatures as a bloodline, but there will be a “secret” option to decline these.)

@auneramellous Of course. The prologue was just a brief preview, I’ll let you shape your character yourself later on so you can CHANGE however you want. Unless you want the Prologue to reflect this too, then I can work on it.

@Interestedparty Oh my bad. Thanks for catching that.

@Andrew_Amato I will answer this later on in the story. Only thing I can say is that there WILL be something related to them if you pick either one of them. A little spoiler but the idea right now is that these “Kingdoms” are so powerful due to their special bloodlines bestowed to them by mythical creatures of old. And yes all nations DO use mages but only the big Kingdoms have any superior mages atm, it doesn’t mean that warriors are any lesser though.

@Avery_Moore Like @Eiwynn said it’s mean to indicate that the scene is in the past.

@anon4518890 I’m not sure yet.

@lokidemon007 @Scorpio00 @Skull567123 Thanks :slight_smile:

One thing I’ve been thinking is if it’s okay to lock your haircolor? Or would you guys prefer to select different haircolors?



I would like to pick hair color too.

I would also like to pick my hair color.

Well I would not mind not being able to choose my hair color since I can imagine it myself


In the first scene, you should be using “lay”(past tense for lie - lying down) not “lied” (past tense for lie - lying to someone).
Other ones:
"You excelled at close combat and was known as a genius in that field. At an early age you " -> “You excelled at close combat and were known as a genius in that field. At an early age, you” (“You”, even when referring to a single person, is followed by the plural form, i.e. “are”, “were”. The commas, if you’re a native English speaker, you should be able to sound it out.)

:frowning: steam tells me I need to wait 8 hours

Very interesting! You have a good prologue here, however, I think that you need to flesh details out more. Delve into the MC’s feelings and try to make the reader feel them as well. Let them feel his/her loss of their family.

I also suggest fleshing out the family more. As in put more scenes that reflect the family, perhaps also give the player choices regarding their relationship with their parents and/or siblings.

All in all, there is promise, but it could be more if you would flesh it out. Eager to read more. :slight_smile:

P.S: It would be nice to pick hair and eye color as well like in most other COGs. It would be even better to have them reflected in the story.

@lokidemon007 @Scorpio00 @Jesus Alright, I’ll work on it for an option for those who DO want it. Working on eye color too.

@Striga Thanks for finding that. I usually miss a few things as I’m focused on thinking of what to add and write next.

@LordOfLA ??

@Personaddict07 Hey thanks! I was making it more of a quick intro to introduce the story and character. I did plan to flesh out the family more, but actually in flashbacks and in some points in the story where they can start to shape you. I just didn’t want to throw a whole family background and “family time” this early in the story as I feel the impact isn’t much. I already planned to go deeper into the family later on, so don’t worry.
I’ll add eye color.

Working on an essay and studying for a test atm so I’ll be a bit slow in releasing an update.

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Don’t mind me, I think I may have been confused over what thread I was posting in :blush: