The Knight of The Ice (Updated 7/28)



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Ok, folks. Chill down.
I have the power of “clicking that flag button” :black_flag: and believe me… you don’t want it to be happening. :skull:


wait who are you going to flag?


I’m bisexual myself so I said “I can marry (princess)!”

Don’t worry dad! It’s only half bad!


He’s 50 years old evil and cruel man. Do you want to romance him? Do you really?


I think that would be called an evil silver-fox… XD

And don’t you know? Some people just love garbage… have a weakness for the wrong people :grin:


So I made some changes in the game. I read your comments and understood what you guys meant. Lord Marius will not banish you as soon as you come out. I just played the game and noticed the reaction was unrealistic. You will still be banished, but not so soon.

If there’s any typo and/or mistakes in the game, please let me know. I didn’t have time to test it.


Yes. I really do what to romance him. Someone needs to help him… cool off.


Nooooo, please, I don’t want to make him RO :frowning: Choose someone else


Hey, its your game. You make it however you want. I just wanted to give my opinion on who I would’ve liked to see.


Players’ opinions are important for me.


That’s good, but you also need to write the story you want to write. And if you story you want to write doesn’t have him as an RO then he’s not an RO. It’s okay. I’m sure there’s going to plenty of other good ROs.


The story is already planned. And I’m sure you’re going to love ROs :wink:


I’m so glad Lord Leoran is RO. I’m gonna romance him :smiley:

Also, @Mewsly is right, you don’t have to change story or RO for us. Write whatever you want. It’s your story.


I’m going to romance Anna no matter what. My father can go to hell lol


I have one question though. Will you get banished no matter what? Or you will write two different paths? Because some players get banished and the others stayed so I’m just curious.


Of course, I will write different paths. There are more than two paths in the story. Players’ choices do matter in this game.


well, im going to romance anna


Can you already tell us who’s a RO? Specifically will there be some more female ROs, besides Anna?


Yes, you will meet her in the next update. I can’t tell who she is because It would be a spoiler.