The Kingdom of Dragonia (Updated on 27th January 2022)

Thank you for the suggestion. I will add it in my list to do things. It’s just that I’m not great in coding so I mess with stuff :sweat_smile:

I plan to make it a mix of of both fief management and war. But the war as in War for the West in my perspective focused more on fief management and short war situations (when the player declares war on other factions/kingdoms) so in that terms, it will be different than War for the West as I don’t plan to majorly focus on managing the kingdom.

As far as I have planned, in the realm of Brugendia there is already a war which is happening as we are speaking. I don’t want to give any spoilers for upcoming chapters so I will only say that the MC will get opportunities to decide the fate of this war while also have the burden to manage his realm as well. Whether he achieves glory in this war or a total annihilation of his kingdom will depend on the MC.

The existence of demon king/dragon king or not will be revealed in upcoming chapters :slight_smile:

I have not closed that option totally as if I get the time, energy and my research becomes fruitful then I will add that. So don’t worry :grinning:

A mix of both. Stat’s will play a crucial role in deciding the endeavors of MC are fruitful or not.

Thanks for playing and for your valuable feedback :slight_smile:

I will check the issue and see if I can fix it.

There will be romance options. I will try to come up with that soon enough.


I agree with @Empress_Nightmare. This is remarkably like Kingdoms and Empires. Only difference i can see is you have an old man in the angel role.

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This game gives me "death march and “another world with my smartphone” vibe. I like it! Anyway can i ask do we have any confirmed RO’s and have a saving system?


Every Isekai story starts with something like conversing with a god, being reborn etc. etc., plus the author just started writing this, I’m sure in their next update their won’t be any similarities.

Btw author the old man said I can choose a boon between being a skilled warrior, archer, mage, merchant, scholar. how come when I’m reborn the mage option is not available??


I don’t know anything about this ‘Isekai’ genre. I just wanted to tell the author about the similarities to Kingdoms and Empires. However, i wish @Aditya_Baishya luck with their WIP.

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Thanks for playing. I can agree with Another World with My Smartphone but how did you got the vibe of death march from it?

I’m kind of planning situation for RO’s. So, I can’t provide you the names but I have a general idea whom shall I include in my RO list.

Apart from that, I need to learn more coding to enable saving system as currently, I have no clue what codes do I have to write to enable the saving system in dashingdon.

Everything I wanted to reply contain here. I’m sure everyone who knows Isekai genre knows why I kept the god/angel scene.

Yeah, I forgot to add that option in the game. You will get in a small update within this week.

General Message: To all those reading my message and have liked the prologue. I’m going to start one important poll in my patreon page concerning one part in the prologue. If anyone is interested to take part in it then they can do so by joining the advanced tier of my patreon page.

Further, one person suggested if the old conversation wouldn’t be repeated if one goes through the questions with the old man. I checked the codes and the viability of doing something to solve the problem. The main issue is that I won’t be knowing which options have been selected if I try to change the codes which may result that same options are repeated multiple times. Let me know if you all are okay with repeated options but not returning to the old conversation. If I receive major response for that then I will change it that way. If anyone has any other idea then I would be glad to hear their suggestion.

Thank You everyone for playing the game and providing me your valuable responses.


Probably because both are overpowered MC transferred into another world by God’s mistake.

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Isekai peak

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It is similar to kingdoms and empire but that’s because thats how isekai story starts. Lots of isekai anime/novel start eerily similar to both KaE and this story.
It kinda became standard for isekai story.
Explaining relationship in earth, then died by accident/killed, meets god/goddess, asked to help them, promised for boons to help complete the quests, then reborn/transmigrated to the new world.
Later in the story might reveal if mc relationahip on earth have any impact to mc futures.
It’s always starts like that


Interesting :thinking: I’ll try diplomacy first and if that doesn’t work… I’m going full Alexander the Great on the other kingdoms.


Its already being pointed out but this seems remarkably similar in terms of plot to Kingdoms and Empires. It might be an idea to make some changes before you go any further.

Not sure why people keep comparing them when I’ve seen thousands of stories especially fan fictions start out the same way. Nothing new with a beginning like that.


Ah I was going to ask why I couldn’t pick my gender but I realized its literally Tagged gender locked male lol

Good luck with the game! I don’t like playing second pov games as men but it seems promising so far :slight_smile:


Love the concept, huge Isekai fan. So that’s huge bonus it’s not a whole lot for me to give a full rating, but from what I’ve read so far it has me hooked. Keep up the great work looking forward to the next update :relaxed:


As I’ve said, i didn’t know that 3/4 isekai stories started out like this. On this genre I’m ignorant. I would like to apologize to @Aditya_Baishya for saying it was similar to another WIP. And i honestly wish them success with their future endeavours.


Ah! I can definitely agree with you there. Most of the isekai anime’s I have watched either have a overpowered MC or a very weak MC who later on starts to unlock various skills which makes them feel like invincible.

Hahaha! Anime’s definitely makes one feels to be in utopia.

Definitely you can try that but there are going to be many challenges which are going to come before the war :slight_smile:

Thanks for playing the game. I hope you will enjoy the upcoming chapters as well.

Thanks for trying the game. I hope you will enjoy the upcoming chapters too. Btw I liked that image, it feels rewarding to my effors while creating the prologue so far.

No worries. I can understand the reason behind your comment earlier. I hope you try to watch few isekai genre shows so you too can understand the basic plot of these genre shows. And thanks for your wishes :slight_smile:


Certainly looking forward to it.Though I have one request you said you were inspired from anime and stuff right?in most of the isekai anime the protagonist becomes op and kind of happy-go-lucky. Please don’t make it like those. Some dark moments will make it a bit more realistic. Like if I were to chose I loved my previous family than my mc will have some kind of emotional setback. Or some other challenges. Nonetheless I wish you all the best with this IF.

Thanks for playing the game. I hope you will like the upcoming chapters of the game.

Yeah, usually isekai anime’s make the MC overpowered. But I don’t plan to do so. The MC can only become powerful if he puts his efforts in the skills where he wants to excel.

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Btw guys, as one of the players suggested that the title of the chapter is not night mode friendly. I would like to hear some suggestions, if someone has any, on what font and color shall I use for the chapter titles.

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I think the main problem has to do with a translucent background. Ilustrator has a prety straight forward way of droping a png into a dark colored background and then exporting it as a single image with a solid background. You can do the same in an Ipad in procreate, and gimp should also work.

Also idk if you have figured it out but the save file injector should be:

*sm_init KingdomDragonia | 5

copy and paste that in the startup.txt file after stating all your variables, upload it to dashing don. Comment it out before running the file again.

Best of luck and good writing!