The Kingdom of Dragonia (Updated on 27th January 2022)

Hello Everyone!

I’m currently working on a game named “Kingdom of Dragonia”. English is not my first language so I might make a lot of errors while writing the game. If you spot any type of typo, grammatical errors or bugs etc let me know by replying to this thread. But please do remember to post a screenshot of the error.

Apart from that all type of feedback is welcomed.


You were happily living your life on Earth. But one day you died and met god who told you that you died because of his fault and he offers to reincarnate you into another world. With your previous life’s knowledge and memory intact you have been reincarnated into another world, Brugendian Continent

As the royal prince of Dragonia, will you be able to put an end to the endless wars which have been going on in the Brugendian Continent for a decade? Will you become the Dragon King and use its power to bring peace in your world or will you lead your army for the total annihilation of your enemies or will your kingdom be destroyed amid your schemes? Fight your enemies with your sword, with your bow, with your knowledge of advanced civilizations, with your magic or befriend them with your silver tongue. Earn the loyalty of your generals and your citizens and continue the monarchy or change it into a republic. Pet a Dragon, ride the majestic beast in the limitless sky and establish fear into the hearts of your enemies. Fight for your kingdom, your loved one’s and your future!

  • Play as a Royal Prince.
  • Become a Dragon King and use it’s power for your own schemes.
  • Grow your social circle and influence the decisions in the royal court.
  • Become the King of Dragonia or stay as the royal prince/and Dragon King.
  • Be loved by the people or feared.
  • Pet a Dragon.
  • Continue with Monarchy or make your kingdom Republic.
Demo Link

Link: Demo

Patreon Demo

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This looks really cool, just have one question. Were you inspired to do this by Kingdoms and Empires?


I was inspired by watching a range of medieval shows and anime’s :sweat_smile:


One more question if you don’t mind, will we have the option to choose the boon of magic in the next update?


Interesting. Will definitely be here for the next update


Ah! I was suppose to add it at the prologue itself but I forgot to edit it. I will fix it within this week.


Thank You! I would love to hear from you :slight_smile:

This looks mostly like the IF Kingdoms and Empires tbh…


I choose this option “You were always capable to do your work independently. You never needed the assistance of any person nor saw the requirement to share your life with someone.”

but why I get this next line “regret that you wear unable to hear what your children were saying in your last moments.”

I mean I am not sharing my life with someone why do I even have a child ???


I agree with this, @Aditya_Baishya

nor saw the requirement to share your life with someone.

Then why is that spouse and two kids are there crying for MC?!?

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Oi @Aditya_Baishya G’Luck with this project, it’s not for me… I don’t like it. The main reason is that there’s lot of repeating text/info/lore literally dumped into every crevice and choice and it bothers be a lot tbh…

Wow! Another isekai story. Pretty nice.

The game is short but it has potential. I’m looking forward to it.

By the way, is the game suppose to be gender-locked to male? If so, is there a narrative reason behind this decision?

Other than that, can’t wait for more.

EDIT: I just noticed the tag for it being gender-locked.


The main reason behind it is that, the MC was married off due to some reasons but he never saw the need to share his life with someone.

So, he went astray from his marriage and later on everything came to an end and the MC started to enjoy his life independently.

It looks mostly like that because majority of the reincarnation process always happens through this process. Can’t help it.


I will thank you for your response. But I would be glad which instances made you feel that

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The main reason is that, it’s very tough for me to plan other gender romances and other descriptive texts.

Further, in other world, it is like old style medieval period where females didn’t enjoyed much freedom as today. In top of that majority of the rulers were male.

So, I decided to make it gender locked.

Thanks for your response. I would love to hear from you in future updates :slight_smile:


I see. I guess then there won’t be gay romances

EDIT: Since this game is not a romance novel, I don’t think it should matter too much.

Will the kingdom management system of the game be heavy on stats or do you plan on focusing on the narrative more? Maybe a mix of both?


wherenever I choose an option it will be revert back to an old conversation

I suggest after you choose an option, the old conversation will be erased

oh and will it be more focused to fief management, Politics intrigue and War Like War for the west or will it be more focused to Heroic Tales (you know like Reincarnated person VS Demon King/Dragon King or something) ?


Seems like a nice demo. Sad though that it’s gender-locked to male. Anyways, I wish you good luck with your game @Aditya_Baishya !


Pretty good start!
My only gripes is chapter title is not dark mode friendly. I just hate lights


Are there any romance options and if so can we get a list of them as we meet them throughout the story?

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