The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



Yes, the cheat mode does create some strange outcomes, as the disclaimer in the game states!

The part with Beatrice that you referenced was taken out of this game - it will be one of the starting scenes for the sequel.


One more thing. Earlier if Thomas Jeffers left the team then a woman used to replace him as head scientist.
Now it’s dude. Also called Thomas something.
What changed?


Ah! That’s an error and I know why! I’ll correct that for the next update.


I’m just wondering. Has anyone manage to leave planet Earth in 2096? If so, I find that particular seen quite buggy. Are we even allowed to leave in 2096? If not, then this must be an error. I don’t want to say too much on how I do it, but I will say this. You will need either the cheat mode, or a rich country like Russia. Secondly, you will need to tell the public about the astroid before 2096. I’ve managed it with and without the cheat mode.


Thanks for sharing. It is a great post.


There is a cheat mode in this game were i don’t see any cheat mode.


Do you know, I never envisaged anyone getting the spaceship done before 2100. I’ve just tried myself (without the cheat mode) and you are right, it can be completed by 2096. I’m pretty sure I know what you were thinking with this and that would actually make a nice Easter Egg, being able to take that person on the ship. I might well make that change for a future update.

Anything that happens using the cheat mode is prone to cause continuity errors. There’s a disclaimer in the game for that and I have no intentions to change it.

@Andrew_Stapleton to access the cheat mode, you need a code. Complete the game once (after the latest update) and you will be given it.


Does loosing count as completing the game. lol


Hmmm that’s a good question and I can’t remember! I think not. I think the code is given after reading the spaceship launch part. No complete spaceship (regardless of you being on the ship), then no code!


lol I thought not i guess i got to go and try again.


Hey I have a weird question but I feel like isn’t all that weird xD

So I will restart the first part when the second game comes out but I think i’m gonna build both a generation ship and a cryogenic ship, what I wanted to do and I wondered if it was possible is live in the generation ship. But if in the sequel I still play my character and i’m not able to research some kind of things to make my character immortal, like cybernetics or that kind of thing I wondered if it is possible like I don’t know, at the end of the game to actually go back into cryosleep just because well, I want my character to experience the generation ship but if he can’t make it to kepler and don’t have the technology to live long enough for it, then go back to cryosleep and wait for Kepler.

Because I know at the end of the “first part” you can either go into cryosleep or into the generation ship but I feel like one cancels out the other.


The actual story will be very different depending on the ship you built. If you chose the Cryogenics ship, you will survive all the way to Kepler 62e. If you chose a generation ship, you will die before you get there and continue playing in the shoes of a descendent. If you decided not to go on the ship at all, you will play as a pre-made character (although you will be able to customise them if you wish). Finally, if you chose the hybrid ship, then by default you will die on the ship (habitation) but there will be a way to survive to Kepler 62e at a cost…


Thx for answering me but then, what will the sequel be about ? Will there be a part where we live in the generation ship or not ? Because if not I’m pretty sure i’ll make so that my character goes into cryoegenics. And how come if we have hybrid ship we have a way to survive till Kepler ? Just to be clear, (well I mean it’s spoilers so be free to answer that to me or not xD) there is no way to build technology that keeps my character young forever right ? Because that was my goal in the generation ship.


There’s no way to stay young forever.

The sequel, Journey(s) is many different stories depending on your choices in Evacuation. You will be able to play on a generation ship, a hybrid ship, and a cryogenic ship. If you take the generation ship, you will die in space. There’s no other option. The entirety of Journey(s) takes place on the spaceship.


Alright cool, well I’ll be sure to buy the sequel when it comes out ! I’ll probably do the hybrid ship but don’t know if I will want to play my original character or his descendance. I feel like having only a cryogenic ship is careless because so many things could happen while you are sleeping, even though it seems like there are some maintenance people to take care of the cryopods, you would step out of the pod completely oblivious to the new turn of events.
Been thinking a lot about this since I replayed the game xD
Great game and good luck and bravado for the writing of the sequel :wink:


Thanks! The sequel has proven tricky to plan as depending on the spaceship type, the stories are completely different! I have a good plan for it, though, and you will be able to try out all the different spaceship types with drastically different stories!


One last question xD

Is the version of your game bug-free right now ? Can I just play the game now, wait for update that lets you save file online and then do save. Or if I wait for the last update I will have to replay the game to save my progression ?

And also there will be no way to play the MC in the next game ? Cause if he is in cryogenics you can play him on the third game you said, and if he isn’t he dies. So there is no way to play main MC on second game ? We will have to play another one ?


Hmmm… I’ve never made a sequel that requires a save feature before so I’m not certain how that will work. There will be an update before the sequel is released and I guess there’s a good chance you would need to play again after that final update to use it. I’m not certain though.

You can play as the mc in Journey(s) if you use a generation ship or a hybrid ship. You will die at some point in the game, though. If you want the mc to live to Kepler 62e, you would need to use a cryogenics ship to be sure. In that case, you will not play as yourself, but as a human janitor tasked with maintaining the ship during the journey (with periods of cryogenic sleep between the years).


Mhh interesting, I don’t know how much info I can get without it being spoilers but, it means that we will play through years I guess, and eventually MC will die and his son/daughter takes over, kinda like in crusader kings ? (yeah not the best comparison xD). And FMI when I play the game, if I make a hybrid ship can I cryogenise my MC ? Cause if not I’ll probably only do a generation ship (or actually maybe I’ll do hybrid anyway to keep the most brilliant mind alive for when we arrive to Kepler)


Each spaceship will give you a very different story.

The cryogenics ship will give you one of two 100% different stories, depending on what else you did on Earth.

The hybrid and generation ships will be comprised of many overlapping stories. Again, depending on your choices on Earth, the stories you play through will vary.

All stories cover a period of 1200 years! There will, of course, be huge chunks in time that you will skip by. That time frame means that once you die, you will live on as a descendent. Making the hybrid ship will give you a storyline revolving around those who are living being envious of those who are sleeping. There will be moral choices to make!