The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



Well that sounds all kinds of wrong! I’ll take a look and see what’s happening.


Unless command functions are the purview of the ship’s AI. Really I just see the generational component of the ship as a grand social experiment and I’m using those 1000 rich people plus 1000 lottery winners for the generational component of my ship. Skilled people are safely in storage for the future colony.
The live passenger areas of the ship would be their own enclosed space with no or very limited access to other areas of the ship

Again, let the AI’s and robots handle most of that stuff.

Or hopefully wait for a true PC version.

I was surprised that we didn’t get the third option with legalized AI and robotics, while I get that you need Cryo or generation pods to get the government funding in order to be able to “sell” it to the public my backup would be AI/robots and embryo’s. In the worst case scenario, if Cryo and generation pods both fail the AI would literally raise the colony out of the embryo’s and with better tech you may only need more easily preserved DNA, rather than whole embryo’s for the AI to work with.


Having gone though it thrice now I’m not convinced that even a really sophisticated neural network wouldn’t be able to raise a baby much less 10,000 of them. Humans are really complicated and don’t conform to math well…


EDIT Researching “advanced habitation module” fixed the problem. I’m surprised I couldn’t build a simple one? I don’t know if that’s a bug or not. But regardless, now I have the option to build a habitation module. You can disregard this post. END OF EDIT

I’ve been feeling pretty underwhelmed with CoG releases, both hosted and original games from CoG. So far, I have been blown away by Kepler Colony.

When I saw Kepler Colony had been released, I didn’t really pay attention. Most other space CoG releases have been incredibly underwhelming. I decided on a whim to try the Kepler Colony free version while I was at work today.

Absolutely amazing. One of the best CoGs I have ever played so far. I say so far because I’m currently at 13 years before the asteroid hits.

I’m not posting this to praise the game, though; that can come later after I have beaten it. I’m posting because of a POSSIBLE BUG.

I decided on a cryo ship – purely cryo. I need one habitat. I’m getting very worried, because I cannot build a habitation module. It’s greyed out. I don’t see any research requirements, and I don’t know if there is something I need to build first – I’ve built a lot of stuff. Right now, I’m dumping a massive amount of money into “advanced habitation,” not because I want advanced, but because I don’t know if that’s what I need to do in order to have any habitation module. Could I get some help with this? I’ve included a screenshot showing what I’m talking about.


Okay, definite bug report here. I went the purely cryogenic route. At the very end, the game said I had room for 51,000 people, but not enough shuttles to do it in time.

The game then said I only managed to get 714,000 people, and I didn’t manage to get “-663000” people.


That sounds very wrong and it’s the second bug related to the population on the ship. I’ve already sent files for a first update but I’ll take a deep look into this tonight. Thanks for highlighting it!


Vault Tec? :smirk::joy:


I got the exact same thing haha

I only sent like 1000 people into space because it said the cryogenic suff wasn’t in production on the module view, but when I had tons of scuff on hold it shown it then


I’ve identified both errors with the spaceship population.

  • One part of the code subtracts the lottery people. I didn’t add them back in a certain situation.
  • Another part of the code was supposed to multiply by a percentage but was multiplying by an integer instead.

These have both been corrected and will be changed soon.


This may be old news, but how in the hell do I become leader of the penguins? I have finished the game a couple of times but I just can’t seem to figure this one out. Also, I am using a screen reader so I am unable to identify different kinds of text. If someone wish to be super kind, they can either type the word to me in a comment or send the code to my email at Some help will very much be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I also stumbled upon a bug. Apparently France is governed by the Prime Minister of England.


When you choose your nation, select ‘none of these’. Do the same again on the next screen. Then type your nation name as:


Make sure to put a capital P.

I’ll take a look at the France /England PM bug… That’s a new one for me!


Well that was easy. I launched my penguins in 2106. It’s a great game. I have finished very easy, easy, standard, hard, extreme and most recently with the penguins. Any other hidden mode I should know about? If not, I’d say I’m pretty much done.


There is one more that is well hidden. You’d have to look in the code to find it. In the meantime, there is a cheat mode coming, which will allow you to customise the game a lot more (rename major characters and cities), including making the game harder if you choose. That will all come in the next update.


Well, unfortunately I’m using the iOS app so I am not having access to any code. I don’t mind spoilers, but I understand why you don’t want to post it here. You can always email me at Sorry, just trying to squeeze out all the replay values.


…Or maybe add an achievement hinting at the hidden nation like with penguins?..Unless it is hinted at another way, hmmm…


I believe i found another bug. When doing business with the ice queen, she tells me that i have created a Constant Acceleration Drive, even when i haven’t. This allow me to sell a Constant Acceleration Drive without having developed that technology.


Ok, i give up on the last hidden nation. Is there a clue in the game? If not, then you might as well put it out there because not everyone has access to the code.


I’m afraid there are no hints for the last one. There is no achievement for it either. It’s just a little bonus if you happen to type the correct word when choosing your nation.


Well, what is it then? I will not be able to guess it if there aren’t at least an in game clue or something. Come on man! I’ve played and finished different game modes ever-since the game came out.