The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



If I might add my two cents.

A generational ship has some serious problems.

-Despots / Tyranny
You might wonder why this would be a problem, but so long as people are people there is ALWAYS going to be an idiot with too much power and too little sensibility. In this case it would be anyone in the Captains / Bridges seat. Because much like the overseer in Fallout, this person would have complete control of the ship…Along with all its other functions.

Critical functions such as Life support, air control, Heating (In space the biggest problem Nasa has isn’t the fact that the astronauts might freeze but rather that without anywhere / or thing to cool the ship down the engines would cook the people on board.) Cooling (Plus the very real problem of being exposed to the vacuum of space is not fun, though you can live up to 10 mins in the vacuum of space…But your eyes will freeze, melt, freeze and melt…so fun.), Gravity, and many many more would be under the control of one or more people…Which effectively makes everyone on-board completely at the mercy of whoever s sitting in the captains chair.

And thats without getting into the problem of deciding who the Captain would be after the first 80 or so years…After all the caps son might want to be king now.

-Cabin Fever
Mental illness breeds like a plague in a enclosed environment

-Diseases and Immuno compromised individuals
Living in a sterilised environment seriously weakens ones immune system (Plus Zero G causes steady degradation of the human body.), but here’s the kicker, we could NEVER fully remove all the bacteria and viruses in the general environment yet alone on ones person prior to launching the ship…

So there’s going to be bugs, (And the effects of space, such as radiation and zero g makes bacteria and viruses way more deadly…Plus it makes real bugs even bigger, just look up the Russian Cockroaches. So people are going to be stuck on a ship with limited medical supplies, and even more limited space, in close contact with everyone else…While everyone in the best situation only has a slightly weakened immune system and no other complications, with essentially super bugs.

-The lost / degradation of knowledge.
Every time without fail that a civilisation breaks itself off from the outside world (Be that as a result of geographical factors such as continental drift, or the closure of borders between nation states.), like the separation of Tasmania from mainland Australia with the flooding of the Bas Straight, or a more recent example such as North Korea. The nation / State inevitably suffers a lack of progression, and even the loss of once held knowledge.

This process will be further pronounced due to the ELE that humanity just faced, so a lot of fringe knowledge will have been lost due to the excessive loss of life (Stuff that people may not find to be useful, or mainstream that has taken centuries to develop.) But more worryingly will be the ever increasing chance of critical knowledge loss…Equipment failure losing stored information, or someone deleting it for power (After all such knowledge / skill would be worth more than its weight in modules, and if your one of the only people that know than…) or simply Mechanics and engineers dying or not teaching new students. And one has to remember that the Pilots, Mechanics, Engineers and Doctors have to not forget critical information / become less competent for over 1200 years, while avoiding the pit falls of developing society on board the ship, Despotic Captains with the literal power of life and death on the ship, Equipment failure, information loss, the deaths of Older/ more experienced Mechanics and engineers, resource shortages, emergencies (Disease outbreaks in space are far more lethal due to the close quarters everyone shares and the fact that radiation and gravity can and will make viruses more lethal, feuds like the one that formed in the promotion material and the fact that isolation and close quarters makes people go really crazy…Really fast.


I think you converted at least one pirate, Andy. :wink:


Hey, I just finished the game and I must say I am really really pleased, it’s been a while since I played a choice of games game and enjoyed it like this one, it’s a wonder to me how it’s not on the front page. Although I was wondering how is my save gonna get transfered to the sequel as I didn’t see any save options at the end of the game. Again a fantastic work that deserves to be praised.

“10 out of 10 would bang my domestic robot again”


Thanks for the high praise! The save feature will not be added until the sequel is close to release. While that can be annoying, the plus side is you can bang your robot again in another playthrough!


I would choose a cryo ship, as to why just read that amazing and detailed post a few posts above :slight_smile: , but also look at the quarians(sp) :stuck_out_tongue: .

I legalised cybernetics. One to spite the military guy(not played the game yet, dealing with my neighbour now :frowning: ) who hold his position due to emotion not logic. But also because they can help humans. Not sure if I’d have any, but that doesn’t mean others should be prevented from doing so.

I chose to legalise robotics as I imagine a world similar to choice of robots, where robots rule supreme. Especially as I found my robots to e nicer, and as someone with mental health issues, in many ways more relatable :stuck_out_tongue: . Though I might not do it as we don’t have that opportunity, meaning they will just be slaves for the humans needs.


Yeah this is a very logical breakdown.

I guess I chose combo because I figured that even a cryo ship would need a minimal number of “awake” people to run it, right? So those people have to procreate, etc, for the 1,200 years anyway, right? So you’re just dealing with a small group of people/variables as opposed to a larger group of them, right? I thought a larger group might actually be more stable.


If I had enough time I probably would have called the post Space is trying to kill you or something funny like in space people can hear you scream…They will just be to late to do anything about it. Because each of the respective ships have their own flaws. Which given the cynical and optimistic / Utopian ideas that get thrown around with the general premise of the game (Trying to survive the end of the world, and its only a small miracle that the only real major conflict is a war between Korea and Japan.) is probably a by-product of that.

Much like Super Hero games MUST talk about individuality as that is what the very idea is based around.

But I digress, the Cryogenics and Hybrid ships have their own fatal problems.

The Cryo ship completely depends on whether or not the cryogenics process at least 90% safe, anymore or less and well. Along with as you have mentioned a skelly crew…Though I would argue that with Robotics, and Cryo pods, the Skelly Crew would likely just take shifts of 1 or 2 months a year per group / team rather than be awake for very long periods of time. Though if you have watched Pandorica (Cryo causes amnesia, and the crazy.), Or that recent movie with Chris Prat where the ship wakes him up too early there will always be the chance of something going wrong. BUT assuming that the cryo process is not harmful, and that there are no technique failures than it would stand to reason that factors like disease would die out without resources /hosts, Crazy Tyrants wouldn’t have 1200 year long reigns or the opportunity to reign given the shift like structure and the fact that everyone to rule over is asleep, Mental illness would be a VERY big problem for the Skelly Crew, and so would any chance of Skynet level rebellion from any robots on the ship.

Meanwhile Hybrid ships are a mixed bag…Unless there was a system in place where a member of the cryo crew was woken up every few months (In a position of power like the Bridge.) to stop any horrible overseer like (Someone ruling iron fist over everyone else, along with making sure people still remembered how to fix the ship and why they were on the ship.) societal evolutions, than it would just be the generational ship with even more problems…Especially if people start to change and adapt to the environment as that could likely cause literal racism to form between the two groups, if the gen group doesn’t just kill the cryo group for space and supplies.


I wonder if the Deep Earth Bunker survived.

Anyway book 2 is gone to be Mass Effect Andromeda.

The other transports - the other arks
The prison transport referenced - Kadara


I’ve never played any Mass Effect games (I tried the first one after it was recommended but gave up quickly - it wasn’t my type of game) so I can’t comment on any similarities. What I can say is that the second game will take place entirely on the one ship, regardless of the ship design you choose.

There’s no way to tell if anything on Earth survived. Unless they send you a message.


I doubt the technology will be good enough for a few centuries if they did survive . I’m just used to The Determinant curse of episodic choice video games. Where you can choose which character dies but the character who lives dies later because the programmers can’t afford to have an infinite amount of differences. Not the same since the sequel has nothing to do with Earth so it doesn’t matter but as an intellectual exercise it makes me wonder.


Perhaps slightly off topic but if we aren’t taking animals or stuff, that means we’ll be 100% reliant on the food replicators. I’m not too sure how those work, but they’ve experimented with lab grown meat and that’s going well!

Perhaps irl we can now reduce the harm done by the meat industry and allow us to achieve manned travel to further planets.

And in the game I’m curious how people will treat the robots with them-- as there’s no pets will robots fill the role of pets in families, or will they be considered equal.

Or perhaps, due to their advanced intellect and duty to protect humans, will they take over the colony to ensure we survive at the expense of our freedom.


I wonder if my Robot partner got into the bunker with me.


I really curious about the cargo supplie types, because all of them is important, and establish production in the colony for weapons, materials, etc. will take some time i think, and 8 cargo modules is a lot of size, but it´s enough? I build all of the 8 modules, someone else do the same?
I think aliens could be a problem in the long time pearhaps, unknow diases too, and a lot of other things could happen too, like reach kepler 62e and other colonists is already here or arrive after some time, and demand things. The options is imense, and very good too, i really excited with the sequels :smile:
And i think the cargo supplies will be a great impact in the game, i choose to split in equal parts the cargo contents and not priorize any, someone do diferent and if, why?
Other thing i have been thinking, will be possible for construct vehicles with the materials too in the colony? :thinking:


I always throw in a defence module & good chunk of military force for good measure.
There’s nothing a little show of force won’t accomplish.
I don’t think other nations who launched ships added ‘preserving defence & military might in their survive the doomsday to-do list’. Though @andymwhy can shed more light here.

As for deep earth bunker, I’m always left with years & budget to spare on easy mode. I would have liked to keep pouring in money & research into the project that would make survival of our bunker citizens near guarantee. Maybe keep digging bunker deeper with each year while simultaneously developing technology that makes it possible to withstand the worsening heat as we dig deeper.
A bunker deep enough to withstand such an impact? Sure seems nice to me


I have a question. Does the elevator actually do anything?


Makes moving things (e.g. engineering things) quicker as can get to ship easier or something.

And make loading people on super much faster.


It moves 200 people per day. (As corrected by andy)


The space elevator can take 200 people per day up to the spaceship (100 people at a time and it can run twice a day).
It is used in combination with the shuttles that launch either once every four days (standard) or once every two days (advanced). It pretty much guarantees that if you launch the ship late, you can get everyone on board in time.


Godspeed Kekghona Cleghill. I’m wondering if she’ll have a big part in the sequel.


My total population that needs to be transported to the ship at the end seems to be my lottery passengers. I have 82000 seats(16 cryo and an advanced hab). I sold 100 seats to the wealthy and donated 1000 seats to another country. I set my lottery for 50% of the remaining seats. I had 40450 lottery people and there are 40450 total passengers that need to be transported to the ship.