The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



The USSS America (United States Space Ship :smile:) have been take off just a hour ago. May god bless them in they journey and all the strong american citizens left at earth in the vault too, i mean the bunker :sweat_smile::grin:
They will be safe, they just need to worry about the asteroid, me and the president do not build the bunker for purposes of social experiments as some companies do… :sunglasses::laughing:

I really have appreciate this game, and it´s what i read will have more of one sequel too? I so much happy to read it :smile:
The management for build the spaceship was a fun thing to do, i make mistakes in the first times, but i learn with my mistakes, and this is very fun to do.
I love the history, the gameplay and your writing, anxious and looking foward for the next too.:wink: :smile:

Some doubts (i think some answers not will be possible for be delivered, but i very curios and become asking anyway, sorry about this :sweat_smile:):
1- it´s possible to have a robot RO i think, but they will left in earth?
I explore a bit, but not find Human RO options for now, it´s possible? I try to be nice with beatrice, but she refuse to come with me for the spaceship, i will not die for a possible date :joy:, and in the spaceship have various girls too… :sweat_smile: this will be present in the next chapters?
2- in the sequel the history will continue with the character created in the first game or with another?
3- will be a chapter of our people colonising kepler 62e or the history will end when the spaceship reach the planet?
4- One last thing, i have end the part one, but a savegame option have not been show for me, it´s be added in a future uptade or this mechanic will be not present in the series?
Good work and luck with all our projects, i think you have talent and are a promissor writer and will bring us many good gamebooks in the future :wink::smiley::+1:t2:


Nice news! I not a dad, but i think it´s awesome be one, but not easy too, because this, i think, I am and the majority of the others readers understand this and will happy wait the next´s works :grin:
2032? Not problem. But try do it before 2115, he have 97 years left!!! sorry, just kidding a little :sweat_smile::joy::smile:

One thing i noticed and came to my mind:
In the list of 100 people for choose, in the 10-20 section, the profile number 17 is a man with 3 children and he is a super dad too, i think he can give you a seat in the USSS America!?
Easter egg? :sweat_smile::smile:


Hi @J_97 , and thanks for your comments. It is possible to have a romance with your robot. It’s also possible that they can go on the spaceship, although that isn’t stated explicitly in the game.

The second book in the series is scheduled to show life aboard the spaceship - either as several lives as they play out on a habitation or hybrid ship, or as part of a skeleton crew maintaining a cryogenic ship.

The third book will involve settling on Kepler 62e.

Some of the characters will crop up in the sequels, however those left on Earth will sadly be absent.

Regarding the 100 people, I think you misunderstood. I have one daughter. She is 3 years old. All of the character data and surnames there are fictional, although the majority of the first names are based upon people that I know.


You are welcome, Thank you for the answers :grin:
This will be amazing, looking foward to play it :smile:
really I got it wrong, somehow I did not see the word year :sweat_smile:


Are those people we choose will have certain role(s) in your next book, like i chose those 100 people with certain personality… will they be feature in your next book, so that it make me feel i make a choice for the better or for the worse
example, if i pick one who is married … and his/her spouse was left behind , perhaps he/she will hates me for the decision and maybe question my choice ? :slight_smile:

and if the MC stay single in Book 1, will he/she meet potential RO in Book 2 ?


Lots of questions! Some of the 100 will go on to become significant characters - if you picked them.
Depending on your spaceship type, there’s a high chance the MC will die early in the sequel. If you have kids, you will be able to continue your legacy through them. If not, you will follow another character. There will be RO’s - probably a lot of RO’s actually! However, if you do a cryogenic only ship you will have to wait for the third game to see what the original MC gets up to. In the second game you will be another character who is part of a skeleton crew designed to maintain the ship. You could even play as a robot…


I’ve been working on the first patch for the game. I have added Romania as a country option (after a reviewer requested it) as well as a cheat mode (as requested by mods and long planned by me anyway!)

Change your yearly budget.
Change the names of the key staff members.
Start the game from any year.

I still have a few minor things to change so if you would like any other cheats added, ask now.


It would be neat if using a money cheat had its own flavor text.
Something like…

“More money? Well sure. We’re the government. We can print money. And I guess by the time anyone realizes what we’re doing, we should be on that spaceship (or in that bunker). Alright. We’ll do it. Survival comes first. Politics comes later.”


While that would be good, the cheat is more for variation. It’s certainly not intended as extra content for the game. It’s more about being able to explore the game better once you’ve completed it.

Oh yeah - you will need to complete the game (any ending) to know how to access the cheat menu.


Yeah, that is a good point mentioned above. Though I’m most interested to know if and how our choices for who gets to board the ship, if Meganboards affects Keepler’s society and what not. As personally I picked people based on how unpriveledged or what not they are, kinda like positive discrimination policy in the UK. And to add to that my mc is in a relationship with a lesbian robot :stuck_out_tongue: .


How do you have kids in the game I’m curious or you don’t because I’ve been my MC has been single all throughout


Hey @andymwhy mind if I make a poll for choosing the type of ship people made and if they let the robot and cyborg laws pass?

Also thank you for being one of the few creators that have cheats


@Ender1 you don’t…

@Natman1025 go ahead!


Time to see how humanity will be in the future if we ran it

What type of ship did you build and why

  • Cryo ship
  • Mixed ship
  • Generation ship

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Did you legalize cybernetics and why

  • Yes
  • No

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Did you legalize robotics and why

  • Yes
  • No

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I chose a cryo ship because it would save the most people and their skills would be ready to go instead of passed down with the possibility of error
Yes to cyborgs because those could help us on an alien environment
And yes to robots because the can do the jobs human are not physically able to do


Basically agree with all of this. I also think the cryo-ship reduces the chances of a human induced failure during the journey that a live ship might. 1200 years is roughly speaking 48 generations. Way too many things to go wrong in that amount of time. Better for all the humans to be on ice unless there is a problem.


I choose mix ship, because there should be balance in everything

I legalize Cybernetic, because it can improve ability of humans… and to give humans freedom on how they want to 'Live" their body

Yes to robots… because i am curious whether robots can think on their own , and whether robots make better judgement than human… in addition , i am pondering whether robots is more loyal than human beings


Is there a way to fire scientists? I usually research everything with a few years to spare and I could use an extra $40B per year


Wouldn’t it better to have a generation ship cause like 48 could like evolve human into smarter human due to the new technology


In such a confined space with razor thin resource margins? I’d think you would need a seriously weird and autocratic society to survive. I wouldn’t like to image what would emerge from that ship honestly…