The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



Sorry Eric, the next part of the series involves the journey to Kepler 62e, and then the colonisation of the planet.

It’s possible that a spin-off game might deal with life on earth after the asteroid… But that will be far down the road.


Quiet Interesting idea! Kinda like Zombie High from delight games or Zion from The Matrix but with potential to achieve something much great.
Like being incharge of whole bunker system, running it’s government & deciding whether the ‘underworlders’ will stay on earth or build their own space ship & go for living on Mars, Moon, Europa?

There’s so much story here! Definitely fit for making a spinoff series.


Would prefer a settling in new world sequel than journeying to one. But ofcourse that’s my opinion & other players would prefer a journey sequel.

Like i said to each his/her own :grinning:


@andymwhy, I started playing this weekend. I think I’m only 8 or 9 years in, but I’m already feeling very anxious about my decision to keep it a secret as long as possible (we were recently busted by Spain). I am leaving money in reserves so hopefully I can paint a huge Maple Leaf on the side of my space ship (I am playing as Canada).

It is awesome that everyone is looking to Canada to save the day.


Congrats on the good reviews, Andy. A sustained 4.5 on Android is nothing to sneeze at. :smile:


Thanks! I’m really happy with that. However, this is my favourite review:

This is just not my type of game. It’s a bit rushed and somewhat boring for me. I didn’t make it past getting your team I’m afraid so good luck to those who come after me.

Rushed? LMAO!


4 years is way too fast -_- just ask @Havenstone


its rushed if it takes less than 16 years to make…
but seriously rushed? confused am I. I was singing in my head Faith of the heart on release day, and then at the end i had a Khan moment internally when i remembered its a multi-part series near the end. I can wait though or at least distract myself till then.


With the old demo/beta on the forums I personally liked playing as the Aussies most. They have the advantage of already basically living in an alien death world compared to the rest of us.
Will have wait for a Steam/PC version hopefully before I’ll be able to play the finished product though.


The most hilarious part of it is CoG has only been a company for 9 years :joy::joy::joy:


then CoG has nothing on Phantom Menace’s wait time ‘83’ to '99
If i can wait 3 years for episode 2 i can wait another 2-6 years for the sequel to this.


Man, @andymwhy, I super enjoyed this, and I really feel like I got my money’s worth! I think it took me maybe 3.5 to 4 hours to play this over the course of two nights. I really paused at a lot of the decision points and pondered all the options.

Although I liked the “build a ship” aspects, and I liked how your team changed over time (which makes sense, given the scope of time involved), I think my favorite part was the new stories, because I kept saying to myself, “Yup, I can totally see Country X doing that! Totally!”

The news stories really made it immersive and realistic for me, and I want to compliment you on how you wrote them.

Things were getting dicey towards the end, so I prematurely (and probably stupidly) launched my ship when I still had a few years left, because I was afraid that some crazy shit was going to happen in those last few years, and I wanted to make sure my ship got away.

Spoiler question: Is it possible for your ship to get attacked/destroyed/etc?


Thanks for your kind words. That’s high praise indeed! The news segments were fun to write, although there’s room for more to be added there. You can view old news stories in the stats page. There are two or three places where you can lose a module but you won’t ever lose your whole ship. It is possible not to finish the ship in time, though.


I wanted to say that I enjoy the game. I can’t wait for the second part. There is just one thing bugging me.
I have a question. In regard to robots. When i am asked who I will give the two tickets, I don’t see Sam’s name and when I am settling in my room and checking the pod number, I don’t see sam anywhere.
I have cybernatics and robots. I am worry sam was left behind. Sorry if this is a spoiler. I’m using mt phone and can’t see any spoilers tag.


@andymwhy already said that if we legalise robotics then our robot will make it to ship & be present in sequel.
Here’s the quote


What happens if you get in the bunker?


personally I’d say if you get the bunker (I prioritised space elevator over bunker personally) then they are stuck in there…a meteor of that size hitting earth would send up millions of tons of debris into the atmosphere and kick off a new ice age, so slot of new tech would need to be invented before anyone can leave.

That’s just my read on events though.

kind of wish I’d made the bunker now as giving away my two tickets while selling 100 seats to rich folk ki d of makes me hate rich folk. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is an alternative ending where you end in the bunker if you don’t choose to go on the spaceship. After the asteroid hits, however, no one know what happens. I might explore this in a spin-off but that will be far down the road from here.


Since you’ve mentioned the spin off a few times now just thought I should post to say you should definitely do it :slight_smile: . If nothing else name another post apocalyptic COG…exactly :stuck_out_tongue: .


I’m not the fastest writer (3 year old daughter makes sure of that!) and I now have a growing list of games to write:

The Kepler Colony: Journey(s)
The Kepler Colony: Name TBC
The Zombies of Scarrh
The Assassination of Mary, Mother of Jesus

If there was a spin-off, it would be after all of these… maybe in the year 2032? 0.0