The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



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Pre-Release Part Thirteen:

A few weeks pass. Since the lottery announcement, people seem happier. That grain of hope has given people purpose again. You are currently residing in a small apartment in the city. You enter the building and greet Sam, the security guard.

“Afternoon!” says Sam with a large smile. “So what do you think your chances are?” With a slight body, Sam isn’t the ideal security guard, but at 6’4, he’s a better presence than his brother Stan. Kinder, too. Both security guards are the sons of the apartment owner.

The lottery winners are due to be informed today. In talks with your daughter you have questioned the process. Why would they announce when the winners will be informed? Surely many of those who don’t win would riot. Instead, they should have made a secret announcement. It would be safer for the winners, and everyone else… well, everyone else would still have hope that the winners hadn’t been announced yet? At least for a day or so. That would at least give time for those with tickets to move to a safer place.

You answer Sam’s question with a ‘Who know’s?’ and head up to your apartment. Your daughter, Simone, is there already, halfway through cooking the dinner. You help her finish and soon you are enjoying a simple vegetable curry with a rare glass of wine.

Just as you finish the last sip of red, Simone’s ACD beeps. You watch her as she processes the news she is receiving. Then her face turns to horror.

“I got a ticket…” she says. You haven’t received anything. Instinctively, you smile. This is fantastic news. Your daughter will be saved. Relief washes over you. However you understand your daughters fear. She is worried that she will have to live without you.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ve lived a life. You are young and have everything going for you,” you say. Simone smiles, but it’s not sincere.

Suddenly you remember your talk before the tickets were announced.

“Tell no one,” you say. Simone nods, understanding your concern. One thing that you now realise is that the ticket is electronic. There is no paper that can be stolen. Instead it is linked directly to your ACD. It can be passed willingly but not stolen.

Further looking at the details of the ticket, Simone is scheduled to fly up to the spaceship in just two weeks. The asteroid is still years away so the suddenness of the departure comes as a shock. The launch location is a two hour drive, so you plan to go in three days. That will give Simone time to see friends one last time, even if she can’t say goodbye.

24 hours pass. You don’t sleep that night, thanks to a recurring dream of Simone leaving forever.

Another 24 hours. Simone is visibly stressed from her burden. You try to reassure her as much as you can.

Another 24 hours.

“I’m ready,” says Simone. She has a small backpack on her back and a smile on her face. Makeup hides her sleepless eyes and your daughter is ready to leave Earth behind her. You are about to leave the apartment for a final time when there is a knock at the door. You look at Simone and she looks at you with equal surprise.

“Hey, its Sam from downstairs. I have a package for you,” comes the reply. You open the door and immediately step back. The brothers Sam and Stan are both there and Stan is holding a gun.

They enter the room and you step back, instinctively putting yourself between the intruders and your daughter.

“I’m really sorry Simone, but it’s a dog eat dog world now. I’m gonna be needing your ticket,” he says. You look at Simone, surprised. How does Sam know about the ticket?

“You’ve gotta be kidding me, Sam. You said you’d keep the secret,” says Simone. Stan laughs.

“There are no secrets between brothers Simone. Now you have something we need,” he says.

“You really think I’m going to just give you the ticket?” says Simone.

“We know you will. Otherwise both your parents will be dead,” comes Stan’s reply. He aims the gun at you.

You think about the situation fast. You knew there was a downside to the ticket system, but you hadn’t put your finger on it until now. Yes, people have to choose to give their ticket away. They can’t be stolen. But violence can be used as a tool to extract a ticket. You raise your hands and step towards Stan.

“Simone, he won’t hurt you as long as you have the ticket. If he kills me, he would have lost his leverage. Besides, I’m going to die anyway soon enough. If it’s a little earlier than planned, so what. Whatever you do…”

“Shut it,” says Stan. Anger is on his face.

“Bro, this is the wrong way,” says Sam, speaking for the first time.

“No, Sam. I got me a ticket. Now I’m gonna get you one. There’s…”

Stan raises the gun while talking and you take your chance. You hit the hand with the gun in, causing him to lose his grip and the gun goes tumbling into the air. It lands near Simone and she picks it up, pointing it at the surprised Stan. You step back from Stan and move next to Simone. The two brothers freeze in place, hands raised.

“It seems we have a dilemma here, bro,” says Stan.

What do you do?

(No poll this time - the most liked reply will be the next course of action).


Take the gun from our daughters hands, make stan give his ticket to sam and then shoot both of them in the knees. Leave and while driving my car I hit my daughter in the back of the head and yell "what fucking part of ‘don’t tell no one’ you didn’t understand? "
Note 1: (I could have force stan to give me his ticket with the threat to torture them if they didn’t buuut I say fuck it)


Ask Simmon you speak English right? Well then clearly you’re just a naive moron. Turn to Stan, shoot him in the head. Tell sam he has 10 seconds to give me his ticket as punishment for being so stupid to fuck with someone as merciless as me, when I reach 0 so does his chance of survival, then start counting. If he refuses shoot him in the groin and let him bleed out, occasionally asking him if he’s ready to give me the ticket, repeating the question until he relents or he dies, whichever comes first and tell him I’ll take him to the hospital if he gives it to me, but just let him bleed out even if he gives it to me. Then punish Simmon for being a dipshit and force her to give her ticket to a vunrable person such as a disabled person who isn’t a moron and use Sam’s ticket to board the shuttle myself…don’t think I’d actually do this in real life, I’m not a psychopath xd…But I’m in an evil mood muhahaha.


I smile wickedly at the two boys, one that tells them that they are in for a bad time.

First, I will order them away from the door and into the corner of the room. Next, I will shut the door, return to Simone, and then ask for the gun. I suspect Simone would be shaking at this point, and might even hesitate to fire if the brothers try anything. I, on the other hand, would have no such issues. No one threatens my baby and gets away with it!

“Now, gentlemen, this is how this is going to go.” I say, gun in hand and pointing it to the two of them, “You are going to give me your ticket, and then I will let you live, to spend whatever time you miserable curs have left until the end of the world. Refuse, and I will kill you both, even if that means I never get your ticket. Scum like the both of you do not deserve to live in the next world anyway, and hell am I going to allow either of you to breath the same air as my daughter ever again.”

In the event that my daugher protests about Sam being killed / being left behind:

“Simone, this filth came here with the intention of taking your ticket by force and leaving you here to die. Sam could have stopped Stan at any time. He could have jumped at his brother and taking the gun to stop this disgrace. But he didn’t. He let this happen, and now this is the consequence of that selfish choice.” I would tell her, never taking my eye off the brothers, “This stunt of theirs shows that this will happen again, to others, and we cannot trust that everyone that gets on that ship got their tickets honestly. You, above all, deserve to survive this, Simone. And, with that ticket, I will be there to protect you.”

If they refuse, I really will kill them both. And if they give me their ticket, I will have them transfer it to me safely, and then I will order Simone to get her things. I will order the brothers into the corner in the far end of the room furthest from the door, keeping a safe distance as they move, telling them to stand facing the wall. I will then leave the apartment with Simone, lock the door behind us (I would have my keys on me since we were on the verge of leaving ourselves), and then quickly leave for our car to drive off to the spaceship. If they are dead, I will still lock the door, making sure no one finds the bodies before we get to the spaceship.

Whatever happens, Simone gets on that spaceship, and the brothers do not.

It is shame Sam did nothing to stop his brother. If he did something, anything, to stop Stan then I would have ordered Stan to give his ticket to Sam for both him and Simone to survive together. But he didn’t. And I do not trust Sam to be anywhere near Simone thanks to this betrayal, especially not in the next world (Kepler). I will protect my daughter, at any cost.


I would tell Simone to shoot both of them as punishment for being so naive and because she’s going to have to know how it feels for the future if she’s to survive. It’s obvious they would just keep coming back so they can’t live and I’m not forcing anyone to give me their ticket. It was the luck of the draw and I didn’t get lucky. There’s still time to find a ticket without compromising my sense of fairness.

Plus, it may be that in the event of a ticket holder dying, that lot is redrawn. Especially if said holder died attempting to obtain another ticket by force for somebody else.

The main thing is giving my daughter one last life lesson in case I don’t obtain a ticket. I was already okay to die before and the main thing is giving her survival skills.


Get the heck out of there and take my daughter to the launch site. I just got extremely lucky because I surprised them, but both of these big fellas have exactly the same incentives I do. Quit while I’m ahead basically…



My daughter is leaving.

I carefully take the gun from her hands while giving her a reassuring nod. But this is just to appease her. Before she can stop me, I shoot Stan in the face, as he is the threat. But Sam was the one who caused this. I approach him gun in hand, and say angrily, “Dog eat dog world? The world is ending. Its all just one big race, now. And you guys lost by fucking with me.”

I look at my daughter, discreetly directing the barrel of the gun at Sam’s gut. “And her,” I say, then pull the trigger. If he dies with his brother, he dies. But if he lives, he definitely won’t be getting to the ship. I leave him there with his role model brother, keep the gun, and get out of there as fast as we can. I doubt the police will respond to those gunshots. I get to the ship as quick as possible with my daughter.


@ArchangelVoldemort had the most likes when I started writing, so his suggestion will be the one carried forwards:

Pre-Release Part Fourteen

You carefully take the gun from Simone’s hands while giving her a reassuring nod. Before anyone can do anything, you shoot Stan in the face. He drops to the ground, in agony.

“Wha…?” screams Simone.

“Stan?” shouts Sam.

“What did you do?” asks Simone, looking at you with disbelief in her eyes. Before you have time to wonder if you made a mistake, Sam lunges at you, fearful for his own life. He wrestles you for control of the gun. With the gun pointing away from you, you pull the trigger. The shot rings out and your hand is sprayed with warm blood.

Sam disengages and stumbles to the door. Fear in his eyes. You drop the gun and step back too. Your hand stinging after the shot. Simone screams again, visibly horrified by the violence. You reach out to her to calm her, but she recoils and runs to the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

With Simone safe, for now, you regain your composure. You are fine, if soaked in blood. You pick up the gun and walk to Stan. He is still alive but incapacitated. He looks directly at you.

“Kill me,” he musters. Then, pauses.

“Wait!” he says. You watch his eyes. Will you kill him anyway?

“Okay, now do it,” he says after a moment. You hear Simone sob in the bathroom and the thought that it could have been her lying here is enough. You pull the trigger and Stan goes limp.

You then follow Sam out of the door. Drops of blood paint a path right to the elevator. You hear the ping as the doors close and an automated voice ‘Going Down’. You rush to push the open door button, but you are too late. Instead, you return to your apartment and lock the door behind you. You call out to Simone.

“What the hell did you do?” sobs Simone through the door.

“They we’re going to kill us,” you say calmly.

“They weren’t. We had the gun. We had it under control. They had their hands raised,” she replied.

“Simone… The world has changed. We… We need to go now. Maybe what I did was wrong but we can argue later. We have to go,” you say. The urgency of the situation foremost on your mind.

You hear the door click open and Simone comes out. You walk to the window.

“Wha…?” says Simone, before understanding.

You open the window and climb out, waiting for Simone to follow, then close the window behind you. Together you then descend the fire-escape to the ground below.

Moments later, you are in your car accelerating away from your home for the last time.

“He had a ticket,” says Simone. You nod.

“He also wanted to kill you and steal yours,” you say. Simone nods.

“It was still wrong,” she says.

You drive to the first town after the launch-location. With a week to spare before the launch, this seems like a good place to hide.

You do your best to make the week as uneventful as you can. Long walks fill the day and expensive wine eases the nights. Then, as the day of the launch arrives, you receive a message on your ACD from Sam.

Abc defg e hjk djlmeng ho njppjqk do hsbmtgs. J ujpp ewgqkg tjl fgemt. J tewg e lgxsgm mtem ujpp yjpp abc ujmt tbssbs utgq J sgwgep jm. J fbchm abc xeq gwgq jqmgszsgm mtjl dgllekg, hcm iclm jq xelg J ujpp qbm mgpp abc do lgxsgm iclm agm.

Can you interpret it?


And its all thanks to you and your big mouth. Now shut up and buckle up buttercup.


You made a big mistake killing my brother. I will avenge his death. I have a secret that will fill you with horror when I reveal it. I doubt you can even interpret this message, but just in case I will not tell you my secret just yet.

By the way you made an error in the encryption which made it slightly harder to decrypt. Just a single letter so it wasn’t too bad to work around.


Pre-Release Part Fifteen

The message said:

You made a big mistake by killing my brother. I will avenge his death. I have a secret that will fill you with horror when I reveal it. I doubt you can even interpret this message, but just in case I will not tell you my secret just yet.

You hide the message. It’s better that Simone knows nothing about it. No matter what Sam’s secret is, it will be irrelevant once Simone is safe on the spaceship. You stick to your plan and head out with Simone to the launch site.

The journey takes you to a remote part of the country with few signs of life around. Apart from slight paranoia, everything goes smoothly and soon you find yourself at an outer checkpoint.

“Name?” asks an armed guard. Simone doesn’t speak. She simply holds out her arm and the guard scans her ACD.

“Okay, Simone. You are cleared to enter,” says the guard. Then turning to you,


You shake your head and explain you are just dropping off your daughter. The guard nods and lets you both through.

“Take the first right,” he says. You follow the road and soon find yourself in a large car park. A military bus is parked along with many cars. You park up and get out.

A soldier open the bus door and people start to get in.

“I think this might be goodbye,” says Simone as she looks around the area. Tears well in her eyes. You give her a hug, out of necessity but also to mask your own wet eyes. You find yourself shaking a little. The knowledge that you will never see your dear daughter again is hard to realise.

“I love you,” she says.

“I’ll always love you,” you reply.

You watch as Simone joins the queue, then enters the bus. You watch through the windows, for one last glimpse of your daughter. You catch her eyes and get a wave. You wave back. Then she is out of sight and the bus departs.

You head back to your car and sit in the drivers seat for an hour. Where will you go? What will you do? Simone is gone and there are no more chances for your own survival.

“Who’s is this?” You hear a voice outside. For some reason you duck down inside the seat.

“Think it’s Franks. Same model. Come on, let’s go,” comes a second voice. The voices fade away. You shut your eyes and cry a little. You drift to sleep.

You wake up in the middle of the night. You are still sat at the waiting point. No one is here. You fall back to sleep.

An incoming ACD message wakes you up.

Wonec’a fruoyee sdl uoc ih siw! Iwohho esr uocfoy lw olsrehg, ni llik yoj nelliw ir et! Hgu, adsu’o icerp. R uoyh tiwp ih secaps eht draobaebn oosl liwi thgirsta htseyemo. T tekc itsih tnesehr eht. Orbymd, el likuoy. Er, ofe B wono d nacuo ygn ihto nser eht.

What does the message say? (Use spoiler tags please!)


There’s nothing you can do now! Before you killed my brother, he sent his ticket to me! Yes, that’s right. I will soon be aboard the spaceship with your precious daughter. I will enjoy killing her. Slowly, of course. Oh, how I wish i could see your face now.

Sorry if I keep solving these types too fast! I love ciphers!

edit For those that want a key to solve this particular one, click below!

Copy and paste the entire message, including punctuation in notepad or something, making sure it’s all on one line. Take the very end part of it and write the last letter first, second to last second, and so on, using the original message as to where you place your punctuation and place your capital letters. This is why the very last I is lowercase. This particular cipher is called an ATBASH cipher.


Oh, that dastard! That is why he told us to wait! We shouldn’t have indulged him.


…or we should have just killed him or taken his ticket or both, well I told yall :stuck_out_tongue: . And from what we’ve seen of Simmon even if she had a chance to kill Stan she probably wouldn’t.


Good thing I chose not to wait (in my decision) and just straight up killed them ignoring there tickets.
Daughter has her ticket im doing the bad things to keep her safe I don’t need to and shouldn’t go.


Pre-Release Part Sixteen

There’s nothing you can do now! Before you killed my brother, he sent his ticket to me! Yes, that’s right. I will soon be aboard the spaceship with your precious daughter. I will enjoy killing her. Slowly, of course. Oh, how I wish I could see your face now.

As the message becomes clear, you feel your blood rush to your head and your heart pound faster. You are stuck in a car in the middle of nowhere and your daughter is in grave danger. You try to call Simone on her ACD but it’s no use. Once in space the connection is cut. Yet, Sam just sent a message to you…

Scanning your surrounding again as dawn breaks on a new day, you see a large notice board. No one is around. At first, the thought of no high-security at the place seems odd, but with many people in the country in anarchy, the few working army soldiers would be better used elsewhere. You venture out of your car and take a closer look.

‘WARNING! These items are prohibited…’

‘Emergency Procedure…’

‘Flight schedule…’ Wait! That’s what you want! You scan the flight schedule. The spaceship is in orbit around the Earth. Every day, two shuttle runs take people from Earth to the spaceship. Simone left at 8pm yesterday.
The next flight is scheduled for 10am today.

It is the penultimate flight.

You have to be on it.

You check the time: 5:48am. The army bus is here and it goes to the launch site. You walk to it and walk around, looking for somewhere to hide on it. You try the door: Locked. You try the windows: too small. You look underneath. While there is some height to it, you don’t think you could hold on like they do in the movies. You climb up to the roof and are in luck! The roof is covered in a tarpaulin and you are able to climb under it. You move into place and wait.

It’s a long wait.

At 6:00am, you hear a car arrive.

From 6:30, many more cars are here and the place comes to life. Few voices are near the bus.

At 7:15, you find yourself desperate to relieve yourself. You should have gone when you woke up before six. You relax and let it out. Better now, so you are fully prepared when the time comes. You hear a ‘drip drip’ sound and hope that it’s outside the bus. There’s nothing you can do about it so you stay where you are.

At 8:15 someone enters the bus. After a moment they leave.

At 8:25 people start to board the bus.

“Right to the back, please,” comes a loud voice. There are a few murmurs, notably about the smell, but not many people are talking. At 8:30am, the bus starts to move.

You hold on, with the tarpaulin acting like a harness on your back. You can feel every turn but are secure. Soon, the bus slows and you hear the same loud voice from before.

“Off we go. Single file. Straight to the shuttle.”

You have to move now. The bus door was on the right hand side of the bus. Regardless, without being able to see anything, you make a decision. You slide backwards to the back of the bus and quickly drop down then roll forward under the bus. From here you can now see that everyone is standing on the right and moving towards a huge space-shuttle. Looking a cross between an aeroplane and a spaceship, the shuttle is huge. You clamber out and join the queue. You just hope that there are no more security checks.

Your luck runs out.

“You!” comes a loud voice. You freeze in place but everyone else turns around.

Then you see Sam, horror on his face.

To your left is a guard with a gun pointed at you.

To your right is another guard, just the same.

Behind you is the person who spotted you, also no doubt with a gun on you.

In front, just a few metres away is the man who wants to kill your daughter.

In your pocket is Stan’s gun.

Simone’s life.
Your life.
Stan’s life.
Sam’s life.
The asteroid.
Time is running out.

Sam must die so Simone can live.

You draw your gun and fire.


So what do you think happened? Did you kill Sam? Were you shot before you could kill him? Did something else happen? Comments below.

I hope you have enjoyed these pre-release segments. The full game comes out in around 24 hours and features one or two of the characters from these pre-release parts.


I did really like them :slight_smile: . You definitely got shot before you could shoot Stan. The soldiers already have their guns pointed at you and are trained, your gun is in your pocket and you are not trained. Oh and btw there would be no need for this standoff if Stan wasn’t such a moron. A moron for messing with a merciless person(at least in my character’s case :stuck_out_tongue: ) and a moron for being stereotypical and telling you his plan giving you chance to stop him. I would say I’m looking forward to the release, but still have uni coursework, though will enjoy it once I’m finished :). My God I’ll be busy after, I have 2 IF books to read, 3 after tomorrow and an audio book to finish.