The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



Beta-testers are at a major advantage here as the new beginning wasn’t part of the last demo. Perhaps someone could confirm @CreepyPastaKittyFay’s theory with a rough date for when this is happening…


Oops sorry, I honestly didn’t know that, want me to delete my post?


No, it’s fine. Everyone will catch that part in 6 days anyway :slight_smile:

Tomorrow, we will see a little more about this character (without a name and, in this teaser, a gender) along with a dilemma.


So what is the date in Part Ten? (Just the year is good enough).

The date can be extrapolated from the information in the mini-story. Working out the year would allow you to work out the event, based on the information you already know about the game from the very first post in this thread.


@andymwhy 2089?

Edit: @GenericGem Wow, that is valient. See, that’s how one should spend their last momnets, not looting or non-sensibly killing. I applaud for that. That was actually touching, as well.


That’s an educated guess. You can be more accurate. Actually, there’s an easy way to get the year spot on…


Lol, I think my last days might just be the depressing background bacchanalia in the uplifting movie that is your last days. If I run into your friend there I’ll be sure to talk some sense into him so you can have your last minute Hollywood ending.


March 31st, 2090?
Starbucks was founded on the 31st of march 1971


@ArchangelVoldemort @SeventhJackel

Thank you very much. I am glad that you both liked it. :grin: And, yes, imparting some sage advice to my friend would be most appreciated, even though he isn’t likely to listen. Like I said, he drives me crazy sometimes. :sweat_smile:


You hyperintelligent son of a biscuit, why didn’t I think of that?


Pre-Release Part Eleven:

A year later, you meet your soul mate. A kind, honest hard-worker who has a way of complementing your doubts with a courage you didn’t think could exist. You are soon married and another year later, you become parents. Your life is going great and the coffee-stranger is all but forgotten. Until one day, you receive an alert on your ACD from the government. It is a message from the President*. It is broadcast to everyone.

“Ladies and gentleman. To all of the people of our nation. It comes with great sadness that I must express a warning to you all. Our nation, and that of every nation on Earth is in a grave danger. An asteroid has been found on a collision course with Earth. In 25 years time, it will strike our planet destroying all life as we know it.”

“This is not the end, however. We are considering many ways we can prevent the erasure of the human race and the good people of our country will fight and live on past this event. I urge you all to consider this due notice, yet to carry on with your lives as if it were any other day. We will survive this, for we are great people. We will not give up, but work together to guarantee our future. Long live the nation!”

The message is ghastly and the sugar-coating alluding to nationalism is lost to the punch of the concrete end-date of civilisation. People all around you react in different ways. Some freeze in place, clearly in shock. Others are vocal, expressing disbelief and anger. You are in shock, too, but perhaps more so than anyone else. You recognise the person stood next to the President. There’s no mistaking it. You are looking at the coffee-stranger.

What do you do?
(The story will continue with the most popular poll choice).

  • I’m happily married. No need to do anything.
  • I’m intrigued. I must know more.
  • I’m intrigued. I must meet the mystery stranger.

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*Or Prime Minister… depending on your nation.


Was Italy included as one of the forty countries? I’m not from Italy lol I am just curious.


Yes, Italy is there. There is also the ability to add your own nation if I missed it out. Or you can just make a completely new nation.


Narnia! (20202020202)


Could someone be kind enough to link me all the pre release parts? I’ve never played the demo so I’m interested to see those :blush:


The first part is here:

Each subsequent part is 5-10 posts later.


Pre-Release Part Twelve

You put thoughts of the coffee-stranger out of your mind. You are more than happy with your life and put it down to coincidence. They did stand you up after all; their loss not yours.

Conversations with friends start to change. For a while, all anyone can talk about is the asteroid. Questions are asked about what will happen. Optimists suggest the asteroid will miss the Earth. Pessimists call for more action from the government. Riots are initially plastered all over the news. As time continues, the riots become part of daily life. The world has changed. Attitudes towards life and death readjust to a world where YODO becomes popular: You Only Die Once. People of all ages seek out the perfect death experience. Some opting for painless. Others preferring a thrill. Others still looking for eternal fame, or at least fame until the world is gone. The world becomes a wholly darker place.

Twenty years pass. Your partner died in a major riot last year. It barely made the news. Society has shifted further and rationing of food has been standard for many years now. Food replication technology has turned those fortunate enough to buy the machine into kings. The majority, paupers relying on food banks. Somehow people are still working yet the life feels hollow.

Even the spaceship the government once promised has been described as impossible by some, a hoax by others. The common conspiracy theory is that they made up the idea of a spaceship to keep the population in check. Some other nations have already launched interstellar spaceship, not least the Russians, who did so in complete secrecy leaving millions of Russian citizens behind to fend for themselves.

Then, one day, hope emerges from an ACD message to all. A lottery will be held for places on the spaceship! Every citizen under sixty is eligible and automatically entered into the draw. Then a simple thought turns your hope into despair. What if you are picked but your daughter, now twenty years old, is not?

That evening you sit down with your daughter and have a discussion about the future:

(The most popular vote will continue the story)

  • Suggest that if either of you is granted a ticket, that your daughter should take it.
  • Suggest that if either of you is granted a ticket, then they should go with no regrets.
  • Suggest that if either of you is granted a ticket, that it should be given away and both of you should stay on Earth.
  • Suggest that it’s best not to hope and a ticket would just cause grief. It would be better to end things now, while still on Earth.

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Thanks for that! Will the game have these puzzles as well or are those just for fun? Also, definitely giving the ticket to my daughter. No loving parent will ever leave their children behind.


The full game doesn’t have puzzles like this. For more along this style, check out my first Hosted Game, The Race (free game).


They moved the release date again for the fourth time (?) Now is releasing the 10th…I swear that if they move it again I going to bitch slap everyone.