The Kepler Colony: Evacuation (OUT NOW!)



Pre-Release Part Seven:

You arrive at Sunny Park just before eight. It is twilight and not many people are around. You wonder which one is Chloe, if any of them. You take a seat next to the water feature. The fountain is off; either due to the season or the time of day.

An over-dressed-for-the-weather dog walker passes you. From the other way, a young couple approach, hand-in-hand. They don’t stop and pass as well.

As you ponder how long you should stay, a voice from behind startles you.

“Let’s go,” says the resolute, feminine voice.
You stand and turn to see the dog walker, a middle-aged woman wearing a hooded top. She has already turned and started walking towards the park exit. You hurry behind.

The woman, Chloe, you presume, moves temporarily out of sight as she exits the park before you. When you round the corner, you are momentarily disorientated. The woman has gone! There is a lady entering a car, a man walking towards the park from the other side of the road. But no over-dressed woman with a dog.

“Get in,” says the lady. A hint of recognition and you realise she is the same woman. She has somehow discarded the dog and heavy hood. You quickly get into the car and are driven away.

It’s not long before you are driving along a highway through heavy traffic. The pace has slowed as the evening commuters make their way home.

You look at the driver. She has short, dark hair. Her nose has a crook in the middle, accentuated by the off-lighting from the streetlights outside. You can’t tell her eye-colour in the dim lighting but they are dark. And driven.

“Chloe?” You ask. She nods, eyes remaining on the road.

Silence again. You give her time to compose herself.

“I need you to publish my story. You’re not going to like it though. You probably won’t even believe it at first. I didn’t, but… I have the evidence,” she says, eyes still on the road.

You tap above your right eye and access your ACD; a compulsory advanced computer device, implanted into you at birth. You use it to record the conversation unbeknownst to Chloe.

“Go on,” you say.

“The government have a secret. The people deserve to know. They’ve found an asteroid. I’ve seen it. The coordinates. It’s heading…”


You are forced back into your seat as the car speeds forwards. You have been hit hard from behind. Chloe tries to maintain the course, but the car swerves wildly. You hit the highway side-railing and come to a harsh stop off to the right.

You are vaguely aware of other cars and horns beeping. You are disorientated but otherwise okay. You turn to Chloe, who looks a little worse. Her forehead is bleeding but she is conscious.

Amid the horns, you hear footsteps approaching. You reach an arm out the window, to signal for help. Chloe tries, and fails, to open her car door. The mechanism has jammed. A man reaches her door and peers inside the window. He is clean shaven with short dark hair. He wears rectangular wire-frame glasses and has a slight smile.

“You should’ve stayed quiet, Chloe. Now your friend has to die as well,” he says calmly.

Before either of you can react, the man reaches into the car and injects Chloe with something.

She looks at you but can’t speak. Her pupils dilate and her expression holds in place. Water wells in her eyes and her faces visibly pales.

Not waiting to see more, you open your door and stumble out of the vehicle.

“Help!” You shout.

“Help!” You hear the man say. “We need an ambulance!”

You fall to the ground, still shaken from the crash. You inch forwards one step. Then another.

The man is behind you. He catches your arm as you fall. You hear other people close by.

“What happened?” says a new voice. Then you feel it. Just a small pinprick in the side of your neck. You have been injected as well. Your body feels warm. No, hot. The heat quickly surges through you and you feel your muscles stiffen.

You try to call out, but can’t speak. Whatever happened to Chloe is now happening to you.

“Are they dead?” You hear the new voice ask?

“I think so,” says your killer. He is still holding you although you have lost all sense of feeling.

“Tragic,” says the new voice.

Paralysed, you are physically unable to do anything. Then you remember! Your ACD is still active. As it is thought controlled, you try to dial for police assistance. Something goes awry, however and you instead find yourself contacting someone with the ID 11820-1015814191514. Your ACD connects.

“Yes, tragic,” you hear your killer say, both through your ears and through the ACD.

“This one called out to me before dying. Wanted the police but got just me,” he says.

Your final realisation before you slip out of consciousness is that your call to the police was intercepted by this man. Your death will go down as an accident. Your killer will be free. You have died; all because of someone else’s story. Tragic indeed.

Yet one final hope remains. Your ACD connected with your killer. His ID was unusual but had a pattern. It might not happen, but maybe. If your ACD could be checked after you are gone… perhaps someone could identify your killer. The ID is already enough information.

What is your killers name?


Uhhhhhhggggg remember when we thought it was dropping april 19th


Last words of pc

Hmm, stupid idea but is the mans name Help?
I’m very tired sorry if this makes no sense

And if I’m wrong then I guess it’s the pc or one of the assistants from the main game


KHT Jonhson
Liu Kpiotpo
Liu Jonhson


Or… You are so close!


Hmm … I got Art Johnson


yeah, got that one too but decide not to posted.
I feel like I am missing something or it could be that ‘Art’ is short for Arthur.

@andymwhy Arthur Johnson?


i went over it several times not sure where to start. i figured 1 was irrelevant creating 820-0584954 i assumed - was a space then looked for clues tried first capitol letters, tried first letter each sentence from where he appeared. it probably didnt help i originally read it on my phone and then looked at it again on my surface. i wanna believe @Logan3000x & @SeventhJackel are right becuase that would fit well si ieven tried looking for that and brain said no


Using a simple number cipher, this is what I got as well.

1-18-20 10-15-8-14-19-15-14
A - R- T J - O - H - N - S - O - N


wow the one thing i didnt think about.


Art Johnson was correct, as @Lycanthromorphic said.

A new mini story will begin tomorrow. However today, something different:

Pre-release Part Nine:

How would you feel if the government announced (bad news) that the world is going to end, but (good news) they’ve known for a while and have been planning a spaceship so that some people can survive?
(Choose two options - one for first thoughts, then a second after a moment of reflection)

Post further thoughts below.

  • Horrified
  • Proud
  • Supportive
  • Understanding
  • Angry
  • Disappointed
  • Indifferent
  • Excited
  • Anxious
  • Worried
  • Other (explain)

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We would undoubtably panic if we knew the world was going to end so I’m proud that my country took action and made a ship for us

Still hope they told the other countries though


You know, this JUST clicked in my head ( and been on this thing since first demo). I’m actually pursuing a career in Astronautical Engineering, so this game is, like, PERFECT for me.


I chose worried, because I would be worried. Then disappointed, because I have the worst luck and if they decided to do a lottery like in Deep Impact…I probably wouldn’t be one of the lucky winners shot off into space.


Voted other. I would feel depressed. I am transgender, lower middle class, visually impared and intelligent, but not super intelligent and have mental health issues. So yeah, no don’t think I’ll be getting on that ship some how.

Then I would be angry. Just look at Theresa May and her tory government. They basically worship capitalism and the rich and treat everyone else like crap, wanting to be more like America, so the only people getting on that ship would be tory donors, oh and of course the royal family. Then I would be determined. I would encourage others to demand the people the torys have hurt, such as those on benefits, the disabled and anyone who supports the cause to demand places go to vunrable people like that, getting violent if the government refuse. Yeah, no if we’re starting a new world we really don’t need a bunch of bourgeoisie scum to do so.

Then I would feel hopeless, people simply don’t care enough. People complain about her treatment of the NHS, immigrants, those on benefits etc etc, but the most they do is attend a march or sign a petition, nothing changes, they will be getting on that ship. Then I’d feel depressed again realising humanity will live on(yeah don’t know if it was the way you worded it or my brain being funny, but just realised there’d be more than one shuttle, as each country’s have their own, so ending humanity through sabotage or what not’d be quite impossible or close to it).

Then I’d probably feel furious and like I just don’t give a fuck. If I can’t stop the wrong people getting on the shuttle I’ll just attack the rich myself. It may be extreme, but I’d feel so hopeless. My life is going to end, I never transitioned, got into a long term relationship and can’t stop the government. So I’d go set fire to some rich people’s houses using petrol in the dead of night. Then repeat till/if I got caught, and then if I got caught and sent to prison try to get everyone to riot and break out, and then riot some more once we’re out. But if that fails just live out my days in prison. So yeah, that’s my answer. Probably doesn’t portray me in the best of lights, but hey if nothing else I’m honest. Plus I somehow doubt I’d be the only one acting like this. Hhell things like this happen even without the end of the world, just look at the London riots.

  1. disappointed that we are doomed to die and never get to see our mistakes unfold on earth over the centuries screwing up.
  2. Indifferent about the thought that most of the people in this scenario are going to be wealthy people and influencal waists of space taking up useful space that could go to people who may prevent us from destroying the next planet horribly. I would have given up hope that we might learn since we never got to see fully what happens and those that might understand will be to influenced by those toxic people going with…no use caring about mankind anymore they won’t learn and I’ll be here on earth.

Sorry the right response should be angry and then hopeful for the future instead of facing reality


I chose horrified and excited. A little weird I know.

First reaction is of course horrified. I might think 99% of people suck, but 1% is still a few million people who deserve better. And I think we all agree that’s not the 1% that will be on those ships. So the planet infection called humanity will most likely be worse as it spreads.

Second reaction is excited because _ain’t no party like an end of the world party _ :tada: Never had an orgy that ended with that big of a bang before. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would be horrified. Horrified that everyone and everything in this world would be gone, that all of the beauty and wonders of this world would be gone, that civilisation as we know it today would be gone. All of it gone, and perhaps forever. Despair would grip me. But, unlike some people, I would not use my despair and anguish to fuel destructive or genocidal purposes. Instead, I would try to do that which I have always wanted, but never before found the courage to do.

My friend.

I would go to him, find him in the madness that the world would have been thrown into, and I would tell him. Everything. That I love him, that I have always loved him, that even when he drove me crazy that I still loved him. I would ask if I could stay with him. Spend the last moments in this world with the only person I have ever loved. He might refuse. He might have someone else. I might have left it all far too late, but I would still try. What do I have to lose at the end of the world, after all. And if he accepts, those last moments spent with him would probably be the happiest moments of my life, and I could meet the end of the world knowing the peace that could only be found in his embrace.

If I am turned away, well… what can I do? I would leave him to his own affairs, knowing I did what I could. I would probably leave the cities and find a nice quiet place in the country and anxiously await the end of the world. I am not sure I would return to my family. It may be a cruelty, but I would rather spend my last days without their hysterics. I would want peace. Quiet. Solitude. And watch the greatest fireworks show ever to be seen on Earth.

Knowing my luck, death would allude me. I might find myself still alive, surrounded by the smouldering ruins of the old world, knowing full well that the Gods would probably be laughing at my fortune. They do have a twisted sense of humour, after all. And then, after a moment of mourning the world that died, I would probably go out to find other survivors, help them, gain their trust and faith, and start my own little kingdom with them. It would be hard work. The spaceships would have likely taken everyone of use away, but I would have to work with what was left behind. And we would try our hardest. Try to survive. Try to rebuild. Try to put this shattered world back together again.

And I would be their Queen.


Pre-Release Part Ten

You leave the StarBucks coffee shop with their cheap, promotional hot Americano. Its odd that they are celebrating 119 years of business. You wonder why they didn’t wait another year. Any excuse for a promotion. It’s a beautiful day as you walk along the street. You have some time before you need to be…


You have walked into a passing pedestrian and spilled your coffee all over them. And you. And the pavement. You try to say sorry but the pedestrian is gone in a flash, clearly angry but not wanting to waste time talking to you. What a start to your lunch!

“You gonna clean that up?” Asks a street cleaner. You sigh and give the pavement a proper mop before heading back to the coffee shop again.

Your abundant free time has been cut in half and you are still soaked in coffee. However you still need that extra drink to get you through the working day. You head to a nicer coffee shop and join the short queue to order a fresh drink. Just then, you spot another coffee-soaked customer at the front of the queue. It is the same person you soaked before!

“It’s on me. It’s the least I could do.” You say.

They turn and look at you with a confused expression, so you continue.

“I wasn’t looking where I was going and I didn’t see you. That coffee got everywhere,” you say. Recognition crosses their face and they smile, delightfully.

“Triple espresso? Tough job?” You ask.

The smile widens and is joined by a nod. They may not be saying a lot but the word ‘cute’ comes to your mind. The earlier angry exterior has gone. You then surprise yourself with your next words.

“Listen, I still feel really bad about what happened. A coffee isn’t enough. Would you maybe let me buy you dinner to make up for it?” you say. You smile at the end to convey friendliness. Are you coming on too strong? What is with you today? The attractive stranger smiles wider still. That’s right, ‘cute’ is already gone and ‘attraction’ is here.

“Yes” comes the sultry answer.

“Excellent!” you say, “Tomorrow at 7pm? Can we meet here?” With the date agreed, you head back to work. You have a great feeling that this could be the start of something. Little do you know that fate is about to change your entire history, as well as that of your children…

After all the build up and intense feelings, your date doesn’t show. You replay the conversation in your mind looking for a mistake but everything is clear. They aren’t coming. Dejected, you head home.

What event could have taken place for your whole life to change?


so we’re trying to guess why they didn’t show up? Well I know this scene is pretty much the same as the one from the start of the game, and although the word you is used this is a side story kinda so maybe we’re not the mc from the game? Maybe the other person is and that’s why they didn’t show up? Because they got called in for the meeting with the nation’s leader?