The Keeper of Midnight (WIP) Last updated 12/29/2020

Hello, It’s December and The Keeper of Midnight still looms in the dark corners of the forum… Let’s call it payback for all the time Christmas has intruded on Halloween festivities :slight_smile:

The Keeper of Midnight is the same story that has been introduced to you during @Poison_Mara’s Halloween Jam. But it has gone through a lot of rewrites.

If you have read it already why should you read it again?

Although still a work in progress, the story is now around 110,000 words for an average of 40K per playthrough. What you read during the Jam was only a playthrough of 25K. There was some restructuration, more scenes, more artworks, more Ros.

Play the demo here: The Keeper of Midnight

What is it about?


This story is a mash-up of Ash vs Evil, Stranger Things, and some DnD adventures. So, if you ever wish to smash a monster in the face with a stainless steel tray, then. this story is for you.

On Halloween night, you are trick-or-treating with your niece, nephew, and friends, when you find yourself trapped in a parallel timeline.

In this timeline “The Keeper of Midnight” reigns a dreadful creature that you have only heard stories about.

Can you keep your niece, nephew, and friends safe and find your way back to your own timeline? Can you escape The Keeper of Midnight? Play the game and find out!

Warning: This game is a modern-fantasy adventure and contains depictions of body horror, violence, smoking, mild sexual content, and death.

What you can expect:
• Play as male, female, or non-binary.
• Play as gay, straight, bisexual, or asexual (You won’t be locked out of romance).
• 5 Ros with 3 Gender flip Ros two of them can be NB.
• Play as a Bubbly character, or the Grinch or the Genie
• Fall in love, make friends, or just watch them fall flat on their face.
• Kill and smash monsters in the face
• Polyamorous romance and RO’s hint of jealousy. (Although I haven’t added those yet.)
• Fight terrifying monsters, go on patrols, explore a new dimension, collect items, and encounter fantastical NPCs
• Content Warning: body horror, violence, smoking, mild sexual content, and death

Story inspiration:


[details] In my home country there is a folklore tale that portrays a monster called the master of midnight, it is a tall monster that eats children that don’t go to bed early or eat people found roaming the streets around midnight. That’s it, that is the story, nothing more.

Parents will say, be a good kid or the master of midnight will come and get you. Or don’t stay out late or the master of midnight will get you. So, I opted for Keeper instead of Master and invented all the other details around that story, like the Keeper’s background, the origin, the powers, the alternate timeline, the wardens, etc. All of that comes from my crazy and disturbed mind. [/details]

The Wardens and monsters.

One of the things my home country is known for is the practice of Voodoo and witchcraft. I did not want to use the term Voodoo since it is a religion. Instead, I opted for black magic and sorcery for the source of powers of the Wardens. A lot of the monsters are known local legends that just exist in the air with no real backstories tie to them, like Simbi, the Lougarou, Agwe, and the Zombi. I decided to bring them to life by describing them, drawing them, and giving them a backstory. The Wardens’ birthmarks shape and powers type are all invented from my crazy mind

Fun facts in the game:


[details] All the spells are written in Creole, go ahead and google translate them to have a laugh. Black cats and black dogs can be considered a sign of a bad omen in my home country, so I used them in the story just to add a hint of spookiness.

Lanati translates to “Mother Nature”.

And if a word in the story looks odd to you, please report it. screenshots are appreciated. [/details]


All the artworks were commissioned, I did not draw them myself, I am not that talented. I just gave the artist the vivid descriptions I had in mind and Voila! lol

If you feel generous, buy me a coffee:Ko-Fi

I also have a tumbler but it’s kind of dead, but if you are into dead things here it is. tumblr

What type of feedback I am looking for?

Typos and grammar and grammar and grammar :).

Game mechanics that feel too odd.

Should Journal be unlocked earlier?

Thoughts about lore.

Scenes that feels rushed and might need more developments and rewriting. (There’s probably a lot of those, I already plan on extending the Ro’s scenes.)

Big thank you @Mistyleaf123 @Silver7r @Immortal_Hulk to have alpha test the hell out of this game.

And thanks @poison_mara for creating the jam that has allowed this story to exist.

This game is full of beautiful arts, come for the arts and stay if the story is good. Let me know your thoughts, and thank you for reading :blush:.


Sounds interesting I’m gonna play it know


The art is such a great addition to the story and really helps to set the mood


It was fun, reading that game. My fav character is Lanie


Hooray! So happy this is posted… :grin:


I’m enjoying it so far, really fun concept! For the Karel romance maybe the MC should be more conflicted about romancing him? From my perspective flirting with the person responsible for both your nephew and niece being in danger feels a little inappropriate/maybe could get angsty, especially while Leo is still missing. I like his character but the more casual flirtation with him in particular feels jarring because of the situation.


Gotta agree with that point. I personally didn’t romance Karelle at all but some hesitation/conflicted feelings would be nice.


Oh WOW! THIS IS AWESOME! I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this or not, not really into horror, but I am so glad to give it a try. I love the characters they actually felt real. I really hope you finish this and will definitely be watching this thread. Going to play it again after work. This was truly amazing.

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Thank you for checking it out @Harley_Robin_Evans @Silver7r @Immortal_Hulk @Jackpot1776

I agree it’s still possible to implement a conflicted reaction for the MC. The game is set up where you can blame Karelle/Karell every step of the way if you’re not romancing them but my brain did not process adding that angst like “Hey, even if I’m romancing them, I can still blame them” lol. Def will add some choices to reflect that.

Thank you, Believe it or not, I’m not too fan of gory details in horror. I tried to not describe stuff too vividly but I do enjoy giving the player a chance to bash a monster’s head :sweat_smile:


Interesting plot! Kinda gives me The Evil Within vibes with the shelter and weapon crafting. Awesome art too.

I’d be less calm if I were mc though. I would fly off the handle and be ready to murder Karel. Quite honestly and literally. Or at least keep punching and demanding until he talks.

Some typos:

Karel’s shocking face lingers before you see him go back to being lost in his thoughts.


The only person to blame in all this is, Karel

No “,”


I actually wanted to add a path like that but didn’t want to do author’s truth lol. Thanks for reading. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There is still a lot of stuff I need to implement in this game :slight_smile:


What’s author’s truth?

more typos:

you walk to the piano and press a couple of keys, they sound odds to you.

You ignore your gut feeling. you search your candy bag for some candy, maybe a treat will make your thoughts clearer.

Hoping you can make use of it. you move forward, but the floor squeak under your sneakers.

“Guy?..” you continue.

"And, Oh. Someone tells Jessup I’m sorry,


Making it seems like that’s the direction the writer wants the reader to go. Maybe it’s called something else :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the typos, please keep them coming :grin:

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Ah. Huh. Wouldn’t adding choices to react calm or very not calm be less of a force of choice then?

:+1: I’ll add them to the previous comment whenever I come across them

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As I was writing I felt like I already added too many choices for hating on Karel. The choice to punch them in the face, the choice to belittle them every step of the way. Even telling your niece or nephew that Karel is the one to blame… :joy:. I did not want the reader to go " Oh okay we get it, you want us to hate Karel, so I stopped.

I guess that is why beta testing is good. Talking stuff out makes me realize that well, maybe I didn’t add enough.

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Just a few more feed backs:

#“Yes, of course. You don’t even have to ask. He is my friend too and he deserves to be here with us.”
#“Honestly, no. He uses my family and almost got us killed with his reckless behavior. I won’t stop in your way of getting him back, but don’t ask me to help.”

I’d like a more nuanced choice. Even though the choice may be “help” or “don’t help”, there are different attitudes. Like, I’m still pissed at Karel, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to doom a person to hell. I got my nephews back home safe. I can take steps to maybe forgive him now. And even if I don’t, some people have principles. (“I” as in mc, I as in me probably won’t risk my life to save him)
And some mcs may simply be too afraid to.

and some more typos:

" There is nothing worst than not having power over your own body.

“Was I coming on too strong? you did tell us to try to get to know him, right?”

It can be though making new friends, but all of you had welcomed me with open arms, and I appreciate that.

I’m totally down for anything you have plan.

“We don’t really have anything plan at the moment, we just hang out, and—”

It all happens a few days after you got back from The Keeper’s timeline.

Aaand I’m done with the wip. It’s 4:30am damn. The wip was delightfully longer than I expected. Gnight!

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Thank you for this, haha yes It’s a long one, and good night :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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At the point of “Karelle, huh? Is she special to you?” there’s some bizarre player character opinion override.

Despite picking every option that indicates my character hates Karelle and refuses to save them, I’ve suddenly been thinking about them non-stop and all my responses to Mike are basically “yes”.


Yes, sorry about that. That first question in act 7 will allow the story to break into two paths so if you choose you don’t want to save Karel you won’t have that conversation with Mack.

This will be corrected in the next update as that question was added last minute and I did not implement the new path yet. Thanks for reading.:slightly_smiling_face: