The Judgement of Tarkar [WIP Updated 10/18/2020: Month Five and Adventure Mode!]

Hey hey @expectedoperator could you post a description a physical of Harja and the three gods again? I want to practice my drawing skills on Harja (poor them).

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I’m sure it’ll be great! :hugs:

I don’t go too much into the gods descriptions at first to give them that distant, incomprehensible feeling, but here’s some of the descriptions within the story so far:

Orihark (Goddess of the Hearth):

  • One of the women looks middle-age with laugh lines around her eyes,

Ilatsal (Goddess of Art):

  • while the other is in her prime and has blotchy skin
  • in her eyes are eons lived.
  • Appearing in the mortal form of a blotchy-skinned woman in her prime

Sarpet (God of Dreams):

  • The man looks to be the same age but has a disagreeable sharpness about him
  • his figure sharp but moving with a certainty that Harja has yet to obtain in their mortal form
  • Appearing in the mortal form of a sharp-looking man in his prime


  • Now before you is only a person, their hair red and their appearance in age close to your own. Yet even in that mortality, that commonality, there is a refinement to their features that only the proud kings and queens of old could boast. They look at their own hand with awe and dread
  • Their head is in their hands, red hair tangled around their fingers. The low light of the oil lamps makes the strands glow like fire upon ash
  • you point out as you turn back towards your breakfast, suppressing a grin towards their common clothing that the nobles wouldn’t use for rags.

Also, while it wouldn’t really show up in how they look in their mortal forms, age-wise it’s Orihark, then Ilatsal, then Harja, and then Sarpet. Right now Harja’s still trying to figure out their mortal body, but they do carry themselves/have an air about them that’s more restrained/mature compared to Sarpet.

I hoped that helped! :smile:


Harja is older than Sarpent, but looks younger? Did I get this right?

Now I can’t help but imagine the two playing together as children :thinking: How do gods age anyway? Are they born as adults (case point: Athena) or like babies?


Harja, Ilatsal, and Sarpet are all supposed to be “close in age” to the MC in appearance. But since I leave it up to the reader to decide how old the MC is, and “close in age” is general enough that it could mean same/older/younger, you can make Harja and Sarpet appear however you wish. :relaxed:

The gods are born as babies, although a baby god isn’t really mortal or even really “humanoid”… it’s like describing a star being “born” in a nebula. They do have their equivalent of childhood and teenage years – but to them, a year could mean centuries.

And while they may not be mortal, Ilatsal did babysit Harja (which is why, depending on your choices, they might say “What do you know of art? I sat at the knee of Ilatsal as she created works that would make mortals die in peace if they looked upon it.”) and Harja and Sarpet did play together as children (which is why, when you lie about Harja following them, Sarpet gets the most flustered. :laughing:)


Did either of the two had a crush on the other?

Definitely need to try this too.

Practice sketch - Don't say I didn't warn you

Harja looks younger than intended. Also my coloring skills are nonexistent


No, Harja was always a bit too hard-nosed for Sarpet, and Sarpet was always too nosy for Harja – in other words, they disliked in each other their own worst traits. Both of them are romantics in their own way (which is partly why they were friends to begin with), though, which is why Sarpet instantly runs with the childhood romance trope.

Absolutely great! :star_struck: I like how they don’t look very amused.


Is Harja ever amused? Certainly not by my MC~

Hey, how does Harja feel about humans? Is our MC the first human they interacted with?


is likeness the right word to use?

each looks?

Was the repetition intentional?

Maybe I’m looking too deeply into it, but when Raine comes to collect the first rent, why does he warn Harja against staying in the house? For all he knows Harja could be just a one night stand and was just about to leave, which shouldn’t cause much trouble for Raine as a landlord.

Can the MC imply that Harja is indeed a one night stand and that they will be leaving soon? Sounds like something a MC who doesn’t want Harja under their roof would do.


The MC is the first one they’ve interacted with! As for how Harja feels… overall they have a neutral view. They initially dislike the MC, though (which is where their lack of amusement comes in, lol) - as their guide, the MC represents this mission they were forced into (which they comment on during the prologue), and just like with Sarpet and their shared worst traits, Harja, who isn’t the god of anything and has no role among the gods, dislikes how the MC doesn’t have a real “role” either (and so can bounce between jobs).

But there’s two people in the city Harja really likes though, which will have plot consequences later on – Plotina (the shopkeeper they helped), and Nautius (your neighbor who they’re constantly gossiping with).

It’s a condemned house – no one’s even suppose to step a foot inside (which is why Raine is bribing the Housing Council to look the other way while the MC lives there). I’ll emphasize that more in Raine’s paragraph – and good idea about the MC implying it’s a one night stand. I’d like to keep to just four options, so I’ll edit the fourth one to suggest something along those lines.

And thanks for pointing out the wording stuff! The repetition was intentional, but I’ll edit the other things. :relaxed:


Hey there!

I just now found this WIP and I am officially obsessed!

Your coding and the immersive story are absolutely wonderful! I was worried it would be just blocks of text, but it is easily digestable and such a joy to read!

(No rush, but…) I can’t wait to see where you take this story!!


Thank you!! I’m really glad you enjoyed what I’ve written so far. :grin:

I’ve actually been thinking of editing the prologue a bit so there’s fewer blocks of text in the beginning (and making the skip prologue option even shorter) so in the next few days I hope to get that up and see which one people prefer. :thinking:


Thanks to everyone who has liked and commented! :hugs: Here’s the new update!

Added new prologue and new skip prologue! Please give feedback on whether you like these new versions! The old ones are still there if you’d like to try them too.

Fixed typos/grammar/spelling/continuity up to month 2, week 2.

Added plot lines into checkpoint system.

Added job events professional mourner and hunter. I also edited the innkeeper event so the kiss scene is pushed back further down the event tree.

Added use inventory option. You can now use the alchemy potions and view other items at the beginning of each week.

Added and altered achievements. We’re now up to 60! I haven’t decided yet if I’ll hide a few, so there may be spoilers.

Altered first Palace District scene. No matter what you’re going to end up in prison, but if your stats are high enough you’ll now get a reward.

Altered Manahen and Terentia’s weekend results. They should no longer repeat the same lines.

If you have any thoughts on the new update, or anything else in the game, please let me know! :relaxed:


What kiss scene :thinking:

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Maybe “kiss choice” would be more accurate – originally one of the thieves of your choosing would give the MC a smooch if you gave them the beer for free. I cut the kiss choice out so it could be moved to a later innkeeper event where I think it’ll fit better thematically.

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Awwww. So no Harja romance scenes yet I assume?


No, not yet. :yum:

Right now the plan is that in order to get the romance or best friends scenes you first need to see the first friendship scenes – sort of like how Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons does it. And for most of the characters, to see those friendship scenes you’ll need to visit them on the weekend a certain amount of times. I haven’t decided yet what the player will need to do to unlock Harja’s scenes since you can’t visit them. :thinking:


Thanks to everyone who has liked or commented! :hugs: Here’s the new update!

Altered first palace district scene. I decided to change this again for hopefully the last time – now if you successfully sneak into the Palace District you’ll actually get into the palace and learn a little bit more about what’s protecting the district and potentate. However, only Harja will be allowed within the Palace District after this until you’ve proven your worth to the potentate and/or judge.

Altered name choice. If you name yourself after one of the gods you’ll get a comment on it. You can also now try to name Harja the same name as yourself.

Altered weekend choice. Connected to the first Palace District intro, you can no longer visit the potentate or judge until you’ve proven your worth to them.

Added first town crier job event.

Removed old prologue. Since no one commented on whether they liked the old one better, I’m guessing people liked the new one? Hopefully?

If you have any thoughts on the new update, or anything else in the game, please let me know! :relaxed:


I love the new updates. And it helps that you win something if you use a high stat to get to the palace district. My question is… There will be a way to find the sorceress from the forest? Many people from the town don’t believe in her but some interactions makes you think that she really exist so…i don’t know what to think.

Also, when i ask to Harja about what they thinks of the other people all of them have their aligntment towards evil, that’s normal?

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Thanks! :grin:

Yes, you can find the sorceress! The first event for finding her is already coded into the story (although I don’t think it can be reached normally yet), but finding her will be difficult and the price for her help will be steep.

Yes. All the mortal characters that have a relationship bar in the stats screen also have their own hidden morality stat as well, and at the start of the game they are all aligned towards evil. Their and the MC’s combined morality is also Tarkar’s overall alignment which will be a large part of what Harja actually bases their judgement on. That’s why if you ask Harja about the other gods they say it isn’t their place to talk about if they’re good or evil.


Thanks to everyone who has commented or liked! :hugs: Here’s the new update!

Fixed continuity up to month 2, week 3.

Added scenes in month 2, weeks 3 - 5. The scenes are starting to split based on whether you sent Harja in the wrong direction (whether by lying or failing to get info) and whether you successfully chased the Housing Council member away in one of the new scenes, so every choice is important!

Altered a scene in month 2, week 3. Each character’s reaction based on your choice is a little more detailed.

Added progress page in stats. You can now see the progress for the story, job events, and your hobby/festival preparation (although the hobby section still needs to be coded in, so right now it’s blank.)

Added first job event for shopkeeper, servant, thief, and sorcerer. Next up is being able to unlock these jobs so you can actually view the event.

Added first Agatha friendship event. Almost all the first friendship events are about the character’s hobby, letting you unlock that hobby for your own. You’ll also start to get hints about who they are and possibly go down a path of rivalry!

Added festival/hobby weekend scenes. I’m not sure if you can view it yet normally, but all the hobby weekend scenes are now coded. Practicing your hobby will prepare you for the festival where there’s five events – marathon, dessert competition, pumpkin carving, musical competition, and chariot racing. You’ll also pick the style you want to compete, giving you another nickname.

Added randomize birthday option. Just in case you can’t choose. :yum:

If you can copy or screenshot, I’d love to see what everyone’s characters and stats are for months one and two! :relaxed:


Goes back to wooing a certain divine