The Judgement of Tarkar [WIP Updated 1/4/2019: Poll #51]



Hey hey @expectedoperator could you post a description a physical of Harja and the three gods again? I want to practice my drawing skills on Harja (poor them).


I’m sure it’ll be great! :hugs:

I don’t go too much into the gods descriptions at first to give them that distant, incomprehensible feeling, but here’s some of the descriptions within the story so far:

Orihark (Goddess of the Hearth):

  • One of the women looks middle-age with laugh lines around her eyes,

Ilatsal (Goddess of Art):

  • while the other is in her prime and has blotchy skin
  • in her eyes are eons lived.
  • Appearing in the mortal form of a blotchy-skinned woman in her prime

Sarpet (God of Dreams):

  • The man looks to be the same age but has a disagreeable sharpness about him
  • his figure sharp but moving with a certainty that Harja has yet to obtain in their mortal form
  • Appearing in the mortal form of a sharp-looking man in his prime


  • Now before you is only a person, their hair red and their appearance in age close to your own. Yet even in that mortality, that commonality, there is a refinement to their features that only the proud kings and queens of old could boast. They look at their own hand with awe and dread
  • Their head is in their hands, red hair tangled around their fingers. The low light of the oil lamps makes the strands glow like fire upon ash
  • you point out as you turn back towards your breakfast, suppressing a grin towards their common clothing that the nobles wouldn’t use for rags.

Also, while it wouldn’t really show up in how they look in their mortal forms, age-wise it’s Orihark, then Ilatsal, then Harja, and then Sarpet. Right now Harja’s still trying to figure out their mortal body, but they do carry themselves/have an air about them that’s more restrained/mature compared to Sarpet.

I hoped that helped! :smile:


Harja is older than Sarpent, but looks younger? Did I get this right?

Now I can’t help but imagine the two playing together as children :thinking: How do gods age anyway? Are they born as adults (case point: Athena) or like babies?