The Invader (no demo announcement WIP)

Hello! I am actually new to the foru but I decide not to stay as a lurker for long and start to post… with this being my first so im sorry if I’m doing anything wrong!

I am currently working on a story about an invasion of the United States by an outside (though no-national affiliation) force.

Here’s the a short intro (which is subject to change)

"2017, the American soil remains untouched since the british. Its people enjoy relative peace thanks to their military and tecnological dominace in the world. This remains unchanged… until…

You play as a member of the Blitz kampf armee, a lightning fast, german speaking organization whos roots are unknown but their goal is clear; to establish a foothold and conquer the united states."

Things that id really want answer:
1.Should I got for this?

  1. If yes, how will the community recive this plot?

  2. im new here so id really want to be lectured more on how getting to hosted game works!

Thank you in advance!


First, welcome to the forum!

I can’t say that Angela Merkel is that keen on Trump, but having German speaking protagonists invading the USA sounds like you are asking for trouble. Why not English speaking? Have it as a rogue, American trained group of soldiers who are doing the invading instead. (yes, The Rock did come to mind as I typed that!)

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The question is, why shouldn’t you? It’s a nice change of pace from the clichéd ‘protect the american soil’ plot (which frankly, is so prominent in games that I’ve gotten bored of doing it), not to mention it’s quite rare being able to play the side of the invader!

I can’t say for sure, but I guess it would be received well enough, the premise is quite promising and rarely done, you could do some interesting thing with this. Now, if your writing is well enough, it would even be more welcome.

Sorry, but I can’t help you there. :sweat_smile:
I have some experience when it comes to writing stories but I’m a complete newbie when it comes to codes.

All in all, if you already has the stories planned out, I say go for it!

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Welcome to the forum! Choice of Games have published quite a broad range of stories, and I’m sure people here will enjoy reading yours as well.

So the idea’s that the reader’s playing a member of this secret organisation but doesn’t know the organisation’s history? What do they think they’re fighting for?

I wouldn’t have a problem with members of the organisation speaking German (assuming there’s a good reason for it plot-wise). After all, German speaking countries have their share of extremists the same as the rest of the world. Realistically, none of them have anywhere close to the resources to conquer the USA… but that needn’t be an impediment in a work of fiction.


Aside from Austria and Germany, what nations speak German as a first language? I can’t think of any (but I stand to be corrected). What reason would people from either of those European nations have for invading the continent of America? There’s no history there (that you’d want to write from that view point of) so the choice sounds very strange.

This sounds like a really cool idea cant wait to see where this goes.

As a rule I wouldn’t use a language I don’t know for any literary endeavour. Going by a dictionary won’t ever get you the proper translation because words are used differently in different languages. At best it’ll end up just being wrong and at worst you’ll express something you don’t mean to.

Like the lady whose signature would have translated as ‘puke the pattern’ (she wanted it to mean ‘break the pattern’ of course but as I said, words are used differently in other languages).

First of all great idea!
2nd I’m sure the reason @NlaEid is asking if the community is ok with the concept is bc there’s a another WIP with a slightly similar concept and as the creater of said WIP I’m ok with this bc our stories our pretty different
Also I agree with @andymwhy

U could still have the German speaking aspect bc there are several places in the Midwest that still use German and view them selves as pretty independent at times

In general, the setup does sound like a fun alternative to the super dramatic, patriotic tripe.

In a blatant 2017 setting… I’d honestly say make the date vague or set it a few years in the future. At best, 2017-18 will date the thing (realistically, you aren’t getting it published this year), at worst I’d be worried about it getting political (unless you want it to be political but… current politics aren’t especially fun imo). Changing/vaguing the date also lets you clear up some of the questions others have posed.

Edit: As for publication, have you checked the resources on the main site?

Also, welcome!

The story of this WiP makes me think of Red Dawn… except Germans instead of Soviets (or North Koreans in the 2012 version). I liked the idea of the story but not necessarily the presentation of the movie. I am looking forward to more information on this game!

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Liechtenstein. All 500 or so inhabitants.
It’s also one language spoken in Switzerland. Parts of Belgium, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia and Kazakhstan* have sizable German speaking communities.

Also the Amish. Though that would make for a non-violent invasion with wooden tanks drawn by horses.

*Stalin deported a lot of people of German descent that way during the war.


Id really like to clear this up :joy:

The organization’s official language is german although the members are from all different ethnic groups ( this is already a ton of spoilers lol) but I plan to make this a series with each following a specific event… with the first one being the invasion of California and who knows whats next? Meeee :wink:

So yeah the organization isnt ethnically german only but they all speak german for a reason which im not going to spoil lol.

Also, first impression of they community:



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