The Icepeak Mountains (What is the maximum score and level you reach?)

You are one hell of a developer. I hope you are well and aren’t pushing yourself too hard!

Haven’t visited this thread yet. I will check the game out and offer feedback later into the night or sometime tomorrow. Massive DnD nerd (and DM!), so this looks right up my alley.

Vampiric spells?

…Nevermind, expect feedback tonight.

Multiple races and gods?

…I apologize for the lies, expect feedback in an hour or so.


New version just pushed up, correcting many bugs (again, thanks to everybody submitting bug reports and providing feedback!) :slight_smile:

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I apologize for the goof on my part and not posting anything. I’ve been so active lately, I literally played yiur game, came back, and then looked at other games. :joy:

I will be replaying so everything is fresh in my head again. Expect feedback for real this time. :sweat_smile:

Edit: Reached the end twice. Whew.

First off, the game is fun. I love the spells, items, enemies, and dungeon crawling. I even like the charming little DnD mapbuilder pictures! :sweat_smile: All of it comes together in a game that is meant to be fun.

However, I actually felt the game was short for what it was. There’s the beginning dungeon, two or three side quests you can do, then two main ones, then the end, I believe? It just didn’t feel…you know, fulfilling or epic. I played a treasure hunting mage and even at the end, I felt like I wasn’t really progressing. Tested all difficulties up to Hard, and even on Ridiculously Easy, I wasn’t getting rich or growing in power. I just kind of wondered places for a little gold here, a little gold there. Maybe some kind of levelling system or more fleshed out narrative would help, but either way, there seems to be no real progression. I didn’t really have a sense of character the whole time. Because I wasn’t really allowed to.

Don’t get me wrong, @adrao, I love your games. I don’t know if you remember, but I was along for the ride during Tokyo Wizard and when that came out, it became, and still is, such a charming and fun game to play. Especially towards the end, role-playing my vengeful Necromancer with a dead samurai thrall at his side. You could turn that into an anime, and I would. But this particular game was a bit of a miss for me. It’s fun, and the world seems very interesting, but I’m not gonna lie. I play it, and remember how good at telling more fleshed out stories you are, and then want to revisit the Wizard: Genesis page.

But I get that this was experimental. And I doubt many other authors could get it as right as you did. It plays and feels like a game. But something is missing, and it just doesn’t hook me. Like I said, maybe if it had a deeper world, or a full party system, it would be what you seem to be going for. But as is, it’s a fun time killer. But not much else. To me. I do see potential here, like I said, especially with you, but in my opinion, it just falls short.


Thanks for all the comments, glad that you had fun with it. I have invited you to the private thread with the full game, which hopefully gives a slightly longer experience.

First of all, I am VERY happy with all such feedback. My games can only get better when people criticize them. So, I always try to reflect on what people tell me. Games have to be polished, and I am in the polishing process (and many playtesters have told me this one still has way to go on that front).

But, I take your points on it not feeling “epic”. This started as me wanting to just make a random dungeon generated game… and then the scope expanded. However, it suffers in terms of storyline. But yes, maybe the levelling system needs some work… (you did get to level up, right? Maybe there needs to be more points when you level up… and possibly not let players start with level 3 spells etc? This could give more of a sense of levelling up?). Or, it could be that it still need yet another mission to make it more epic… mmmmmm


Btw, just pushed another update, with 3000 extra words and many more options for rogues (plus more things to find in the game, like chests becoming more common and an entirely new dynamic for them, based on whether they are locked or have traps).

Once again, thanks to everybody who has provided feedback and bug reports, it really helps! (and, I am aware I am still to act on some public feedback on this thread and private feedback elsewhere)


And another update is up. This one has another 2000 words or so, hopefully further alleviating the sense of repetition (there should now be more variety, and more chances to use the pick doors rogue skill).

The levelling system has been further nuanced, with second order spells only selectable by second level wizards or clerics, etc, and some of the fighting styles likewise only available to level 2 or 3 characters.

@Voldy (and others), does this make the feeling of progression in the game better? What level did you reach? Currently, when you level up you get three extra points to spend… is this too little? Should it be increased to 5? 7?


Just pushed another version of the game, with tons of bug-fixes and an additional ~3000 words. The game should now be pretty stable… though please let me know how do you feel about character progression and game balance. :slight_smile:


Just pushed a new update, with all the achievements included, and a rebalancing of the progression in the game. You can now reach up to level 7 in the game, with hopefully more of a sense of progression. How does that side of the game feel now?

  • 1500 points (level 1)
  • 3000 points (level 2)
  • 4500 points (level 3)
  • 6000 points (level 4)
  • 7500 points (level 5)
  • 10000 points (level 6)
  • 17000 points (level 7)
  • Over 24,000 points (!!!)

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