The Hustler WIP (Mafia City- Rise of a Don Revamped)

The Hustler is a new and improved form of Mafia City with pretty much the same setting but a completely different storyline. For those that haven’t tried Mafia City click on the link below

You woke up in a bloody scene with a fuzzy memory but by instinct you knew from that moment onward you had to strive to survive. Someone ordered a hit on your father, mother, and the rest of the family(gang) which includes you but somehow you survived. Being the only key survivor of the hit, you have to rebuild the family and restore its formerly prestigious name. All this while trying to find who ordered the hit and try to prevent this from happening again.

This is a Mafia story with a difference and you want to know why? It is a Mafia story with superpowers. Still trying to figure out if I want to make it full blown superpowers like telepathy, telekinesis, invisibility etc. Or minor superpowers like enhanced accuracy, enhanced gunslinger etc. So please your vote is needed to determine how you want it to be

  • Major Superpowers
  • Minor Superpowers
  • No Superpowers

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The demo consists of only the prologue with about 15000 words(codes included). The stats page is still under construction and I know I ain’t exaggerating when I say it is going to be a very complex one and I hope I am able to follow it through. Here is the demo link The Hustler

I am going to need a lot of ideas and suggestions from you guys so please drop your suggestions and ideas and I promise you it will be critically reviewed. What I need from you guys right now apart from the polls is to give ideas of which type of superpowers you will want to see.

Thanks guys and I hope to update this soon.


Have you watched the anime Reborn? It’s about a mafia heir with powers :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I read one manga like that even though it was just one episode. Is it that of the Vangola family

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this is perfect for me!

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What do you mean by Major and Minor powers?

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I think it’s like
Major-professer x level telekinisis or something to that level
Minor-low to mid level telekinisis(like moving small objects or a car if you concentrate hard enough)


I have a suggestion?
What if you start out with minor abilities and then you can choose to develop them further?


Then give all the Dons major powers, the underling minor power and grunts no powers.


I didn’t get the point of “choosing” my level of success. Is there any benefit to choosing a lower level of success than the max available?


-__- that anime irritated me. but it did inspire me to write a story that had a similarish structure

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Definitely gunslinger type of power would be so cool to have


By Major powers I mean the kind of powers that we are used to like super strength, telekinesis, telepathy etc. I called them Major because they are powers that are flashy while Minor powers are those ones like having better endurance or strength than normal humans but not enough to be superman kind of power, they are they kind of powers that if not told you wouldn’t know such a person has such powers because you will think it is through further training such a person got it. I hope you get what I just explained.

This is a very good idea, I don’t know how I haven’t thought about this so thanks for the advice.

The satisfaction you were the one that trained yourself up to the max level is enough I think.

To be honest I also found it kinda weird but it was pretty interesting, even though I haven’t been able to read more than one episode.

Gunslinger type of powers was totally in from the beginning no doubt.

Is the Mc a Don?

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About to be, the MC need to rebuild the family before he can be properly named as such. A Don isn’t one with a family and a lot of underlings.

Nice intro for the demo, I look forward to seeing what you do with the story.

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Thank you very much. I also am looking forward to what this will become

How about the power to control your underlings, like making them loyal as a dog to MC?

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This game sounds interesting quick question are there going to be other individuals with superpowers , and also it would be cool to have super speed that’s always been one of the most useful powers

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That’s one of the major superpowers. So it all depends on the poll.

It would counter one of the objectives of the story, because one of the objective is to gain the trust of your underlings.

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How about the ability to create weapons out of nothing? Could be useful for a Don?