The Hunt: Demon Eyes [Updated 12. Apr.]

sunday update 21.06

This week was a good week for th:de :smiley:

I’m in the final stretch, though I have to postpone the update a little after all (surprise essays are a joy, everyone should get them x.x)

Bas got his first flirt scene this week, and I’m curious to see what y’all will think about it because I’m trying something a bit different with him (it makes a lot of sense for him and his character)

It’s a lot of fun writing him because I didn’t for a long time (he’s one of those characters that used to be an oc for a different fandom). I’m also looking forward to getting to write Xiuying next because I haven’t really written her much outside of Tumblr asks, so that’s new something new :smiley:

And that’s it for the update. Take care, everyone!


Great news

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Sunday update 28.06

Another productive week!

I’m basically finished with ch2 and Bas’ route. I got momentarily distracted by a continuity error I didn’t think about before, meaning I had to play around with the code a bit and rewrite some sections.

Now, I’m making the first edits and rewrite some sections in this chapter and ch1, because I tend to forget that people can’t look into my brain and know my thought process; meaning I have to rewrite some details for later stuff to make sense x)

The next update is not too far away. Uni is almost over for the summer, and there are no more surprises coming (I hope…), so things should be smooth sailing now ^^

Remember: If you have questions/ feedback about anything, feel free to hit me up :smiley:

That’s it and take care!