The Hunt: Demon Eyes [Updated 08. July]

So…I’m the only one waiting for the moment we can kill, something, someone?


In regards to someone (I‘m guessing you mean the supernatural NPCs?) Nope, not this book.

Something however… :wink:


We gotta make mama and uncle proud :sparkling_heart:


sunday update 19.07.

Another update toady, let’s see what I have to say:

I added in/ changed a small blib in the demo, nothing big enough to make a big announcement out of it, but it’s there.

I also started to work on reducing repeated passages so the work count doesn’t inflate too much. Bas’ route is already done with that and I managed to merge the ‘alone’ version and the version with Elian into one file.

That’s also already in the demo, so if you feel like replaying and notice some inconsistencies or passages that don’t make sense, feel free to point them out!

I’ve started on Xiuying’s path for chapter 2 as well, it’s fully drafted out and I could not resist writing a small scene ahead in which Lup and Xiuying interact for pretty much the first time x)

You can read it below under the cut!

The poll closes tomorrow morning so this is your last chance to vote on a character for the backstory short. A list of titles/ small content hints can be found here.

And that’s it for this week, hope you had a good one! <3

Tiny Lup & Xiuying snippet here :D

Lupita curses loudly, effectively drawing attention to her. She is rubbing her nose, almost going cross-eyed.

“God damn it, lady,” she growls, her eyes finally landing on the stranger. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

The other woman does not look impressed with the pissed-off werewolf. On the contrary, she flicks a stray hair out of her face and stares Lupita down, an impressive feat for someone several inches shorter.

“I don’t think a werewolf of all things gets to judge me,” she answers with enough bite in her voice to actually render Lupita speechless. Lupita opens her mouth to retaliate, but screws her lips shut in a pout.

You don’t get much time to react before the stranger fixes her sharp gaze on you.


Hmm I’ve got two more issues to report. First one is one I somehow missed it every single time I’ve read the demo, and the second one, I actually HAD it in my memo, when I sent my first feedback, but I somehow deleted that point before posting the message, it seems. I’ve re-read my feedback and noticed it was missing… Oh well…

In Elian's kitchen:

“You can hear water bubbling in a kettle. And the radio softly playing in a corner. Elian stands at the counter, looking to you when you enter, standing at the counter, refilling a mug with something hot and sweet-smelling. He offers you a smile.”

There’s a repetition about standing at the counter.

When the MC notices the date on Lup's phone:

I don’t know if this applies in all scenarios, but if the MC outs himself as a hunter then doesn’t shrug Lup off and thanks her, this is the follow up:
" “Okay… thank you,” you mutter. You don’t shrug her off, grateful for something to ground you before your thoughts can spiral again. Just as you are about to speak again, a sudden "

It just stops just like that. From the context on the next page, you know what’s happenning, but still, a part is obviously missing.

Nothing new aside from that. Still hyped to death with this WIP :laughing:


Fixed and fixed ^^

Thank you!


Poll closed!

The total is as follows:

Aristotle: 2

Veye: 2

Theo: 3

Nasim: 9

Xiuying: 52

Elian: 57

Lupita: 58

Bas: 63

making Bas the winner by 5 votes

Thank you to everyone that participated for the support <3

I will post the short asap, you will find it either on tumblr or in the first post under a summary! :smiley:

Edit: Finished! :smiley:
Here the link to the Tumblr post or you read it in the first post under “Extra Story” ^^


Sunday update 26.07

This week was… really not that successful in terms of writing.

I was sick for a few days, and the rest I managed to be distracted by catching up to some other great wips x.x (I regret nothing!)

So there wasn’t much done (if you don’t count the waves of guesses on Elian’s species on Tumblr and the arrival of demonfuckers x))

But such things are bound to happen now and then ^^

I’ve also decided to only make the sunday updates every other week unless there is huge news. There is not much sense in me rambling, if there is nothing to talk about ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway! I hope everyone is feeling well and has a good time.

See you in two weeks! <3 (unless there are any questions of course ^^)


Just as a heads up I removed the flirt option for Lupita in chapter 1 and balanced out some of the trust/wariness stats there as well.

She’ll get an additional flirt option in Xiuying’s route, so that’ll balance out a bit ^^

I also cleaned up the content warning at the beginning to make them look a bit more complete and clean.

No reason to replay, just so that no one is surprised if they do :slight_smile:

Tiny teaser ^^

Wonder what’s going on here? :thinking:
Screenshot (193)


My bet would be Xiuying getting very very angry at MC for something “he” did during these past two years :laughing:


Amazing so far, its really immersive and I love your writing style. Keep up the good work! :smiley:


@Konoi Guess, we’ll have to see :wink:

@Mijo Thank you :yellow_heart: Glad you enjoy it so far :smiley:

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This was really good! I really like the writing style and can’t wait to see where you go from here :blush:
And if it’s already been mentioned already my bad, but I really liked that we have the option to be cold and distant, aloof or simply put a jerk. Not that I’d plan on playing that way throughout the whole story, but it compliments the mentality of a hunter being ingrained with a hatred of non-humans. Gives the character more depth in my opinion! Be cold and slowly defrost over the course of the book, normally it’s the RO’s that do this, but I’m hoping I get a chance for a change! :sweat_smile:


I’m glad you like it so far! :smiley:

And giving the option to have a change of mind and that being recognized is certainly something I hope to pull off in-game ^^ It’s after all, as you mentioned, something that can make a lot of sense for certain characters and backstories.

Especially in the next book, such things might play a larger role :wink:


I like the RP freedom too!
But I’ll admit my character is more of the type who was cautious at the veeery beginning, but willing to give a chance to supernaturals who don’t harm him. But he very quickly became more friendly and trusting, at least towards those who helped him.
Overall, I see him as someone who did as he was told because it was the only way he knew, and what he was told is the right thing to do, because most supernaturals “are evil” and he needs to “protect humanity from them”. But it isn’t in his nature to hurt innocent people. And once he realized these supernatural are also people, with some being nice and others not, he was more than willing to get to know them, and honestly quite amazed by the town.
Even at this point in the story, I don’t think he’d be able to come back to his previous life, even if he does seek help because of the situation he’s in. His conscience wouldn’t let him do so now that he has seen this new aspect to the supernatural.


Ahh I love reading about people’s MCs! ^^

He sounds great! I hope he will come out right at the end of it all :grin:


Interesting concept waiting for future updates

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I like this demo a lot, but I do feel like the game sometimes punishes you for being cautious. And the characters are a little shortsighted, even if they don’t know you’re a Hunter, surely waking up and being disoriented and defensive and scared (more “traditional” so to speak) shouldn’t lower their relationship? It’s normal. If I woke up in a strange house with strange people I’d be scared too, and my first thought would be “get out of there”.

It’s been a while since I played it so I can’t pinpoint the exact locations right now. Maybe I’ll go through and try to find them



Opsie! Will take a look at that asap!


You mean cautious in the sense of affection/ trust decrease right? Because stat balancing is something I’m still figuring out, I recently fiddled a bit with the trust increase/decrease and it should be a bit more balanced now. (As much increase opportunities as there are decrease opportunities)

I’m also thinking about getting rid of the affection bar entirely and instead using a friendship point system, which would get rid of that struggle.

But that is something I want to clean up later when there is a bit more of the demo out. ^^

But thank you for the feedback! I will keep it in mind and take another look at it :slight_smile:

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