The Hunt: Demon Eyes [Updated 08. July]

I don’t mind at all, opinions and discussions are welcome to me ^^

I guess it really has to do with playstyle and what you feel is right for your MC, but I’m glad you enjoyed the scene! It was a beast with coding but fun to write :slight_smile:

It was indeed intended as a moment of being distracted and Lup startling the Hunter. Considering even professionals fuck up at times and under certain circumstances… Well, maybe I can make that a bit clearer. It would be easier than rewriting the scene.

But again, both valid points and I will think about it. ^^


I wasn’t nesesarily bothered by the scene. I quite liked it actually, i was simply putting in my 2 cents. In the situation it could make sense for them to drop to instinct due to trauma.

Thinking about it now my perspective may have differed from what the mc might think. I was thinking about it from the training perspective that i have, which was that under no circumstance do you ever point a weapon at anyone unless you intend to kill them with it. (ie essentially never) Whereas a hunters training probably would have been to get ready to fight and possibly kill with your weapon. (i presume they would also get safety training but possibly to a lesser extent then combat itself)

Perhaps it would we simpler (and also make perfect sense) to simply make it that the mc is startled and goes into flight or fight more clear. (as @tiranka has already mentioned) perhaps having Lupa do something which might cause a bit more of a startle?


Ah, I also have another random question I’m a bit lazy to check out. When you select how does your character’s hair look like, at some point they notice something while looking themselve out, and you get the option to select either that it was a trick of the light, or that there’s a gray hair. Is this a subtle way to customize the hunter’s age?


Not really, it’s mostly just flavoring.

If you select it, you will be informed that the gray streak appeared likely due to the stress your body went through.
You can use it as a signal of aging too, I guess. Though in-game, it will be assumed that you didn’t have it before and therefore went through some shit to go gray.


Okay, thanks! Makes sense. If that’s the explanation in game, then I may actually change my choice and select that in future runs.

I think it’s obvious from my talks about the Lupita scene with the weapon, but I really like the fact you don’t downplay the trauma the MC went through, and that it can show more or less depending on your choices (like that choice with Bas, by the end, where you could select an option where the MC is clearly getting unconfortable and stressed out about that). It would be so easy to make a MC who overcomes that quicky and then the story moves on. But it’s way more interesting the way it is. It’s especially nice since usually the stories that actually show the effects of trauma tend to be overall very grim and dark. But that isn’t the case here, so it makes for a nice equilibrium I guess.


The demo was always lovely, but the update was soooo fuckin good.

I’m kinda roleplaying a Dean-like mindset (aka all monsters are bad with slight doubt but killing them is a must) and I just …Iove this lmao.


Sunday update 12.07

Big week this week, because chapter 2 was finally added to the demo! Next will be adding Xiuying’s route to chapter 2, I already have some ideas on what that will entail, but I haven’t started writing yet and instead took a little break.

Thanks to everyone for pointing out errors, making suggestions, and giving feedback!

I had a lot of fun answering questions, and I’m so happy about all the lovely comments for the story, the writing, and the characters <3

I would not be as motivated as I am right now without you guys <3

There are already the first wishes for adding in Nasim as a RO, as well as questions about possible poly-options. Not to mention the brief discussion of in which direction the Demon’s relationship could develop. On tumblr and here.

Next week I plan on starting the first draft of Xiuying’s route, but it also is the last week of the uni for the summer, I probably won’t get too far.

Other than that, I also want to remind you guys of the poll for the 300+ followers on tumblr event.

You can vote on a character for whom you’d like to read a backstory short. You can vote more than once, but please don’t overdo it (like voting ten times for the same character). I will post the story here too, under a summary in the first post.

Link to the poll is here ^^ The poll closes on the 20th so that should be more than enough time ^^

And that’s it from my side this week :smiley:

Thank all of you again! I had a fun week thanks to you guys <3


It occurs to me. Bas said Elian saved them when they were wounded and they know what Elian is. Combined with the quote on Elians tumblr page “The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.". I theorise that Bas was attacked (possibly accidently) by Elian, they then felt bad about it and saved them.

This is of course just a theory, a theory based on extremely small amounts of information aswell. So the chance of it being right is quite low, but i figured i’d post it just to get the theory out there. Plus on the off chance i’m somehow right i can say i told ye so XD.


I’m not going to confirm or deny any theories but I love that they show up now and then x) :+1: :+1: :+1:

Love to read those and snicker to myself :wink:


That was really Fun! It was really unique and is
actually immersive in the supernatural world you made! Wow!

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@domthestar My thoughts exactly


Hmm, I don’t mind the presence of poly routes, but IF you make a poly route, will it be possible to still romance the individual characters? I’m not fond of poly, unless the game is literally centered about it.


IF I add them, then yes, everyone would still get solo routes, yes.

But I won’t decide anything yet, because I want to introduce all relevant characters first. ^^ That discussion will open after the 3rd or 4th chapter.


That heartbreaking feeling when you reach the end of the wip/demo ; - ;
We’ll be waiting for more!


So…I’m the only one waiting for the moment we can kill, something, someone?


In regards to someone (I‘m guessing you mean the supernatural NPCs?) Nope, not this book.

Something however… :wink:


We gotta make mama and uncle proud :sparkling_heart:


sunday update 19.07.

Another update toady, let’s see what I have to say:

I added in/ changed a small blib in the demo, nothing big enough to make a big announcement out of it, but it’s there.

I also started to work on reducing repeated passages so the work count doesn’t inflate too much. Bas’ route is already done with that and I managed to merge the ‘alone’ version and the version with Elian into one file.

That’s also already in the demo, so if you feel like replaying and notice some inconsistencies or passages that don’t make sense, feel free to point them out!

I’ve started on Xiuying’s path for chapter 2 as well, it’s fully drafted out and I could not resist writing a small scene ahead in which Lup and Xiuying interact for pretty much the first time x)

You can read it below under the cut!

The poll closes tomorrow morning so this is your last chance to vote on a character for the backstory short. A list of titles/ small content hints can be found here.

And that’s it for this week, hope you had a good one! <3

Tiny Lup & Xiuying snippet here :D

Lupita curses loudly, effectively drawing attention to her. She is rubbing her nose, almost going cross-eyed.

“God damn it, lady,” she growls, her eyes finally landing on the stranger. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

The other woman does not look impressed with the pissed-off werewolf. On the contrary, she flicks a stray hair out of her face and stares Lupita down, an impressive feat for someone several inches shorter.

“I don’t think a werewolf of all things gets to judge me,” she answers with enough bite in her voice to actually render Lupita speechless. Lupita opens her mouth to retaliate, but screws her lips shut in a pout.

You don’t get much time to react before the stranger fixes her sharp gaze on you.


Hmm I’ve got two more issues to report. First one is one I somehow missed it every single time I’ve read the demo, and the second one, I actually HAD it in my memo, when I sent my first feedback, but I somehow deleted that point before posting the message, it seems. I’ve re-read my feedback and noticed it was missing… Oh well…

In Elian's kitchen:

“You can hear water bubbling in a kettle. And the radio softly playing in a corner. Elian stands at the counter, looking to you when you enter, standing at the counter, refilling a mug with something hot and sweet-smelling. He offers you a smile.”

There’s a repetition about standing at the counter.

When the MC notices the date on Lup's phone:

I don’t know if this applies in all scenarios, but if the MC outs himself as a hunter then doesn’t shrug Lup off and thanks her, this is the follow up:
" “Okay… thank you,” you mutter. You don’t shrug her off, grateful for something to ground you before your thoughts can spiral again. Just as you are about to speak again, a sudden "

It just stops just like that. From the context on the next page, you know what’s happenning, but still, a part is obviously missing.

Nothing new aside from that. Still hyped to death with this WIP :laughing:


Fixed and fixed ^^

Thank you!


Poll closed!

The total is as follows:

Aristotle: 2

Veye: 2

Theo: 3

Nasim: 9

Xiuying: 52

Elian: 57

Lupita: 58

Bas: 63

making Bas the winner by 5 votes

Thank you to everyone that participated for the support <3

I will post the short asap, you will find it either on tumblr or in the first post under a summary! :smiley:

Edit: Finished! :smiley:
Here the link to the Tumblr post or you read it in the first post under “Extra Story” ^^