The Hunt: Demon Eyes [Updated 06. Sep.]

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sunday update 04.10.2020

This update is a tad smaller because there isn’t much spoiler-free for me to say. I finished the first part of chapter 3 from Xiuying’s branch and half of Bas’ branch. Hopefully, I will finish his part next update, maybe even get a head start on the common branch.

I made some changes regarding trans & non-binary choices, which will be added into the demo with the next update. I also have a rough design for chapter headers. They too, will be implemented then too, though I’m not yet sure if I will even have them in for the final product. Right now, I’d honestly prefer it if there are maybe no ‘chapters’ at all, to allow it to flow better… but that might be a concern for another time.

That being said, this week, I had an unforeseen issue, which might lead to me putting th:de on ice for a little. Or rather a semi-hiatus, which will make it difficult to write more.

I don’t know exactly how everything will play out, but that would be the worst-case scenario for this project. Though nothing is set in stone yet, so who knows… Just a heads up, in case the next update takes forever…

So to not end this on a too sad note, here a sneak peek for chapter 3

You take another look at your phone, your finger hovers over the green button for a moment before you finally press down on the red one, effectively cutting off the call.

Whoever it might be, you have enough to deal with at the moment. Who knows, it might just have been one of those annoying scam calls.

Xiuying raises her eyebrow slightly.

“That’s also an option,” she mutters, sounding slightly impressed.

You want to answer, but then your phone starts ringing again, the same number on the screen. Seems like you won’t be able to get rid of that one that easily.

With a tense jaw, you finally concede and take the call.

“Fucking finally!” Nasim’s voice hisses into your ear. “And don’t you dare hang up on me again,” they growl.

So much for scam calls.


As someone who get’s tons of spam calls, both the MC, and the one on the other end have my sympathy. :laughing:

Regarding you not wanting to break things up with defined chapters… Well, considering their archaic origins in classic book craft, it’s not as though having carefully marked off chapter segments is an actual requirement. They can help with story flow in the sense that where they break things down signifies a change of pace; like improved forward momentum, or just slowing things down. You might even be in a different part of the world within the book entirely, with a different character’s perspective, and this change will last for as long as the chapter. Another function is to make the process of editing easier between author, and editor. “There was an issue in chapter four…” said the editor. That sort of thing.

Despite a lot of things being somewhat standardized in more recent years for publishers that create, and sell books for authors, there’s no exact science to creating books. Playing around to see what will work best for your story is 100% your free-form creative right toward discovering your own style as an author. :blush:

All of this said; take your time! We like what we see in your story, so if it takes a while before the next update, then know that won’t be a problem. I’ve got this thread set for passive tracking so I don’t have to stalk it daily. :wink:

If it ends up taking a bit more than a year, I’ll still have this thread passively watched to welcome you back. No worries, you got it? :grin:


Finally got round to reading this, and I absolutely adore the world you’ve created here! I love all the characters so much and seeing them interact with each other, not just MC, really builds a living breathing world. The way you’ve captured the atmosphere and mood of these scenes too !!! [chef kiss] Take your time with this story and take care of yourself, we’ll be here to happily read the next update whenever it arrives :heart:


sunday update 18.10.2020

I was pretty distracted this week; got a little stuck on playing video games x)

But I did manage to finish what I wanted to finish, even if it will need quite some revision before it’s readable. That’s good though because this weekend I will be busy, and uni starts up in November again (usually it would already have started, but you know… pandemic x.x)

I want to use this update to shout a big thank you to all the sweet supporting messages I got in the past weeks! You guys really motivate me to write and keep this project alive, so thank you all for the love and feel loved in return! <3 There isn’t much of a demo now, but there would be even less without all of you, people.

As a treat, have two sneak peeks below!

One contains an unfinished portrait of Nasim, made by little old me, though, so be aware of that if you don’t want to see it.

Sneak peek chapter 3

There is a strange twist in your stomach. Helping a djinn is not exactly what you should be doing, and yet…

They haven’t shown you any undue aggression, even given you a phone without demanding anything in return. Nasim could have killed you the moment they notice that you are a Hunter.

But they didn’t.

It’s confusing and strange, and you don’t know what to think about any of it.

So you don’t.

No matter how you feel about the whole situation, it would still be better to go and help Nasim. If not to simply help them, then at least to gain a favor from them.

After all, djinn do pay their debts.

Art sneak peek