The Hunt: Demon Eyes [Updated 06. Sep.]

thank you, glad you liked it ^^ also fixed that, thanks for catching it!

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Could we have an option to choose the fake surname? I was playing as an Asian mc and had to laugh when my character said his surname was Smith. An Asian with the surname Smith. Not suspicious at all.


Definitely see where you’re coming from since that’s a knee-jerk reaction that broke immersion for you, but you could feasibly reach that maybe your MC was adopted by someone with that surname. It’s apparently one of the most common surnames in the US, but I don’t know that the universe of this book is taking place in a version of the US, so for all I know the most common name is something that might be considered somewhat exotic by real world standards. :woman_shrugging: :rofl:

It’s definitely a good update, and I’m looking forward to reading more. :blush:


This is interesting so far! Highkey sad there’s no broody male werewolf to romance :joy:


I mean… I know people with stranger name/ethnic background combinations x)

But sure, why not? Though I’d rather only offer a number of very common last names, because a) the scene doesn’t make sense anymore if a not too common last name is typed in, b) the fake name doesn’t play a larger role past the second or third chapter anymore anyway, and c) I don’t trust y’all x) No way there won’t be some people typing in an outlandishly weird name and expect the characters to react to that haha

It’s pretty much set in our world (minus a certain pandemic, because when I first had the idea for it, there wasn’t x.x) but not in the US.

Or rather, my thought was: “Whatever, it’s somewhere in a western country because that’s what I’m familiar with.” But not specifically the US. (I’m European, and there are more than enough stories set in the US already x))

I honestly just picked “Smith” or Miller if your Mc is actually called Smith, because John Smith is the fake name The Doctor used back when I was still watching the show XD

But glad you liked the update! :blush:

Glad you liked it so far!

Hmm, I wouldn’t call him brooding, but there is a stoic male werewolf that I might think about adding in. But he’d be gender locked to male MCs soo

But that’s a decision I’ll make after he and the others I might be willing to add in are introduced in the story, give everyone the chance to see how they like them on first impression ^^


Fair enough! I hope “Kim” makes the cut. Seems common enough in Western countries also.


Jup in there now ^^

I think most people should be able to find something fitting for their MC now ^^ (probably actually went overboard, but it’s fun to find stuff like that ^^)


This! :sweat_smile:

:eyes: Hope…

… and then the hope died. RIP :see_no_evil:

I’m so sorry Bas, I really didn’t wanted to replace you with a handsome werewolf! I swear…? :joy:


A gay male werewolf?! Sign me the F up! :heart_eyes:


same :sleepy: lol

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100% approval :star_struck:


The rational part of me wants to make the MC I usually make, a shy straight dude who is never in combat stats.

The other part of me wants to pump all my points into combat and turn him into Doomguy while I blast the Doom soundtrack at a volume that makes my ears bleed.


Why not both? Why not make an absolute baby gremlin who cries at puppies and screeches in battle? Why not make a chihuahua mc?


Perfect. A cinnamon roll who instantly turns into a scary-ass demon slayer when needed


hey!! I played this ages ago, then forgot about it, then found it again and having played the new update I can say I’m really glad I did! it’s a really interesting concept, I love the idea of it and am really looking forward to finding out what happens! Also I love Nasim, they are…exactly my favourite type of character :pleading_face:


Finally got around to playing the latest updates and wow. It’s soooo good! The atmosphere, the setting, it’s all so well written. And I love all the little underlying mysteries throughout. So excited to read more of this and learn what happens next!
Oh and Eilan immediately has my attention (and my heart lol). :sparkling_heart:


A small question, especially for those playing as non-binary:

Would you like an option to represent as more masculine/feminine/neither? So far, it wouldn’t change too much (I think, maybe later on), but it’s something that just came to my mind.

  • Yes, add it.
  • No, don’t add it.
  • Doesn’t matter.

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Poll closed! I’ll add it with the next update :slight_smile:

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I can get enough of this story. In particular I love Lupita and how she reacts to my easily flustered and awkward hunter.


sunday update 20.09

Two weeks after the latest update and a week since I started writing again. I’m on a good track so far. Xiuying’s branch is almost back on the common branch again (before it splits up again, so that route can say hi to Bas too). The whole chapter is plotted out, and I already have a solid foundation for the combat scene.

It will be hell to code x.x skill checks added with the weapon choice. What the hell was I thinking x) oh well, I know I will be proud when I finish it, haha And I’m very excited for everyone to meet the other two NPCs

Additionally, I started up a little side (side?) project that should be done towards the end of the year; the first part is already close to finished… I think you will all enjoy it very much :eyes:

I also have another small surprise coming, but that too will take a bit time :wink: I’m spoiling you guys (and myself, let’s be honest here)

It doesn’t seem there were too many glaring mistakes in my last update, which is great, but if you do find something or have suggestions/ questions, as always, don’t hesitate to approach me here, on tumblr, or join the discord and hit me up there (we are few and quiet, so far). I promise I don’t bite unless you do :wink:

And that’s it for today!

Have a good day, and take care, everyone! <3


how do we vote?

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