The Hunt: Demon Eyes [On Hiatus/Will be moved to Twine]

I loved the demo and I am definitely going to keep it in my bookmarks to review it later. Good luck! :+1:

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This is definitely interesting so far, and I’ll be keeping my eyes on it for sure. As someone already mentioned with their low-key reference to it, it’s definitely giving off some Supernatural vibes. It’s so painful to discover a new WIP though, because as soon as I’m intrigued by it, I realize that it’ll be quite a while until it’ll be done, so that I can actually play it :joy:


And isn’t that a mood :joy:

It’s been a looong time since I watched Supernatural, but I will admit there is a vibe x) especially the ‘Rogues’ are kind of like the Supernatural hunters are portrayed, but I hope it won’t be too similar as the story progresses :sweat_smile:


I’m not too worried, it was only vibes after all. Besides it’s not necessarily bad either, because it was a good show in my opinion. Either way, I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing where your story goes, and be waiting with anticipation for it to be done :blush:

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For some reason, the link doesn’t work for me?

Hmm that’s strange… I’ve tried on both mobile and my laptop and they both work for me :confused:
though there was considerable lag on laptop when I didn’t open in another tab, so maybe try that? Otherwise I don’t really know what to do except posting the link again :sweat_smile:
Just in case…

Little update: Either my laptop is being a potato again, or there are some problems with dashingdon itself, it’s veeery slow to get on the site on other wips as well atm

It was announced that Dashingdon is having an overload issue. The problem is currently being looked into.


Hi, this sounds intriguing.

I was wondering if you wanted me to do a grammar sweep for you?

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I feel like describing this in fully detail a cup of story in my eyes I enjoy it is small parts of it but how it’s telling the story of a person who is practically trapped by a monstrosity on Earth and was sent somewhere where this person used to hunt down Supernaturals is now in a location where they are at pretty much a city to of them I wonder how are characters going to handle it

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Ohh that’s so kind of you to offer!
I’m not sure how much use it would be at this point (I already rewrote small bits of the prologue) but if you really feel like it I wouldn’t say no :relaxed:


I’ll get started tomorrow(I live in the UK btw)

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Posting the sunday update here too :slight_smile:

Another week goes by and while I didn’t get as far as I had hoped I still managed to get a decent bit done. Chapter 1 is now about 80% written and coded though there will be a revision once I get a few more chapters done. Once I finish the last bit and made a rough check for both grammar and coding errors, I will upload it to dashingdon. If all goes well, it will be up next week :smiley:

Other than that, there is not much to tell game wise; things will probably slow down a tad now that I officially started work… with home office, which is weird but also nice, because free time management.

I’m currently also thinking about commissioning some character art. Mostly for myself so I don’t start making mistakes on descriptions just because I’m too lazy to read through the stuff I wrote. I know opinions on seeing ‘official’ art are pretty split and I do love it when people come up with their own interpretations of characters. So, for now those would be just for me. That is if I find an artist whose style I like and have the means to pay them.

  1. I learned that you need to have a certain membership status to edit your own first posts to a topic x)
  2. Chapter 1 is finally up and going: here

If I will ever be able to edit the first post and title I will do that, but for now things will have to work out this way ^^’

Have fun and if you stuble across any error or glaring grammar mistakes feel free to tell me either here or on tumblr ^^

The update also contains the first edit of the prologue, also at this point a big thanks @Book_Devourer for doing a grammar check of the prologue <3


Oh I’ve been super excited for this! Thanks for the update ^^

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fixed a small coding error in the last choice when picking ‘…amber eyes’ that caused Lupita’s route to play right after


Hey, I’m enjoying the game and the new update—interested to see more.

Got something to report, though.

So, I’ve been playing as a MTF trans MC, and on the whole, I’m pleasantly surprised to see that this actually gets mentioned outside of character creation—a number of games include it for the sake of inclusivity, but fail to actually make it a part of who the character is in any meaningful way.

Buuut, after the shower sequence, when picking up the clothes Elian leaves for the MC, I get, uhh, this:

Which is obviously an AFAB thing.

Glancing through the code, it looks to me like this passage only checks whether the MC is trans and hasn’t had top surgery (which my MC has not), but not their actual gender/sex.

Another suggestion: during the panic attack, perhaps have an option to not be comforted by either Elian or Lup? Or, if that’s important, to at least to be uncomfortable with the situation, rather than outwardly grateful. My MC has been kinda standoffish so far, and, to my mind, would have hated feeling vulnerable/exposed like that in the presence of people she doesn’t really know or (yet) trust, so that sequence rang a bit false to me.

Otherwise, haven’t had any major issues, and I’m looking forward to whatever comes next.


No problem

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Argh! I knew I forgot something there (maybe I should stop working on the code so late ^^’) I will correct that asap.
Also thanks for the suggestion with the last choice, I’ve noted it down and will update it soon :slight_smile:

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Just read through the demo, and it was amazing.

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Just made a minor update that should cover that :smiley: The hunter should now be able to either leave the room or, if you still want someone to be around to be a bit more stoic about it.

I will admit I was a little too eager to upload ch1 and forgot about that possibility x) so big thanks for the suggestion!

Any other big changes will be implemented when I upload chapter 2, but feel free to throw more suggestios at me :slight_smile: