The Howling Chronicles, book 1 updated 04/10/2021 Please report any problems you find. Also, please no screenshots if possible

Those 2 should be fixed.
Ran through the whole thing with a spellchecker, so.

When you say that the text blocks are too long. Where is that. Over the hole demo? In the prologue? Where, exactly? Since when you pick a choice, the page refreshes to show the text in said choice, if I am not mistaken.

It seems to lock up every time I choose to tell her to get out of my head. Startup line 1810: Bad label choose_head2

That should be fixed now, just ran through it again to ensure that. Thanks for finding it! :slight_smile:
Every error found is an error fixed. Or sidesteped so it is no longer an issue.

is this the end of the demo or an error?

Could you kindly describe the screenshot? I can’t really see it. If you’ve gone past the switch in view where you get your first actual depiction of the pack? Then that will be the end of The demo.

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ohh ok thx (btw the screenshot is when the one with the wings picks you up and takes you home and abiut to drop you i think)

Another lockup.

At the point where we are being dropped into the snowbank, no matter which choice is made, the following message occurs:

Startup line 2009: Invalid expression at char 15, expected OPERATOR or CLOSE_PARENTESIS, was VAR [true]

Should be fixed now.
Unless I have missed something, should be able to run through the whole demmo as it currently stands.

Hi! Now it seems that the demo is starting a few pages from the end, unless you drastically changed it since I last played it. It starts from “Ashlain stands before moveing till she is standing right next to me.” If this is expected behaviour, you can ignore my comment! :slight_smile:

No, that’s an error. I was using it to test out some things, and forgot to remove the go to. Just saw that actually, and fixed it, so it should be good now.

i acutally dont know if it a prob with me now or the game but just in case
is after you are droped and the blind kid tells you not to swear.

Should be fixed now. If what’s in the screenshot is what I think it is, anyway.

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This error happened after i choosed the gender and it took me to the beginning of the story.


got that, thats after you are draged to breakfast and say you are not feeling well


Which one? Yours, or your siblings? I just looked through both, and they both seem good. If it keeps happening, I’ll have another look.

Should be fixed now. Odd, thought I fixed that a while back… Either way, corrected now.

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When i select this “Yeah.” I grunt, wincing as my headache flares up again. “Sorry. I. I have a headache…” that error happens again

Also english isn’t my native language but i noticed some typos, so if your native language is spanish i could point them out in spanish so it would be easier for you and me

There seems te be an error in the game.

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Fixed now.
Also. Is it bad that English is actually my first language?