The Hounds of War- WIP 21/08/21

-The Hounds of War-
By Fionn Graham
Born the child of a small farmer in a quiet village,
few would have thought you’d rise to the top of the high chieftain’s army.
Few would have expected you’d gain influence over his lands and people.
Fewer still would have predicted you’d seize his power from under his feet, or defend him as his second in command.

Deeper Overview

You’ve lost contact with your poor farming family since joining the ranks of the Mac Conmara clan, which is embroiled in a war of strength and wits against their northern rivals.
The people of the clan are divided, the chieftain’s judgements are questioned and you may uncover a scandal that shakes him from his very throne.

Court and ally for power, fame or love

Romantic Options

Cara, the chieftain’s daughter;
Diarmuid, a musician and warrior;
Ultan, a wealthy merchant and military captain;
Caelan, an expert in combat

Set in pre-Christian Celtic Ireland, in a land of clans, druids, and chaos

(Play as male, female, trans or cis)
Prologue ; Chapter 1 ; Chapter 2 ; Chapter 3; Chapter 4 available now! (over 35,000 words so far)
→ Chapter 5 coming soon

Here’s the link:

Updates so far

04/08/21- Fixed grammar/spelling errors + saving Ultan path fixed
09/08/21- Chapter 3 released; 2 Romanceable NPCs emerge; more detailed stats + save slots!
11/08/21-Ultan path patched
16/08/21-Authenticity corrections
21/08/21-Chapter 4 released

A note from the author

Hey all! It’s been awhile, back with another game set in the mystical isle of Éire. This one, however, will be very different. I’ve been working on my writing and storytelling a lot since ‘The Brother’s War’ was released. This game will have a storyline with far more depth and development, everything listed above and more! I’m aiming at the moment for the 90,000 word mark and up.
I’d love to here your thoughts, as well as issues in continuity and coding.
Hope you enjoy,

World map

Map of The Fearlanns


In the name of all that is holy add some borders, paragraphs, anything!


Working on that right now :+1:

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Those spacing issues should be fixed now, thanks!

This is the best game i have seen, the field descriptions are unparalleled, not to mention the amzing use of words. keep the hard work going

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Thanks so much!
Really appreciate the feedback

After reading the start of this, I am very impressed with how the author uses words and am really interested to see how the characters develop as the story goes on.

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Thanks a mil!

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hi, i really like what’s written so far! Just a suggestion, in your intro post, it would be more appropriate to add the choice to be cis or transgender instead of just saying “male, female OR trans” as the latter is not a whole other gender like male or female. I hope this makes sense!


Glad you like it! I’ll fix that issue,
I see why it could be a problem :+1: :grinning:


It was a fine little thing, you thing to yourself. think

The sun is just barely up and you’d have plenty of work to do when father rose. Should be you’ll and rises.

you don’t imagine she’d be too happy with giving him another sup of milk so soon. her, unless there’s some unspoken farmer’s rule about all lambs being male.

his face scrunched into a grimace and a whiff of morning breath hits you. There should be a comma before the “and”.

but your Dad cuts you off before you were able to blurt it out. are

“Well this area’s sandier than most o’ the rest”,. The comma should be right after rest, in the dialogue tags. This error is repeated throughout the demo.

During the mud fight with Conan, greying out the options you’ve already chosen would be useful.

I’ve only read the prologue as of now, but this might be one of my favourite demos. The writing is incredibly captivating, and the details, rather than being overwhelming, all seem to serve their purpose. Keep up the good work!

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I’m so glad you enjoy it!
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to outline these issues, I’ll get to fixing them as soon as I’m on the computer again.
Thanks a million,

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This story looks rather interesting ill bookmark it for later

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It’s interesting so far looking forward to seeing more.

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I like it so far, but I think there is a bug?
I chose to take Ultan with me but the men at the camp and the text afterwards say my MC left him behind, which is not true.

Haven’t played further now atm.

Also, I would highly appreciate save slots! :3

Gonna try reading again later, since I kinda don’t wanna play the route were I left the guy behind lol


I’ll check that out right away!

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Ah, I’m sorry, I made a mistake somehow, probably?

It first says “You tell them what had happened, of the desolation of the Ó Broinn army, and the illness that had forced you to leave Ultan.”
But a few sentences after (I literally stopped after this one though…) it says he’s on the horse.

That was a bit confusing, so I’m not sure if that was intentional?

I’m sorry if I created more work, that wasn’t my intention ;-;


Thats no problem, I was planning on elaborating there anyway👍

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Made a map to help the readers (and myself) get their heads around the worldbuilding.
Best of luck, adventurers!

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I loved the atmosphere of the opening morning on the farm, and delivering the lamb. Even though it was a quiet beginning, it never felt slow or boring to me. I’m definitely interested in seeing more of this.