The Highest Office

Hi everybody! So I have started progress on my game “The Highest Office”
Here’s a brief description from my game ideas thread:

You play as a character at the bottom of the political pole (such as mayor) and have the chance to work your way up the political positions such as governor, senator until you have the chance to run for the presidency and possibly 4-8yrs afterward. The people you meet and the connections you make along the way would decide if you win. You would have the chance to make campaign promises that would try and accomplish at each level and see the results.

Before I get in too much, I was wondering what features people would like to see in the game.

Also, I was looking for names for a possible: communist country, federal republic country, and/or a parliament style country. All countries would be completely fictional.

I won’t be able to post a demo for a while, but I would do my very best to keep everyone up to date as much as possible.



@BraveMustang “Also, I was looking for names for a possible: communist country, federal republic country, and/or a parliament style country. All countries would be completely fictional.”

Would all countries be playable? Because I imagine that you’d have to create entirely different sorts of people and situations, to match the different backdrops… Well, more accurately to match the backdrop of the gaping difference between the DIRTY RED SCUM and the other two. Anyway, you could bite of more than you could chew, if you did that.

At the moment I was just going to do one country/system

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@BraveMustang Ah, good, good.

Unfortunately, I’m absolutely useless when it comes to creating names, so I can be of no help to you there. Sorry.

That’s fine. Do you have any particular features/ideas you would like to see?

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@BraveMustang When a game is made about something as broad as politics, there are too many particulars to select from, for me to give a preference. I think the words “Intrigue” and “Corruption” would feature strongly, though.

ahh politician one half hates you and doesn’t vote for you the other half votes for you and hates you after words

General rule of thumb, the more instances of the words “People’s”, “Democratic”, “Republic” or “Socialist” you find in a state’s name, the more of a hellhole they generally are.

I mean, compare, for example, the “Republic of Korea” to the “People’s Republic of China” to the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, and you get what I mean.

Damn so true … So true

Yeah great idea@BraveMustang sounds really good

An idea would you b able to become a tyrant dictator and crate purges and stuff like stalin did or is it just about the politicing and relations with other countries?

I suppose you’d have to limit the sort of atrocities you could order. I mean, you’re going to have to set down a boundary somewhere between standard tyrant stuff and the Holocaust/Rape of Nanking/Holodomor level stuff, right?

well you always could do a brave new world stuff plot and instead kill them brainwashing them

I agree with Mara, you could try to control people and the likes.

I swear I didn’t click two times…

Ambition, corruption, extortion and blackmailing, abuse of power, parties at the embassies, angry citizens in front of the senate, violent repression…

It can be a really interesting game!

This game does sound like it would be interesting. I like the idea of corruption and ambition. Reminds me of that one Shakespeare play, “Macbeth”.

@Ausar At first you would have to gain your power legit. But u will have the chance to act purges and such when ur at a high level of power.

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To save time you would have to choice between 2 parties as your “known” political stance…

However, you would also choose a secret ideology from which you truly believe…So you could play as a communist/democrat republican/monarchist or any reasonable combo. Your secret ideology would be the choices you can implement if you become president.

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@BraveMustang How many ideologies would there be? There are plenty out there, after all.

i dont know if apple could acept a nazi fascist one.