The Hero Unmasked! — Impersonate your twin as a champion of justice!



No general thread yet. Seeing there’s more and more people doing fanart for many games, though, maybe a category for fanworks would be justified? Mods? Would it?

(And thanks :slight_smile: )


Also (sorry for pushing) quick question:
I’m not entirely certain, but is it a bug that at one point on would theoretically be able to ask both, Firebrand and Bloodmist to help at the cathedral?
I vividly remember that being an option in at least one playthrough, but since then it is gone from that part of the game. I’m pretty certain it was not just my imagination…


It’s certainly possible for both to initially be available as options, but once you’ve asked one AND gotten their cooperation, the other one should no longer be available.


Ah. Thanks for clearing that up.
Still wonder if there was a bug that displayed the options afterwards or if I’m imagining things
(also, knowing Ellie, she WOULD so try to get both to help. Girl has no survival instinct, but great charisma cough >_> )


And another WIP (I swear I won’t be this spammy with the rest Dx sorry)
Which Logo should I use (or something else entirely. Also, remove the : or keep them?) :


Brief push due to some questions about things I noticed since the last update, of which I don’t know if they’re bugs or intended

1. When fighting Firebrand with a high tech stat (and picking that option) after taking up the mask I best him before the apartment fire, but not afterwards. Is that intentional? 2. What exactly keeps Bloodmist from joining the MC at the casino lately? In a couple of playthroughs I only managed once to get her to join me, and I still can’t figure what decides that (I had a better relationship with FB, so it can’t be that)

Also found a couple of typoes and minor continuity hiccups, but those have been forwarded already (unless the mail didn’t get through for some reason, then here they are again:

Missing S

This happens even when the mayor brought you up to date

Accidental Capitalization

Wrong pronouns for Chef Duplessis


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I knew there was something I forgot Dx Granted, I wouldn’t be certain if that would have been ok or rude.


Thanks! I just sent off an update. with regard to your questions:

1) Yeah,each round of a fight really ought to be harder than the previous one, or else there’s no point in having rounds at all or, in this case, a choice attached to the final round. Besting him before the apartment fire was really more about momentarily coming out on top, which happens even when the person below eventually wins.

2) Firebrand likes an idealist; Bloodmist appreciates a cynic. They each need a minimum relationship score, but, in addition, they’re also looking at your Idealistic/Cynical score.

Thanks for your continued interest! Though my next project is probably going to be very very different…


Ahh, thanks a lot for the answers :smiley:

And, ohhh, looking forward :slight_smile:


I did another fanwork thing. A fanfic thing.


Hey guys I tried everything but (got most achievements) but is there a way for me to like set up my twin brother with Robert for good? I don’t actually mind if my relationship with Clarence didn’t hitch off because I knew there was something off him from the very beginning. I just want my brother to be happy,
I’m hoping for an advise or clarification here :heart:


Unfortunately no.
It’s sad, but your twin feels like the relationship would have no future seeing what it was based on.

(You’re not alone wishing it’d be possible if your relationship with RB is good enough to mend bridges)


Allow me to push this back up as I feel like I’m losing my mind:

I am 100% certain that it was possible for your twin to get badly injured at the wedding and end up at the hospital, if you didn’t make the switch.
However I haven’t been able to get that bit anymore. Now it’s always my MC ending up there, no matter what guise either was in.
I mean the text has ghings make sense… so… am I completely misremembering things or was this a thing and gog altered?


I actually replayed today and managed to get my twin killed so it was just me as the Swashbuckler.


My characters are oddly stubborn when it comes to kicking the bucket, but i did get my twin killed in either guise…

But naw, not what i wondered…


To be successful at masquerading, does the percentage need to be higher or lower?


When you use your two go-to usernames as the names for you and your twin, and use one of the two given Shayardene surnames from Choice of Rebels as your last name.


The higher the stat the more successfully do you fool people.


Thanks for the clarification.