The Hero Unmasked! — Impersonate your twin as a champion of justice!



I just want to say you got the achievement perfectly. Thanks for the help!


You’re welcome! :grin:


I can’t find anywhere in the game where the open relationship you can arrange with the mayor is ever referenced again. I can’t casually see Bloodmist/Firebrand on the side or anything, it is all or nothing which sucks. Does the author not understand open relationships? Also the motivations for the Matriarch/Patriarch were rather confusing to me, seriously. It didn’t seem to make sense for either character to go bad, or for the identity of the villain to change to the character you have a lower relationship score with. After I finished the game I just felt really unsatisfied and frustrated.


I’d say it works for the Mayor; not that they turned bad, but rather that they were bad all along, and were just using us from the beginning. I haven’t tried with the journalist as the villain, but that does sound nonsensical. I think it might have worked better if a high mayor relationship could have led to us talking them down (or even agreeing to join them in their villainy :smirk:).


Nothing I have come across says to me that the mayor is bad from the beginning. If the journalist is the villain the mayor stays the same as they were before. If you are unfaithful then the mayor is willing to be unfaithful as well and cheat on you with Swashbuckler, if you are faithful and in a loving relationship then the mayor seems to find the suggestion offensive and refuses flirtation from you pretending to be Swashbuckler. If the mayor is with you from the beginning only to use you to further their goals, then either they:
1- Would not jeopardize their plans for a fling with Swashbuckler (since it could ruin the wedding), or
2- Would consider a fling with Swashbuckler a minor risk for some fun and do it.
Either way their decision would be the same throughout any play through. Based on their reasons. The only way refusing to be unfaithful if you are faithful works, is if they cared about you and were actually in the relationship, rather than using you from the beginning. Which is why the character personality change is confusing to me. Nothing at all tells me the mayor is bad from the beginning, or why the mayor chooses to be stupid and unnecessarily become the villain. The same with the reporter, both of their goals and supposed motivations could be achieved in other ways without becoming a villain, and without doing many of the events that happen in the story.


I’m so happy this game exists.
The only things that did bother me a little is that when you get unmasked against your choice (had it happen with the reporter) that you can’t pretend to still be your twin. And maybe that you cannot unmask to a villain (yes I know, bad idea) if you strike a romance with them AND having uncovered their identity
But in short this is a game I personally would love to see a part 2 of, probably with savegames or something akin to the mechanic applied in Choice of Romance

EDIT: There’s a few typoes/wrong pronouns I found. In the romance ending with bloodmist at one or two points the text uses male pronouns for bloodmist before switching to female ones. Similar thing happens before when your twin checks their (or better ‘his’ watch as in the text) watch when you play as female


Please send screenshots of errors to support so we can fix them. Without screenshots, we can’t locate problems.


Will see what I can do (still getting used to my phone in that regard, but I’m onto it)


Thanks. I’ve found the one about your twin checking “his” watch (it was using the pronoun variable for the mayor/reporter instead of the one for the twin) but haven’t found the other one yet.


My phone is refusing to take screenshots, any idea what i can do to help alternatively?


Tell me the circumstances, and I can find the scene. This is the romance ending with Bloodmist, yes? What’s the status of the twin, in this case? What happened to the Patriarch/Matriarch? What has the MC chosen to do with the rest of their life?


If I remember everything correctly:

Not fused, P/Matriarch escaped I believe as we couldn’t recognize where they went, Mc went tag-team, (I think I also wanted to romance Firebrand originally, but picked the option that sets him as not interested in the MCs gender) IIRC and I think that was the playthrough where my MC revealed themselves to everyone possible.


Aha … looks like it’s a really unique case where your relationship with the villain love interest is actually lower than your relationship with the other one–pronouns were being taken from the higher relationship, not the love interest relationship. Fixed that; files will be winging their way over to CoG Central shortly. Thanks!


Glad I could help :slight_smile:


Finally gotten around finishing a little facial study of my most beloved MCs, Ellie Gentry and her sister Mag. (Working on more as we speak. Hope posting it here was right)


I hope pushing this for the following reason is alright:
I think I might have found a continuity bug or something as there’s a bit where it feels a page is missing/it jumps to the wrong scene:

When you fight Bloodmist in her haven and you get the option ‘i know enough about her weaknesses to finish this’ but fail the stats check, she mocks you for having watched too many vampire movies and attacks you, grabs you by the neck and lifts you up. The scene end with ‘darkness enveloping you’ (or something to the amount) but the next page is the beginning of the next chapter continuing as if Bloodmist escaped/left, with zero ref to what happened

It feels, as said, as if there’s a page missing/jumping to the wrong scene. In case there’s meant to be one

Both times this happened it was the reporter in the cage, haven’t checked yet for the major or making the MC the victim.


Thanks. I sent an update in this morning that should fix that. I’ve been away, or I’d have done it sooner.


Thanks :slight_smile: Hope you enjoyed wherever you went.

Also, as mentioned, more art.


Hope it’s alright to push this up with a WIP as I need some input:

Doing covers (don’t yet have a program to do full comics without despairing entirely) for the ‘Issues’ based on my fav playthrough, and need an opinion on the comics logo and ‘issue info’ as well as whether I should go with the game’s title as comic title or with ‘The Swashbuckler’


Well, I think it’s awesome and needs to be seen by more people. Of course posting art (finished or WIP) here is great, but is there a general fanart thread out there? If not, you could start one. You might get input there from artists in general that way, rather than just those who are just following this discussion.