The Hero Project: Open Season — Can you win America’s #1 reality show for heroes?



I think, looking at code, that Sergei means neither gender (as in non-binary.) Which, I agree is wrong on so many levels, but that is what it is meant to be. It is not meant to be an aroace option.

But it is very. VERY. important to not even suggest that ace (and aro, but I don’t like speaking for them,) doesn’t have orientation, because that is something COGS and Hosted get wrong very often.

Of course the not-interested, shouldn’t be under the ace option. It should a category in itself.


Well for the most part the coding is coding?

I kind of find it odd to dissect the coding of a game. I feel a majority of players won’t go out of their way to critique the code. I mean the game even has choices labeled ‘fake choice’, so I doubt it’s meant to be ‘presented’ so to speak.

And I think as the series grew, that Sergi became more inclusive. He adds a lot of representation,and whether you dislike the delivery of said content, it’s good to see, and it is meant to be inclusive.

That said; do think that at times the game should’ve stuck the ‘he’s so hot’ options toward the choice-dialogue. I find no issue if an NPC is attracted to the character, like StarSoar was in RS however.


Also I think I did find one bug in the game, but not quite sure.

When importing a saved character from RS Season, who has a high relationship with the producers, that the game doesn’t recognize the final Leaderboard bonus.

Like the code goes [if rlshp_eps 50 > (+20 lb)] or the like, which is what is required to get the best results.

However on two imported characters, one, a very private individual, and one, a very radical one who definitely picked all the executive appeasing answers (Picked the answers that would increase it by viewing said code), I ended up out of luck.

New character though? Flawless results, works as intended. xD


That’s probably what he was going for, but he’s actually set male and female ROs “on” as well

I’m not disecting it. I’m starting what it means. If you play the game selecting neither it will present male, female and nonbinary ROs to you.

That was never my intention. If it’s been taken that way, I’ve worded badly. As I stated earlier, what my problem with it is, it gives an ace option, but then tells people they HAVE to select a gender they want to go out with. If your going to include ace as an option, neither should mean you want to play without ROs, not make you select you’re actually interested in everyone. That’s worse than having no option for it at all.


*fake_choice is just a tool in coding choicescript that works slightly differently than *choice, doesn’t mean anything about the actual content.


*fake_choice just means you will always end up in the same spot.

      *goto bob
      *goto aerith

*label bob
stuff about bob, and what makes bob unique
*goto stuff
*label aerith
stuff about aerith, and what makes aerith unique
*goto stuff

*label stuff
more stuff


      stuff about bob, and what makes bob unique
      stuff about aerith, and what makes aerith unique

more stuff

Thing is in HR *fake_choice are often used rather misleadingly, often looking as if the choice has any effect, when it doesn’t. At all.


Another small sidenote:
I’d normally promote buying IAPs to support both CoG and an author, but…
In this case both IAPs are worthless.
The warningsystem helps nothing, and the database that is pretty much made out to be (at least going by the current phrasing, so that might change) absolutely essential to win the game is…
It’s a bunch of incomplete and repeatative notes on SOME characters powers (as said, not complete) that has no influence or benefit on/in the game whatsoever.

Rather use the money to get another game from CoG/HG library, because with all due respect, but this is bordering on a scam.


With what the bonus epilogue suggests, I don’t understand why you are not allowed to save.


It’s one of the things that still has people scratching their heads.
While a save-feature can be added in later, it should as of now not be possible to load two different saves.

So people speculate that it will only be a cameo, maybe the VS mc working with Kelly to save the others.


Makes me wonder why both player characters would be taken then. JK could have just have easily been motivated by just her sibling vanishing.


That’s something you’d have to ask Sergi.


I thought the bonus epilogue is just there for… whatever. Teasing the audience? Because the writer thought it would be a clever idea to tie 2 universes together (even though it’s NOT)? But not for import, never for that.
I’d personally rather not see any HR or THP cameos in Versus, let alone playing as any of the MC’s, thank you very much. :grimacing:



The Warning System for Open Season is pretty bad due to the fact that combat has little to no impact in regards to battles. Ignite’s really the only big determinant of that.

And that a lot of the time when Prodigal goes ‘pick a style or be surprising/switch it up’ it’s more confusing than helpful. Especially when if you do choose to stay true and consistent, you end up with good results.

And I never touched the Database. Might’ve been marketed as a ‘win the game’ deal, but you can literally just press [next] the entire game and reach the ending. Also marketed as ‘here to let you see shifting allegiances, sides, and powers’ but it really felt more like some author’s notes so Sergi could keep everything on track.


If the double-save thing not being possible is true; I think that the potential for one of those ‘recaps’ could fill in a heavy amount of blanks.

But that’s so heavy-handed. It’ll either bloat up a section of the game whenever Sergi decides to pump it in; even up being scattered choices

Ex: (The Trilogy MC appears before you a [Spiked Energy Shield around them/Sparks of energy crackling from their fingers/(A) dense ebony ball rotating in their palm as the air infront of you seems to grow more heavy and dense the closer you are to them.]

Or just be as you said; a cameo and pretty much leave Open Season and the duology, even Hero’s Rise in general’s legacy as a shitfest.

I know the world keeps revolving, turning in the games, but it’d be nice to conclude them, instead of hinting toward a new Season of the Hero’s Project, or the InfraCircle rise in HeroFall, or the wavering worry of how War could go for Magnuspiral and other details.

Grand-sweeping decisions like 'implement the Infinity Regulator for Powered treatments, or Magnuspiral crumbles, reforms under new leadership, stands tall, is a proud city of the US, etc.

If the ani-MC could make a few more grandiose changes that’d have been rad, if just to cap the series.

But feels so open-ended, and the resolution to the plot is basically ‘buy my next book even though I said this would be the end of the series.’


So, I read the Heroes Rise trilogy but I don’t really plan on reading the two Hero Project titles. I’m a bit confused, though, because I thought Prodigal died in HeroFall. Did she come back somehow? I don’t mind this spoiler; I just want to know because it’s been confusing me, haha.


She returns as AI…lil mechip companion that pesters MC


Resurrection via Tech.


Which should not be possible as she, according to HR3 has no chip of her own. Also, why the fridge should Jury such have hyper access to the MeChip database network? And why the fridge should he HELP her?


Oh…is it handled well? I hope that’s not solely done to sell IAPs. :joy:


That one is not an IAP: PG blackmailed Jury into uploading her personality files which should not exist as she has no chip into th system where she acted as a virus so she could ‘investigate’ that she and the new MC are related and then take over Processors body.
Because PG has been turned into a chicken-fetishizing god-mode-villain-sue worse than ever.