The Hero of Kendrickstone: Rescue a city held hostage by an evil wizard!

Honestly, this is my “nice” setting, so I try to soften things a bit for the sake of having a reasonably welcoming and just setting for players to do high adventure in. I’m not even sure debt-slavery as we know it is a thing.


So if debt-slavery isn’t a thing, I imagine chattel isn’t either.

Is it more of the Khazari system then? There’s a section in Cryptkeepers where the slavery of the Marches is presented pretty viciously.

@unoriginal_username Told you Idris wasn’t a Texan. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Khazari slavery (the Khazari, of course, wouldn’t call it that) is supposed to be a welfare programme in the same way that workhouses were in 19th century England - they are supposed to provide people with a purpose and basic needs for those without them.

Of course, it’s also a system rife with abuse - which is why people like Selim have jobs.


So is this comment about the Iron Marches no longer canon, or has the MC just been exposed to blatant rumours and misinformation (given that the Iron Marches are probably regarded as a wild and uncivilized land?)


The furthest west the MC’s ever gone is like, Sonnemerci, so chances are, they’ve just been listening to the wrong tavern tales.

Chances are…


The Black Legend but about the poor Marchers, I see…

Will there be new storylines, mechanics, items, characters, etc? This looks like an interesting pursuit

Well, in this kind of setting, slavery only exists to give the PC a chance to lead a revolt.