The Heir Quest [ LAST UPDATE // SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 ]

i’m glad it’s working haha i feared i might mess it up with those ones :sweat_smile:
also, nice you liked them plus the hide and seek scene, i had tons of fun writing both

i have read your suggestions and i thank you for all of them
  • that’s actually a great point, i’ll add to an option to make the tw optional
  • that’s so relatable it hurts hahaha i’ll add some next update then! i also suggest this site to pick some names if anyone more is having trouble with it! (i picked some from there too :shushing_face:)
  • i’ll remember to add those later in the game, as well as height!
  • yeah, after all, allon children are known for their magic. that’s a great point you have and one i’m definitely considering
  • oooh i haven’t thought about that! that really makes sense!!

i’m glad you had a nice experience haha! clanire and i thank you very much :elf::green_heart:


I almost forgot, i picked a small pronoun error, i select R as a female but in this one sentence in the first hang out refers her as a he, nothing mayor.

The Heir Quest

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Take easy good fella, you’ll get it with time and take the best advantage of it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


ooh, thanks for letting me know! ill be sure to fix this one too :sweat_smile::sweat:


Patch from fatehaven?


Loving this game!


listen great game but what’s up with the brazilians in the uquiz. as a brazilian i cannot handle nor am i used to this shithole of a country getting recognized beyond being a worldwide shame


é pq eu também sou KKKKKKKM


OMG this was awesome so far! I look forward to the rest of the story! :slightly_smiling_face:


ata porra KKKKKKKK eu aqui feliz dos ator br serem reconhecidos pelas internet estrangeiro. pelo menos bom trabalho em colocar a cara da alessandra e lazaros pros gringo.

I’ll switch back to english in this thread whenever i comment something in here for the sake of this being a site written in english. But it’s good to see a fellow brazilian in here. I adored the demo and the premise of the world; but maybe I’m biased, because i saw the words “dragon age” and already decided i would like it. R reminds a lot of Zevran, so I already like them already, but I am a sucker for enemies-to-lovers…

All in all, i loved it. good luck with it.


KKKKKKK sim que ódio eles são tudo

i’m glad you liked, fr!! I’m also obsessed with both dragon age and enemies to lovers hahaha thank you so much :heart::brazil:


Great story! I like all the extra skill stats you have, instead of just sticking with the basic 3 or 4. It adds a lot of variation. You may wanna get an editor to help with the grammar though. It’s perfectly understandable, just some mistakes here and there. Keep up the good work, and good luck!


Loved the story, great story line. Characters are each unique with different back stories and personalities which I really enjoyed. Especially loved the point system for our skills. It’s not a whole lot to go on just yet, but you have wet my appetite so definitely looking forward to future updates. Please keep up the good work :kissing_heart:


thank you very much haha that was the intention :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
and i’ll be sure to search for help too since english isn’t my first language :sweat_smile:

thank you very much, i’m so glad you liked it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i’ll keep doing my best


You’re going to Brazil!

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ayy I’m gonna flirt with everybodyyyy :rofl:




cat got your tongue?

either “Little did the outsiders know” or “Little do the outsiders know”

I played as female; but I’m 80% sure this is talking about a different royalty? It’s kind of confusing to me, might be cos I skimmed a few pages but :sweat_smile:


hahaha get rekt my friend and thank you for the typos, ill fix those too! the prince one is about the thelinde’s royalty tho :sweat_smile:


:scroll: Weekly Update — 04/06/2021

This week, on “Wow, Lindorwin is so beautiful when you’re being accused of murder:”

  • Fixed some Bugs and Typos.
  • Substituted skin descriptions to make it simpler and switched “afro” to “coiled hair.”
  • Made some small changes in Allon and Atrix’s Children.
  • Content Warnings are now optional to avoid spoilers.
  • Added name suggestions and hidden achievements!
  • Finished the Chapter 3 surprise attack and started the travel around Broken Grove.

Goals For Next Week

  • Actually, this week, my goals changed a lot since the last update with all the people who joined me in the meantime, so I’m mostly passing them by to the next. :sweat_smile:
  • Finish Chapter 3, which includes a searching scene, a moment of choice with the Order (you’ll get what yours soon enough, X stans :crazy_face:) and the arrival at Belanore.

Thanks for reading. May your path never be abandoned by the eye of the Observer. <3