The Heir Quest [ LAST UPDATE // SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 ]

You are your mother’s only child. The Queen’s only descendant.

Years have passed since the war that brought so much despair to the Allon Empire. Monsters, that for so long were treated like wild and irrational, suddenly turned against people, just to bring chaos all across the realm. As if that wasn’t enough, the people are rioting against the scarce situation they were left with the post-war, causing civil wars everywhere.

Kingdoms are crumbling. People are dying. Monsters are thriving.

All this until you meet your prophecy. One that promises that you must raise an army along with all the other three lands and deal with the monsters once and for all.

This is your quest… The Heir Quest.

— You can play the Demo, right here.
— You can also find me on Tumblr.


  • Play as a Prince, Princess, or… well, simply an Heir. Also, decide who would you like to court, or if you don’t wish to court anyone at all. And there’s no problem if you want more than one sweetheart!
  • Travel across all the Empire raising an army strong enough to defeat the monsters… and their strange leader.
  • Choose your strengths and your weaknesses, your armor, and your gear. As well as you may pick how you react to different conflicts and your appearance.
  • Witness how your decisions mold the world around you, for your choices has consequences. The end justifies the means.
Love Interests

The Champion of The Realm ❍ Wymarc/Winifred/Wilmot Underhille

Once a wanderer, then a squire, now the Champion of your mother’s kingdom. Serious, dedicated, and always honorable (and really kind too) W will help you with your quest. Can you break through W’s professionalism and find a heart beneath all that coldness?

The Broken Rogue ❍ Rhys/Raven/Rodwin Sabinus

Child of a cat-like creature and a human, R is a mongrel left to the mercy of a tribe. With a sick little sister to help, the witty and rude half-blood joined you for the gold. Will the tension between both of you blossom into something completely new?

The Fleeting Healer ❍ Cyran/Clanire/Cithrel Wysanorin

Running away from scandal and a controlling mother, C is a shy, smart and noble magician from another continent. Oh, also an elf! Will you be able to cross C timidity borders (and help this poor elf with a lot of problems to solve), so your relationship can turn into something more?

The Villain ❍ Xaggokoz/Xor’gorin/Xargaraath

The antagonist. Your personal demon and leader of the monstrous army working against you. With a happy-go-lucky personality, X is always getting in your way. But in the end, will you be able to bring X to your side, or shall your relationship end with the other’s death?

Demo Details

  • It includes:
    – A prologue and four chapters from the full game;
    – You may pick your gender, appearance, equipment and build your personality;
    – All 4 Love Interests presentations and moments of choice with each of them;
    – Eight achievements worth 45 points.
  • What’s new: (June 15, 2021)
    – 65k [ ≈ +36,9k ] words count;
    – Bugs and Typos corrections;
    – Content Warnings uptade;
    – New achievements and points revision;
    – Aesthetic changes in Stats Screen and Camp Scenes;
    – Tests descriptions so it’s easier to know what stats are at stake;
    – Back on Chapter One, a peek of MC’s past according to the God(ess) of choice;
    – Chapter 4 addition, The Lindorwin’s Way, and The Camp return.
Matchmaking Uquiz

Exactly what it sounds like.

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nice :+1: :ok_hand: :grinning: :grin:


already in love with Oz and Rhys, i can’t wait to play more!


that’s nice of you! i’m glad you feel that way :grin::heart:

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thanks for your feedback, it helps a lot!! :heart: glad you liked these two meanies :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I really enjoyed your WIP so far! Cyran especially is adorable! I was wondering if any more future customization was planned? Like height or hair color?

Bug and Typos


  1. Rhys’ was set to a guy but was referred to with female pronouns
  2. On the stats page hair type and skin color are repeated

this is fun, keep up the good work


he really is, isn’t he? haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: it wasn’t in my intentions, but i guess it wouldn’t hurt to adding it on future chapters!

thank you for playing and letting me know about these errors, I’ll fix them as soon as possible! :heart:

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thank you a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

great story love the characters can’t wait for more keep up the great work.


it’s time to court the demon hmm yesyesyes… :heart:.


thank you so much :pleading_face::heart: im glad you liked them, they are my favorite part!! :sweat_smile:

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hahaha :grin::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: have fun, fighting it’s always better when your enemy is in love with you!


The fourth choice gave me this error


im sorry you experienced that, yet thanks for letting me know! :pensive: ill fix it as soon as i can and let you guys know :heart:


Love this so far!!


Does the quiz. Gets Raven.


*Ravyn & Remy saunter into the room, then look at me & start laughing.

Me: “…I am NOT too horny!” :unamused:

Rayvn rolls her eyes & walks out as Remy laughs even harder.


@thqwriting Well done, sir. Well done. :sunglasses:


Definitely cant way for whats ahead with our companions which are a such peculiar bunch can’t pick one, and well, the demon with that happy-go attitude is creepy in an odd way, but also very straightfoward and oblivious make it worse, yet ain’t that bad, it doesnt feel be THAT evil,we will show them the light… thanks for this demo dear author. :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Love me a knight squire in shining armor who can also cook, AND is low-key aloof :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: