The Heir Quest [ LAST UPDATE // JUNE 15, 2021 ]

And now I’m even more hyped :rofl:

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KJKDMK im glad and can’t wait to drop it already :weary:

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Found a bug, when you try to talk to your companions, not sure if anyone caught it already, so i’ll just put it here :purple_heart:


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that’s a new one, thank you for letting me know :sweat_smile: I’ll fix it as soon as I can

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Weekly Update :scroll: — 09/07/2021

This week on “You either die on the sewers or live long enough to become a hero:”

  • Fixed a Camp bug from the last update and also made some changes on the CWs.
  • Decided to make Amazon’s Side Mission a little harder, but it was necessary for it to make sense.
  • Basically, I removed two of the tests you’d be able to do. So there are only four ways to complete it now, with the chance to ask for help in case you fail.
  • Oh, and I finished writing it! I’m especially proud of the death scenes, even though I haven’t edited them yet. Still, I don’t recommend dying since Chapter 3 didn’t have a checkpoint. :sweat_smile:
  • Or you could create a save before you die. Delight yourself on your Demo privileges.
  • But yeah, one down, three to go.
  • I also decided to leave the main plot on the shelf for time being and write some romance. So bring your staves, wizards, I’m writing C’s studying scene.
  • I decided to call it “studying scenes” other than “sparring scenes” because the main intention is to raise the fighting style status.
  • I’ll talk more about it probably in the next update.

Goals for next week:

  • Talk about studying scenes.
  • Write studying scenes.
  • If I complete all three studying scenes, write another Side Mission. Probably the Goblins’ one.

Weekly Update :scroll: — 16/07/2021

This week on “The Heir is doing their homework!”

  • As promised, I’m making some progress with the studying scenes so here is how they’ll work.
  • While you can meet with X to talk about Chapter 3 ongoings, with W, R, and C you can meet to boost your fighting style and/or Magic alignment.
  • If you don’t have any Magic/Brawl points, you can also get your first from them and, be surprised, without losing XP!
  • C, obviously, will teach about Magic or give you the option to pick which alignment you’d like to raise. W and R, though, can only teach one fighting style (fencer and dirty fighting, respectively).
  • If you’re worried about status, I don’t recommend doing both W and R’s scenes, since that would just cancel the fighting style boost.
  • After studying, you get the chance to brawl with them for some extra Friendship/Courtship points.
  • Today’s report is mostly about these scenes because I didn’t do much but write C’s one. I’m around 80% done, and I think is going alright. It looks cute enough.

Goals for next week:

  • Finish C’s studying scene (Write the brawl and it’s done).
  • Start W and/or R’s ones.
  • If school lets me, all three of them will be done until the next update.

I’m always so excited when I see these progress updates. I need more X in my life :rofl:
Seriously, I didn’t think I’ll fall for them so badly. I didn’t even think I’d be interested in them, when reading the RO descriptions. And then, the first few lines about them in the game aaand… that was it, fate sealed.

But I seriously can’t imagine W’s reaction when they discover the MC’s (budding) relationship with X…

By alignment, you mean offensive or support?
Also, my MC can’t learn support magic because of his godly ascendence, but will it be possible for him to actually be frustrated because of that? With his personality, support magic would fit the best, so I can’t imagine it being easy for him to not be able to do that one specific thing :cry:

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LMAO a hint of it will actually happen soon :eyes: but the full depth of it, only to the final chapters >:)

yeah, C will offer to teach one of the two!!
and wow i never thought about this, the feelings towards the ascendence weakness, i mean. it would surely be a cool addition, thank you! :exploding_head:


well, hello there! i’m not sure if i mentioned it here before but ‘the heir quest’ actually is book one of a still-unnamed duology and recently this exact fact has been bothering me. i have three name ideas for the series and it would help a lot if you guys give me some opinions. if you pick the fourth, pls consider suggesting another name, i’m terrible with those :weary: ty in advance

  • The Awakening Prophecy
  • Trials of Allon
  • Omens Age
  • None of these

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Voted for “Omens Age”, but I think “Age of Omens” or “Age of the Omen” would sound better :rofl:


Omens age makes you wonder how old is this guy named omen.

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now that you mentioned it, it really does lmao :weary: it was just my “dragon age stan” acting up

KJSDKSM alright, if it wins, i’ll go with Age of Omens instead


I don’t think it will anyway :rofl:
I’m not a huge fan of “Trials of Allon” solely because it reminds me of “Trials of Apollo” and I feel weird. But that’s solely personal so eh :woman_shrugging:


Weekly Update :scroll: — 23/07/2021

This week on “I don’t know why, bestie, but with you pinning me against the floor and everything… I suddenly feel like kissing you! Crazy, right?”

  • I finished writing C’s studying scene, yay!!
  • Of course, right after it, I started progressing with W’s one.
  • I don’t really have much to say today since I’ve been focused only on it. I’m around 60% done and I’m writing R’s one right after it.
  • I also made a skin tone palette for the ROs (you can find it on Tumblr) and decided to call the duology Trials of Allon.
  • Thank you for everyone’s feedback. <3

Goals for next week:

  • Finish W’s studying scene.
  • Start writing R’s one and maybe even finish it.

Tried to check it out, but Tumblr says that there’s nothing there, when I follow the link in the original post of the thread? :thinking:

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really? i noticed it yesterday as well, but I updated the links right away :thinking: anyways, tumblr is weird, try this one or maybe refreshing the page

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The one you sent now works, thanks!

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