The Heir Quest [ LAST UPDATE // JUNE 15, 2021 ]

Its all well and good but please lad fix “your mothers child” to maybe “your mothers only child”


is it a mistake? :sweat_smile: haha my bad, i’ll fix it


Demo looks very promising. Also , I took the quiz and got W lol ( yes I rom. A in wayhaven )


im glad you feel that way and happy that I got it right hahah :laughing:


Omg, me too! Same for both of your statements :laughing:


Eh, did the quizz, and what would you know, I got Oz, who IS my chosen RO in the game!
Since I don’t self insert, usually I never get my chosen RO in tests like these. So yay? :rofl:


I’m so glad hahah i myself rom. F

yay indeed KJSD happy I still got it :sunglasses:


:scroll: Weekly Update — 11/06/2021

This week, on “This Grove is so nice, can’t wait to get out of here:”

  • Added eyes and hair color customization, instead of skin color.¹
  • Added flirt indicators to courting options.
  • Almost finished Chapter 3. The search scene includes: a total failure, a failure, and a success.
  • The middle one contains a friendly/romantic moment with the one of the Order while the third an achievement and a special item.

Goals for next week:

  • Finish the success search scene (which is almost done) and write the arrival at Belanore.
  • Check The Broken Grove for typos and/or bugs.
  • Finally release the Demo Update, featuring: Corrections of the first version and Chapter 3.
  • Start writing Chapter 4 (so excited for this one, I’m finally starting the main missions!!!).

¹Like I said on Tumblr, the last update had the almost opposite of this, but it was because I decided I should keep skin customization because is plot-important (for Allon Children), but I thought about it more and I can still have the Allon skin feature and be more inclusive. Thanks, @RedRoses, for the suggestion.


:scroll: Weekly Update — 18/06/2021

This week, on “It’s always you killed my brother and never I’ll aid you in war:”

  • I finally finished Chapter 3 including writing, reviewing, and testing.
  • So I made the so promised midweek demo update that I delayed for around two weeks. :sweat_smile:
  • I was having a hard time writing Chapter 4 introduction, but I was able to start it yesterday!
  • I also started drafting the rest of it on my notes to organize the writing process.

Goals for next week:

  • Fix any Bugs and Typos you guys find during your updated playthroughs.
  • Finish drafting Chapter 4, which will include:
  • The Senate meeting and different missions to gain the Senators support;
  • Training session with the ROs;
  • Return of the Camp, yay!!
  • I’m also thinking about adding X’s Background Mission on Chapter 4 and R’s one on Camp but I still have to think about this.
  • Of course, I’m not doing all of this next week, but just letting you guys know what to expect from it. <3

Another great update!

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This chapter was shorter than the others but the choices clearly were more important, hell it even showed a little life lesson. A little restraint can go a long way, so overall I am pretty happy.


thank you very much <33

hahah yes, I thought that too. it was more a building point for what comes next and that’s what I’m more excited about :laughing:


:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Nice update! I agree with the fact the chapter was a bit on the short side, but felt impactful! I’m just sad I didn’t get to see X in it! But oh well, that is the ONLY thing I’m sad about in it, so yeah!

Assorted thoughts, questions and error reports:
The bath, at the start of the game:

I didn’t think about that before, but that scene by the start of the game where servants want to help MC with their bath, and MC can agree or not… It comes before deciding the godly ascendence of MC, but the thing is, it’s a bit tricky for Allon children, no? I mean, for MC who have fully grey skin, obviously the palace staff knows about that. But for the ones who don’t have fully grey skin, they may want to avoid that altogether in order to stay discreet? :thinking:
In any case, I feel like it would be good to add a small explanation about what does the palace staff know or not about MC’s nature, if they’re an Allon child, somewhere right before recieving the quest or whatever. There’s that scene where MC stresses out about people noticing, when they appear in public, but nothing is said about the people who see them everyday.

The new skin selection for Allon children:

Speaking of Allon children’s skin…
I find it extremely confusing with the changes? :thinking:
While full grey skin is okay, I get it, I can’t for the love of me picture what is “skin with shades of grey”? I mean, I already had my MC solidly represented in my head, so he still has patches of grey skin and that’s it, but I’m a bit bothered by the current description, I’ll admit. I’d really like to understand what that means… Because as it is, I see it as skin with grey undertones, but that would be quite awkward since this is something that can perfectly well exist in “normal” skin tones, as opposite to grey patches or spots… For example, IRL I have a skin that is more “greyish” - colder tones etc - than my mother. That doesn’t mean there is something strange with it?
Maybe it would be interesting to make like two or three possible variations to in addition to the fully grey skin? Like patches, grey colored hands and feet, and generally greyish skin? I mean, allow the player to select how it appears, unless it’s entirely grey. I guess the current version makes me a bit uneasy, that’s all - sorry if I’m a bother :sweat_smile:

When meeting X:

It’s nice that now there’s a different reaction for Allon children!
But I got that sentence: “He frowns, as if there’s something bothering them around.”
I assume the “them” is a mistake and it should have been “him” (since he’s male in my playthrough).

The ogre:

Not an error or anything per se, but I’m wondering why doesn’t a victory bring XP if MC decides to spare the ogre? :thinking:
I mean, in my case, MC executed a flawless plan of guiding his Order in order to coordinate an attack, but then I don’t get XP for that because my MC showed mercy? :thinking:

When tracking the goblins:

My MC went with R, and selected the right path using their abilities. But when reaching the goal, for a moment it shifted to W being with MC (by the start of the page - later it fixes itself):

Also, in the second choice presented here, it says “thing” instead of “things”.

I think that’s it!


oh, that’s a big one, thank you very much in advance

and yeah hahah X was too busy plotting against the Order to show up, but they’ll be back in chapter 4 :wink:


about the bath, yes, that’s actually a pretty good point. their staff would have to be trustful and that’s worthy mentioning. I’ll add it!

oh it’s like, it’s natural that the skin would turn gray, but in some cases they never fully become gray. so an allon child can be born with idk white skin and turn dim gray as they grow up or just show just show patches of it all around. and that’s not a bother at all! it’s actually pretty helpful and I believe the patches’ customization would be a good addition as well! <3

about x, it’s certainly a bug and I’ll fix it as soon as I can, thanks for letting me know! the same goes for the w bug and the choice typo

that was a little intentional and it’s because I didn’t want it to be a good choice vs bad choice, yknow? like, sure, I’m losing the orcs support but I could really use this xp it also influences in another thing but that’s a spoiler otherwise everyone would just pick showing mercy to get both


Ah, I see! But yeah, a customization, if it isn’t too much work, would be nice! Like, you can even keep the choice as it is and add some customization afterwards. No need to change the wording during the story, but that way, the players will select what they envision instead of wondering what did you mean. I think that would be the best way out of it, without having to change a lot of things!

Hmm… I see the reasoning, though it still feels weird… If it was me doing it, I would probably give a point for doing good during the confrontation, and ANOTHER one for the kill. That way, the player would still be rewarded for fighting / negociating well, but they’d get either more XP or the support depending on their decision at the end? With that being said, I don’t know what do you have planned for the stats, and adding even one extra XP in the fray may break the game’s balance, depending on your plans, so I can get how it could be impossible to implement.

That one was less of a deal to me than the confusion about the skin anyway!


:scroll: Weekly Update — 25/06/2021

This week, on “Look on the bright side, X is back:”

  • Fixed Typos and Bugs.
  • Added some minor changes for Allon’s Children.
  • I’m actually impressing myself with how organized my notes for Chapter 4 are.
  • I have drafted only half of it until now, but I prepared mostly all of the codings I’ll need for it.
  • Written the Amazon’s Senator introduction, her side-mission giveaway, and X’s Background from their point of view.
  • Added the “Supporters” Stat Screen, which will show who’s aiding the Heir and who isn’t.
  • Decided to pass X’s Background Mission for Chapter 5/6 Camp and have R’s on this Chapter Camp.

Goals for next week

  • Finish Amazon’s Side Mission.
  • Finish the rest of X’s confrontation.
  • Yes, I’m doing X stans justice since the last chapter their only appearance was Baz’s mention.
  • If I get to finish both of these, I’m probably starting another Senator’s Side Mission too but I myself find it difficult to happen.¹

¹ Yes, I’m a lazy writer, there’s school and Enem. Enem is the exam that puts students on unis here in Brazil. I never did it before, so I’m a little anxious and have to study so I ask you guys to be patient. But anyway, thank you for your attention and continuous support. <3



Hey, don’t say you’re lazy! It’s admirable that you’re still writing a bit and doing regular updates, even with real life responsibilities and stuff. That could never be labeled as lazy!
And also good luck with that exam!


KSJKMKJ i’m so excited to write their comeback!! :weary: :weary:

thank you so much hahah i needed that <3

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Weekly Update :scroll: — 02/07/2021

This week on " Nothing happened, yeah, but the vibes…"

  • This week was really exhausting and I wish I had more to update you guys about lmao.
  • Well, I finished the X’s comeback scene which includes a sneak peek of their background, angst, “you wanna kiss me so bad,” and more!
  • Oh, and by the way, I started doing actual sneak peeks on Tumblr. I made two of them and have six more planned for Chapter 4.
  • I commemorated reaching 500 followers, also on Tumblr, by doing the ROs on The Sims 4.
  • I also made some progress writing the Amazon’s Side Mission. It isn’t much as I hoped for, but it’s slowly turning out the way I want it.

Goals for next week:

  • Finish the Amazon’s Side Mission, which still requires:
  • Four of six ways to complete it, depending on the attributes/skills you’re using.
  • And how they fail if you don’t pass the test.
  • After it, I’ll write the scenes with the other ROs which I believe I’ll be able to start this coming week yet.