The Haze Under Windbrooke



It came a little bit late


Hopefully it will be out on 16th August, this Thursday …


It says on upcoming hosted games August 16, but there’s also another game coming out the same day as well.


Yeah The Magician Burden is also coming out at the same day, so i think there will be 2 titles for the release … this had been done before when Highway Wars and Fallen Hero : Rebirth came out same day


Hope nothing goes wrong again :cry:


Is there really a Nun for RO ?

i realise our first friend (that golden knight) is not romancable for male


I’m pretty sure she’s a teenager still so more like a nun in training.


who is the the other RO for male ?


Rita the vampire chick. Think you have to be bittten by a vampire to meet her or romance her.


Oops… i plan to become human mage…Lol
guess i need to join the church then … :smile:


The church is the one attacking the supernaturals though. They’re the ones who messed up the girl in the wheelchair. Remember Elizabeth from the first game, they’re attacking the supernaturals like what happened to her.


I am okay with it…


What are you okay with?


In the first game, i thought they were hunters ? and those mobs seem random dissatisfied mobs… and well, can i change to church’s opinion ? else what am i going to do as a human ? :smile:

If only my MC here is as independent and powerful like in Vampire House … another thing is that too bad no more zombie romance like in Vampire House , Zombie romance there was cute and sweet … i still think of Malka occasionally :smile:


In the first game the hunters only hunted the rogue monsters I think only if they killed humans. The ones from the church in this one are basically the KKK in my opinion. If you play the demo as getting bit by a Werewolf you’ll meet the the werewolf girl who was attacked and they beat her so bad she’s permanently stuck in a wheelchair.


How can Church be so cruel ? :scream: they are more like Cult for my opinion … at least the church in Choice of Magic has an option of preaching love to everyone , i think supernaturals deserve love too since they are created by God(s) as well


church is group of dick face what be monster huters how don.t care if people die or not if it from there god wills they will fall it


@Eric_knight @Takashi_Shin I’m pretty sure from the demo the nun you can romance if you join the humans doesn’t agree with them. So you could join them and then you and the nun can help the supernaturals disrupt then from within. I don’t remember alot from the demo though.


What if I want to take them down? Do I become a vampire? Because it seems as the neutral route.


Well from the demo you choose to get bit by the vampire or werewolf so technically your now a supernatural so they’re kinda your enemies.