The Haze Under Windbroke may be releasing on 3rd August

According to tentative release announcement " The Haze Under Windbroke " by @OdicHastings is also releasing on August 3rd 2018, that make it TWO HG release in one day … that, for me is a pleasant surprise and i don’t mind buying 2 titles in one day at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought to bring up The Haze Under Windbroke since according to the author, this is a spinoff of The Vampire House , always one of my favourite HG title … and spinoff would only means the story is happening in the same universe . which is unique since the supernatural is govern by a Demon Lord living in the human society …

Even though i may not meet with Elizabeth again, i do hope other characters and ROs would be as adorable as Elizabeth , Malka and Roxanne :slight_smile:

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