The Guard's Duty (WiP, demo) (Last update 4 December 2018)



Insanity reminds me of Shadow Hearts. Maybe Eternal Darkness, too. Are they your inspirations?


Hey so am i going to be allowed to play a basically silent guard the whole game? I realise he’ll probably need to talk occasionally but I like the idea of playing this super mysterious quiet solitary guard who turns out to be an absolute bad ass. Just a thought, really enjoyed what you’ve got so far.


Actually I’ve never heard of both before you mentioned them. Would you recommend these games?


Yeah, sure. Shadow Hearts gets a bit too… anime-esque after 1. Try Koudelka too if you can get your hands on it, but definitely try Eternal Darkness.


Eternal Darkness is great gem!!

Honest This got be one my new Favorite WIP Love how we are playing as mook. The setting itself remind of Gormenghast.


Is it correct after choosing the name?

Looks like it isn’t: I took a screenshot toward the end of my most recent playthrough (which was me just selecting the top option for a while so I could get to a reasonable point), and I’m seeing the same thing:

I’m on Windows 10 and using Chrome.


I love the medieval genre, my favorite in fact so I look forward to the creation of this one. While you do somehow fit in lots of details it seems rushed, when this is the time you should be going slow, building the characters out. Slow It down… other then that great job.


Perhaps the problem is with rather lame headline. What I was trying to say is that “below is an entry in the history of the City Guard”. Otherwise it seems fine to me.


That makes sense, my brain just didn’t read it that way and leapt to the idea that it was a potential bug :slight_smile:


And hello again! I didn’t actually stop working on this - it’s just the uni taking loads of time. Expect to have more content closer to June-July - at least a half of the first chapter for the solo guard. Thanks for checking my little project out!


This game is really incredible so far! There are a few typos, though.

Most of them are unreadable, due to rust and dust (rust and dust,

this is from the bit where you observe the guard’s crest, rust and dust seems to repeat here

Rumours about the Church being hunted by souls of the dead has never ceased since.

did you possibly mean to put haunted here?


Hi, I like the game so far… I hope you will add a non-binary option for the main character, it would be very appreciated, thanks in advance.
Keep on making a great game!


And the update is finally here. Check out the main post!


liked the game so far and really like Sedd’s character and loathe that :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Aron


first off you need to change all your quitely to quitely and armoury to armory






assigned to





















If you want, PM me about them. I’ll clean them up eventually, but all help is appreciated.

And how do you like characters of first chapter?


Well Nada seems RO type and Sedd seems like he could be a plant from other side but I really liked his personality (I like all old grizzled vets they have interesting stories to tell as my uncle is one too) I hate that prick Aron though…

P. S… I’ve already inserted screenshots of typos and correction you just need to click the bold dark arrow to expand


Oh, great. Didn’t notice that. Thanks a lot!

It seems thathat you are talking about chapter zero. Have you seen the tavern/the kids in chapter 1?


I saw the kids at the statue, right? but no tavern.


Yeah, there.

As for the tavern:


will we be able to take control from Nada?