The Grim and I by Thom Baylay - Released 27th Sept 2018



Do you think The Grim and I will ever be released on Steam?


I hope for this too, as it is now my main place for these games (PC is my platform of choice [of games, har har].)


Can you romance the reaper or not?


The Grim secretly love us …


Nope, she says she loves all the people she saves, not in a romantic way.


Hey I just played through the game, absolutely phenomenal man great work. Can’t wait for your next book bud.:grinning:


Bought it last night i love the grim reaper… specially emma watson doing some yoga.


But that means she loves me too :slight_smile:
I will give her time to decide who she really loves the most :-):blush:


You’ll be moved on already


I loved it :heart_eyes: and those are words I don’t use lightly.
Only one question cuz I’m one curious as hell kinda girl. So if it is possible, don’t tell me who did it(and how), but is there a possibility to know your murderer and how he did it (/‘I’ died)? If there is a murderer involved ofc


Aren’t we going to stay in heaven ? :wink:


She won’t


Isn’t the sibling the murderer? I didn’t actually read that in the game but the fact that he seems so intent on stealing the MCs work even so desperately that he would threaten the spouse with a gun makes him the obvious suspect for me


I was so touched. The author’s narrative is so simple yet so beautiful (I liked Evertree Inn too), and the fact I was able to choose my Reaper (a black cat. I’m so attached to them) made the whole game personal to me. It was much more of what I was expecting.
When I read “It’s a gift, from whoever dreamt me into being, that I can keep doing this for eternity because I care about every single one of you.” something inside me just smiled. That single text remind me that life is so unexpected and fragile and sometimes we, sadly, don’t live to our maximum, and who/what we love can be gone in a second. Daily I tell my family and friends how much I love them because I don’t know if I will see them tomorrow. And, well this is getting personal but I would like to let you know how a game about dying made me remember how to feel alive. I’ve been depressed for years and I’ve wanted to end everything because life was mean, but life isn’t mean, I was the mean one, ignoring the pain I caused to the people that cares and loves me.

Finally, I’ll say: thank you for this game.


So you can’t romance the grim reaper?


There’s no actual romance unless you hang onto your love.


How many endings are there?


Thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it.
It’s hard to say without more details of the path you took, but it’s more likely that Grim was responding to the choices that lead you to that position rather than for the one comment.
:slight_smile: I will have a look though to check if there is a bug :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this with the forum. It’s stories like this that are the reason I originally wanted to write this game. That you were able to get something from it in this way makes me very happy. I wish you the very best.

There are around 6 different epilogues but there are many different ways to reach each one. Good luck finding the one that best suits your story :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I don’t have a say in this but I’m very glad to know that there is interest in a Steam release! I’ll let you know if there are any developments!

Thank you everyone for your kind comments! I do my best to answer questions but I also want to leave much of the game a mystery to be explored :slight_smile:

T x


Game evokes strong feelings, I even cried at some points. Great job @ThomB! I for certain will make few more playthroughs.
What point of the chains? In my playthrough seems they do not affect anything. And I had 20.


Thank you for the feedback. :smiley:

To answer your question, the chains add an element of urgency to the story. They indicate when decisions are contradicting your efforts to cross over and they directly influence the time remaining. From a mechanical point of view, they can inhibit your actions as the story progresses, depending on what you are trying to do and how many you have.