The Grim and I by Thom Baylay - Released 27th Sept 2018



Great job with the demo man, I’m excited to play this when it comes out!


Hello all, two quick things:

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen the update, The Grim and I is now in the Pending Submission stage. As always, the final release date is subject to change and depends heavily on a lot of external factors, but I shall keep letting you know of any progress.

Secondly, thanks again to everyone who is supporting this title! I would really like to try and do a blog tour when it’s released so if anyone here writes an IF/gaming blog (or if you know someone who does) and would be interested in reviewing the full game, please let me know!

I’d love for The Grim and I to reach as many people as possible so all help is very much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Ah! that was great! Is death romanceable too? Just wondering.


While we’re waiting for the release of The Grim and I, I was wondering which forms of the Grim Reaper were proving to be the most popular. Who have you chosen to guide you to the Other Side? [Multiple choices allowed :slight_smile: ]

If you haven’t tried the demo yet, this choice happens in Chapter 2 :blush:

  • The Grim Reaper
  • Anubis
  • Brynhildr
  • Charon
  • Daena
  • Gwyn ap Nudd
  • Ixtab
  • Jizo-sama
  • Muut
  • Papa Ghede
  • St Michael
  • Vanth
  • Yama
  • A celebrity
  • A dog
  • A cat

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Ohh la la! Brynhildr my baby is in the lead! :heart_eyes:

Or was :smirk:


I’m a sucker for canine companion in games so I just HAD to make the grim reaper become a dog (though I imagine it more like a big wolf) I wished there were a choice for raven/crow form as well but I’m not complaining since there are so many choices already. :smile:

Also one time I tried the demo with the grim reaper transforming into Chris Evans and I can’t stop laughing the entire demo. :joy:


That’s funny! I was genuinely thinking of adding a crow option to the animal category as they have strong connections to the afterlife in Asian and European lore. Maybe I’ll sneak it in as an update once the full version has been released :wink:

Tragically there are still so many other great psychopomps I did not have time to include but I might look into adding them as well at a later date. I want the list of options to be as comprehensive and representative as possible.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until we get a release date. I’ll be sure to let you all know as soon as I do!!

T x


Is there any romance in, this game just wondering?


I see we’re already getting a release date on the forum announcement post?? I’m so excited for August 16th! :clap:


It’s been a long while since I played it, but I think you can romance the Grim somewhat? I remember reading about it somewhere. There’s also your spouse, so there’s an established relationship.

Well, I suppose past tense makes more sense.

There was an established relationship.


So I’ve just notices that on the “Hosted Games Releases” page, the release date has been changed to “Releasing August” from “Releasing August 16th.”

What’s the matter with that? Is it delayed?


There was a game that was supposed to come out before, but had to be delayed. Thats being released this week instead.


So when is this going to be released? Was really looking forward to this.


No news yet. Please be patient. Just check on the pinned thread once in a while for an update.


Any updates guys? Or is this going to be pushed to the next “release window” or whatever it is?


Hi all,

I’m sorry that I can’t give more information as to the release date of this title but rest assured that as soon as I know, you’ll know :smiley:

Death never comes when you expect him, anyway! :skull::candle::chains::coffin:

T x


Everyone else here, including authors, gets the same info as you do.


Any news on whats happening with the release date?


None. I understand it’s frustrating, I experienced it before. :joy: But patience is key. :smile:


Wayhaven memories intensified… :tired_face: