The Grim and I by Thom Baylay - Released 27th Sept 2018



I kid you not, this is the best game I’ve played on COG. I absolutely adore the concept of letting go of the past and moving on. Everything was expertly written as well. Thankyou for opening this to the public!:grin:

And yes, I chose my love as my vice. What can I say? I’m too sappy.


Suggestion for one of the couple’s songs:


This… is a sad game but surprisingly interesting! still can’t believe our sibling turn to be the bad guy after all… I don’t know about you guys, but I feel attracted toward my grim reaper.


Your not alone it seems alot of us are wanting them to be a romance option.


This was so…good??? Wow. I am…amazed. I don’t know how else to explain it, hahaha, this was awesome!!! Definitely gonna play it again :grin: I’ll try to keep an eye out for grammar/spelling errors next time. I only spotted two (I think), but I got so engaged in the story, I forgot where I saw them, aha.


Eh… I made her love the human race which she despised at the beginning… She even confessed she missed me to another soul in epilogue so yeah she does/did love us


I pasted the last thing I copied for a name, and it turned out to be one of my essays I wrote for my final. HERE LIES A COUPLE OF THINGS SET THE STAGE FOR THE TRUMAN DOCTRINE… and it goes on for a while.


As hard as it may be for me to say, it’s helping me accept the inevitability of death, and it’s helping me with my own issues and coping with various medical conditions. So, thank you so much for this game. You have my thanks and gratitude.


Better than twilight’s love story. I wanted to be with becca!!! I wish you could be with the reaper (T_T)/. I nearly cried i was like becca noooooooooo. Good job author just shut up and take my money when it’s released!!!


Is it weird that I cared more for Grim than my spouse? I think it is because we spend more time with Grim and it is a very well made character. Frankly I wanted to stay with Grim more and not leave it alone, however I doubt it would end well.

Now, I have only been through twice. Is there any way to try to redeem the sibling or heal the family’s relationship? I ask because while the love stat deal more for spouse, I was disappointed by not having an option to interact more with the sibling.


Also can you add options like "Calm/Curious when you first meet the Reaper? To make it more relatable just to say…


Defo should put a save in it


slow clap
Wow… This is so well done and unique.
Decisions were hard to make and I cried. Thank you for sharing this story with us.


I just played through this the first time and got the “The Path of True Love” ending and it hit me hard. I’m really excited to see the other paths.


No clue if it’s weird but I definitely felt closer to Grim than my spouse too.


Hi! I didn’t like the ending I got, but maybe I’ll get one that I do like the next time around… It is fun, I’ll give you that! :slight_smile:

" I don’t think the sibling should be the one that murdered you… if you were murdered, although that is my personal opinion ^^"


Great story with emotions. I cried many times.

I have end with


Scene where ghost must reaper hand. This ghost is me or not ?

But i love it and want play many times.


For me having romantic path with Grim would break the magic. What makes it was how unconditional -and somewhat parental- their feelings were. :’)


I found this to be a quite enjoyable experience, although I initially wasn’t able to grasp the concepts at first, becoming quite confused on how I was suppose to achieve my goal because it seemed counter intuitive. However I was able to figure it out after a second attempt.


I really enjoyed this a lot. I’ve played through it several times, checking out various storylines, and I’ve been moved every time.

A couple of minor edits I’d suggest:
When the phone rings and Robin answers, they identify the spouse as having the same last name as the MC. These days, especially with the option of same-sex marriages, many people choose not to have one (or both) partner change the name on marriage. I found it a bit jarring (playing with a marriage between two men)- it’s one line only, and using just the first name is a bit off, too, but I would find it preferable.

Along similar lines, check the descriptions of the different clothing styles that you can get if you choose that you were attracted by the spouse’s style to make sure that they apply equally for a man as for a woman. The one for “conservative,” at least, really describes what conservative means for women, but not for men (where it’s about “classicness” and formality rather than coverage).

If you choose to have your reaper look like RuPaul, you really should give the option to have him in full drag as well as the tuxedo (which is, to be fair, how he dresses on the red carpet).
More significantly:

The “fear” path felt off to me. It took me a couple of playthroughs to figure out that choosing “playing pranks” was the fear path choice. And it is fundamentally different from the others, where there is an obvious, concrete goal that could theoretically be achieved (even if it might not actually be possible). You’ve already made it clear that there’s no way to actually know what’s on the Other Side. It seems like it then, somewhat randomly, becomes the “find out more about the Reaper” plotline. But there just isn’t the feeling of doing something, and it feels anticlimactic. In the final confrontation, the fear path never seems to enter into it, for example.